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Business executives are busy individuals and are concerned with shareholder value. When they plan to adopt workforcemanagement software, the application must complement their company’s goals and provide a rapid return on investment. Today’s businesses need a software solution that offers superior advantages, while providing scalability, flexibility and full integration.

ATS time and attendance solution is cost-effective and makes it easy to see critical business information in real-time without your supervisors having to wait for head office to update the information. For example, an employee time management system deployed at a corporate head office in Calgary should be able to connect to the branch offices inToronto,Vancouver,Atlanta,New York and other countries. Our software solution can handle multiple collective bargaining agreements, various business rules and multijurisdictional legislations.

ATS workforce management software is easily configurable with a graphical user dashboard complete with high-level information that assists department managers to monitor their operations and manage attendance by exceptions. TimeWork business intelligence allows HR and payroll managers to perform detailed analysis of their business performance with on-the-fly labor reports that are updated in real-time with the flow of day-to-day operations.

If your existing time tracking system does not meet your current and future plans, it’s time to source for an alternative. ATS TimeWork helps automate your company’s business rules and support decision making by incorporating a wide range of capabilities that improve usability. Many customers have claimed that after deploying our solution, they have achieved significant cost savings through increased productivity, better control of labor dollars, improved quality and reduced time calculating employee hours manually. These costs savings are all direct and measurable improvements that fulfill most companies’ capital expense guidelines.

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Just a few short years ago, there was a lot of skepticism about using cloud-based applications. Today, businesses are adopting cloud-based time and attendance solutions in growing numbers. That’s in part, to the advancement of technology and low total cost of ownership that comes with the deployment of cloud based applications.

ATS Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enables companies to streamline business operations by offering flexible time and attendance solutions including: rapid deployment with user interfaces, business analytics, forecasting, overtime equalization, attendance management and employee self-service modules. Our TimeWork dashboard offers you tremendous flexibility to optimize your payroll and HR departments. The solution effectively integrates with Payroll, Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Talent Management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to enhance electronic workflows that provide seamless data integration across every department. 

 Top five reasons customers deployed an ATS cloud-based time and attendance solution:

Access Anywhere – ATS SaaS time and attendance systems can be easily and securely accessed through the Internet, from any web browser including: Google Chrome, FireFox or Internet Explorer.

Software Updates – Our cloud-based solution is upgraded regularly in conjunction with our software developer releases, with no disruption to end-users.

Pay Only What You Use – ATS subscription based model means that companies only pay for the number of user licenses used each month.

Predictable Costs – Our hosting fees are known in advance and can be easily forecasted.

Robust and Scalable – TimeWork is robust and reliable software that gives companies a real-time view of their business. Our time management solution is hosted in an environment that can be dynamically scaled to meet our customers demand and deliver acceptable performance levels.

 ATS cloud time and attendance software provides unparalleled coverage and access to operational intelligence. This allows managers to make decisions based on real-time data, and enables continuous improvement in business operations.

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Time and Attendance has evolved in the last several years from mere employee time tracking to include; employee self-service, workforce planning and business intelligence to name a few. Companies today, want a solution that can grow as their needs evolve without multiple customizations. If your company is using a system that is heavy on customization, it’s time to look at alternatives.

ATS workforce management software is designed for mid size and enterprise businesses. Our time and attendance solution helps organizations across a variety of industries to effectively forecast and manage their workforce. The integrated ATS workforce management solution includes: time and attendance, data collection, employee scheduling, forecasting, employee self-service and business analytics. TimeWork can be utilized in its cloud-based or on-premises format. ATS solutions helps companies control labour costs, streamline business process and manage compliance risk.

ATS Time & Attendance Includes:
Benefit Accruals-TimeWork automates employee accruals and time-off requests. In addition, it has the flexibility to facilitate your organization’s most complex benefit policies and transform them into enduring practices.

Attendance Management-Detailed attendance records can be maintained for employees. Managers can be proactively notified through various business analytic reporting.

Employee Self-Service-Through a web browser, employees have direct access to their personal information so they can request time-off and review schedules.

Overtime Equalization- Automatically notify employees of overtime offers and enable employees to review, accept and reject overtime on the same console they use for attendance and labour transactions.

Data Integration—Integrate ATS time and attendance data with; Talent Management, Human Resources Information Systems, Customer Relationship Management and Payroll applications to produce accurate data.

Data Collection-Collect and distribute time and labour metrics to quickly enforce employee schedules and job assignments.

Support-Our integrated implementation support offers reliable response to technical disruptions, and maintains the health and integrity of the system. With this offering, companies benefit from insights into ATS solutions and expertise to mitigate risk, while tapping the innovations that ATS continually introduces.

ATS integrated solution delivers a web-based time and attendance set that includes: employee data collection, workforce planning, scheduling, employee self-service and business analytics. Our comprehensive solutions, help companies streamline business processes and improve workforce productivity.

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Over the last 15 years traffic gridlock has increased throughout the GTA and outlying areas in astounding numbers. Why so many people have to drive to work remains a mystery. CBC Metro Morning anchored by Matt Galloway ran a week long expose titled “Joyless Commute”. The show interviewed everyday commuters, politicians and experts in the world of transportation in the hope of trying to find answers to cut down on gridlock. A recent article titled “Secret to Increased Productivity: Don’t Come to the Office” espouses the virtues of working from home and how more businesses could benefit if they adopted the practice.

Here at ATS, some of our employees who work from home are just as productive in getting projects done on time. The ATS employees who work from home use our cloud-based online time sheets that utilize state of the art technology. In addition, employees have cited things such as; not having to be stuck in traffic and fewer interruptions as factors that make working from home easier.

Of course, telecommuting is not for everyone and some employees find that working from home requires a certain level of discipline. At times it can be very hard to convince old fashioned, micromanaging, bosses of the benefits of working from home. Telecommuting will not solve all the traffic gridlock that we face each day in our cities. However, if businesses adopt a practice of having more employees work from home, even for one or two days a week, it could make a slight dent in the traffic gridlock and pay some small dividends to the environment.

The ATS time and attendance system is robust and helps management make faster, better informed decisions by providing up-to-the minute business analytics across all business areas. With more visibility, departmental mangers can quickly identify and take immediate corrective action. In addition these managers can focus on strategic planning and be more responsive to a changing business environment. Employees working from home or in remote locations can use employee self-service to check schedules, review hours and submit vacation requests.

Our monthly webinar provides an in-depth look at a businesses’ current environment and shows you how ATS workforce management software can grow to meet your organization’s changing needs. You will also discover how our flexible technology enables fast deployment, high interoperability, and streamlined management flows.

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