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With so much choice available in the cloud-based time and attendance industry, it’s very tempting to assume they all work the same way.  At first glance, all cloud providers promise to give your business all the benefits of real-time analytics, 90% plus uptime, a solid infrastructure and the list goes on. Bypass the glitz and glamour and drill down to the “nitty gritty”, your actual business requirements.

If you can remain focus on your actual business, chances are you will end with a good provider. With ATS TimeWork Attendance OnDemand, your company gets an intuitive and robust central system that automates, and simplifies employee attendance of all aspects of your business processes.

ATS TimeWork Attendance OnDemand helps your company manage its business requirement through:

Complete automation- ATS industry-leading TimeWork Attendance OnDemand, contain components that helps companies manage fewer discrepancies and errors through data capture and up-to-the-minute information.

Real-time reporting- management have instant access and visibility accurate alerts and dashboards analytics based on workforce activity, designed to provide business insight.

Self-service portal- Employees and managed become empowered with flexible, anytime-anywhere access to personalized data including, time-off requests, reviewing of schedules, overtime allotment from any smartphone, tablet PC or workstation.

ATS cloud-based time and attendance provides companies with a way to expand and data storage without worrying about internal IT resources, server capacity or expenditures. And with the use of ATS TimeWork OnDemand, you can scale accordingly, based on the needs and growth of your business.

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How You Can Make Cloud Time And Attendance Work For Your Business

Managing Workforce Challenges In An Era Of Frequent Calls For Wage Increases

February 24th, 2015 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Absence Management | Benefit Accruals | Cloud Time and Attendance | Overtime | Payroll - (Comments Off on Managing Workforce Challenges In An Era Of Frequent Calls For Wage Increases)

When news broke that retail behemoth, Walmart was going to raise the minimum wage of its hourly employees to $9.00 dollars; this dominated the news cycle of the day.  There were some positive and not so positive comments directed at Walmart for its decision. One of the more positive comments came via Twitter from Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo and reads in part, “So happy for Walmart associates and proud of Walmart management. A great leadership decision by Walmart CEO, Doug McMillon.”

This news came on the heels of an earlier report in which the retail giant had promised to allow employees to make their own schedules. The retail and hospitality industry is synonymous with scheduling employees to work back to back shifts and having different days off each week- due, in part, to the fact that it work in based on business demands. And in a consistently tough job market, many workers (some of whom have business degrees) are opting for lower paying jobs rather than being unemployed, in order to pay for basic needs. Walmart, it appears is following in the footsteps of companies, like IKEA,  Gap and Starbucks.

Whether your company is a small, mid-size or a large enterprise, you have to manage payroll costs. And, what better way than to automate the process with a time and attendance system, designed to handle effective workforce scheduling, absence management, human resources and analytics into a single integrated workforce management system that can help your organization be more productive.

On a footnote, we will give the final word to Lydia DePillis, reporter for the Washington Post who wrote an article on the subject, that states in part;

“Finally, Wal-Mart may have realized that making its employees a little more happy is probably a good way to tamp down the labor unrest that’s started flaring up with greater frequency in recent months.”With the increase in a minimum wage, you retain good people,” Florida store manager Claudine McKenzie told me. “The higher people get paid, the more satisfied they are.” If it can do that in an environment in which everybody else has to raise wages too, then there’s no way  Wal-Mart doesn’t come out on top.”

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Managing Workforce Challenges In An Era Of Frequent Calls For Wage Increases

Disruptive Technology Is The Future For Growing Businesses

February 18th, 2015 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Labour Analytics | Leave Management | Time Management Solutions | Web-Based Time and Attendance | Workforce Management Solutions - (Comments Off on Disruptive Technology Is The Future For Growing Businesses)

At a recent meeting between ATS professional services team members and executive managers of a Midwestern U.S., 500 employee food manufacturing plant, who also happens to be an existing customer of ATS-the discussion centered on the company’s growth plans to add locations in a few more states and some provinces in Canada over the next 18 months. One of ATS professional services team member suggested that the customer migrate to our cloud-based time and attendance system to leverage its business growth potential. Cloud computing is disruptive and has no boundaries, two elements that should be embraced by organizations.

A recent report by IDC, reads in part, “The cloud has changed the fundamental nature of computing and how business gets done and it will continue to do so through 2020. In fact, IDC predicts that by 2020 clouds will stop being referred to as “public” and “private” and ultimately they will stop being called clouds altogether. It is simply the new way business is done and IT is provisioned. IDC research also shows that the global cloud infrastructure is super-scaling and becoming the launch pad for infrastructure innovation and as a result, hardware vendors’ innovations are shifting to “cloud first”.

And in an economic climate, that is still struggling with; effects from 2008’s recession, continued job losses and, where shareholders expect a rapid return on investment from IT and other related expenditures, the report goes on to say; “IDC is seeing organizations leverage cloud services as a foundation element in this strategy and layering on advanced analytics, collaboration capabilities and new technologies to drive rich customer experience, speed to market in of new products/services, creative digital marketing, mobile commerce and optimization of operational efficiencies amongst others.”

Disruptive Technology Is The Future For Growing Businesses

If your company is one of those growing businesses, and if you decide to migrate to the cloud, you will gain:

Unprecedented Flexibility — ATS provides its customers with the freedom to choose the timing of their Attendance ONDemand time and attendance upgrade. Just imagine having your software match the needs of your organization through release updates.

The Power of ATS Cloud Computing Database Migration — ATS Software-As-A-Service platform enables organizations to migrate their on-premises data effortlessly to our platform without concerns of sacrificing control or flexibility.

24×7, 365 Days A Year Of Access—ATS customers can leverage a cloud-based environment to get instant access to attendance, on-the-spot analytics and address leave management challenges, all on your smart phone, tablet PC or workstation from anywhere. Now that’s the modern way of business management.

As a leader of cloud-based workforce management solution, companies depend on ATS Time Attendance OnDemand to run mission-critical business processes globally and in the cloud. ATS cloud-based time and attendance lower IT costs, while increasing productivity, as the adoption of the cloud services is accelerating around the world.

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Disruptive Technology Is The Future For Growing Businesses

Give The People What They Want, Not Stress By Too Much Paperwork

February 17th, 2015 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Time and Attendance Blog, Workforce Management Software | TimeWork | Workforce Analytics | Workforce Scheduling Software - (Comments Off on Give The People What They Want, Not Stress By Too Much Paperwork)

It’s fair to say most businesses have the same objective: remain profitable, efficient, and streamline operational cost. Depending on corporate culture and organizational priorities these goals may differ in order slightly. Regardless of the order in which these priorities rank, ATS time and attendance advanced technology ensures that employee data is captured in real-time with accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness.

So an executive, if your company’s Payroll, HR Department, Plant Manager and Financial Controller are complaining about the amount of time, effort and paperwork involved in getting you accurate information-consider the following if you automate:

Comprehensive data capture: With an array of employee time clocks to choose from, you can say good-bye to those manual pesky timesheets that cost your company thousands of dollars each year in human error.

Powerful analytics:  Just imagine no longer have to guess the correct number of employees needed to cover a shift, or the best worker to fill an open one? With ATS forecasting and workforce analytics tool, you can now remove the guessing out of the equation. Instead, you will now have at your fingertips, real-time data, for actionable insights.

Seamless integration: That means no more keying data into excel spreadsheets, ERP, payroll and HR systems. With ATS time and attendance you can now connect quickly to other applications.

Deployment to success: ATS professional service team will help you plan and manage your ATS TimeWork time and attendance deployment and will we will strive to help you understand all of the support options and tools that are available. We will also continue to provide needed services throughout the life of your relationship with ATS.

Innovative solution: Cloud-delivered ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance provides yearly enhancements at no additional cost or disruption.

So how do you automate your current manual process or changed from the current system that’s not meeting your needs? That’s easy, we can help you launch that strategy – and help ensure that you reap the benefits, of a workforce management solution, quickly and cost-effectively.

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Give The People What They Want, Not Stress By Too Much Paperwork

Are you having a hard time get the proper data? Do you know your company’s true cost? By automating your manual time sheets, you empower employees to manage their time-related information on their mobile device of choice or any workstation with Internet access. Managers, in turn, can access employee time and attendance related data and approve time-off requests and other accrual based information With ATS time and attendance solutions companies can facilitate absence planning and time recordkeeping of their employees.

 ATS cloud-based time and attendance solution enables customers to achieve a single source for their employee records. ATS Timework is delivered with time management functionality that supports integration into third-party application.  ATS TimeWork Employee goes beyond basic automation to deliver a suite of applications for your most demanding business priorities. ATS next-generation Workforce Management Solution (WFM) is designed for the global enterprise workforce and delivered via the cloud, serving more than 21 thousand users.

With ATS TimeWork On-Demand, you get:

Comprehensive system of record: Get alerts through your smartphone for impending overtime conditions so you can make proactive scheduling changes before overtime hours gets to your payroll software.

Robust workforce planning: Plan employee schedules shifts weeks in advance while managing approvals in real time.

Powerful analytics: Correlate workforce data through seamless data integration with payroll, HR, ERP and other third-party applications for actionable insights.

Data capture options: Collect time tracking data online with web punching, on the road with mobile devices and geofencing capability, or through the use biometric time clocks, barcode time clocks– or through any combination of these options.

Employee Self-Service: turn over daily timekeeping tasks to your employees by allowing them to swap shifts, review personal time off (PTO) balances and make scheduling requests through the cloud.

With ATS TimeWork, you can re-imagine streamlined business processes, manage compliance risk pay and substantially increase workforce productivity.

To learn more visit the ATS website to view full program details, view a list of customers and explore our comprehensive resource center, with solution demos, support details, all the while, viewing the wonderful benefits of using an ATS time and attendance solution.

Unlock the Power of your Workforce with a Modern Time and Attendance Solution

In 2013 when a leaked memo surfaced that Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer had directed one of the company’s HR executive to initiate a ban on the ‘work from home’ policy, the tech world went berserk. Several people within the tech industry are used to the flexible policy of working from home and so, it came as no surprise that the news was met with a heavy dose of resentment and bloggers galore took to social media and posted blogs all venting their disagreement with Yahoo’s policy. Whether your company is for or against the working from home policy this practice is not going away, in fact, it is increasing in numbers by some well established companies.

An article titled Office ‘Hoteling’: ‘Some Companies Offer Reservations, but Some Workers Have Reservations’ by Amy Whyte for it states in part;

“Though hoteling has been around for some time — Crain’s Chicago Business reported on IBM’s switch to a desk reservation system in 1994 — the trend has recently picked up steam. “Big Four” accounting firms Deloitte and EY, formerly Ernst & Young, are among companies that have adopted office hoteling in the past year. Instead of assigned desks, companies like American Express Co. are offering employees storage lockers to hold their files and supplies. Rather than being tethered to landlines, employees at GlaxoSmithKline carry laptops equipped with Internet phones.

Even the federal government has gotten in on the trend with the U.S. General Services Administration using hoteling as part of its efforts to reduce federal office space and increase efficiency and collaboration. Charles Hardy, the GSA’s chief workplace officer, said the hoteling model has enabled it to assign 3,400 people to its headquarters, a building that previously only housed 2,200.”

A flexible work policy that includes employees working from home is not for every company. Just imagine an outside sales rep that is required to drive 2 hours or more each day, 5 days a week to sit at a desk and make cold calls to prospective customers. A company may have valid reasons for having this rep drive in to work each day. Perhaps the sales rep is below her quota and, so by closely managing this person, she might yield the desired result. With the advancement of internet phones, a cloud-based customer relationship management software (CRM) for a rep to add his notes and communicating by e-mails his superior and colleagues all day long, why would any company ask a sale rep to drive in each day to make phone calls?

In conclusion, companies who, for various reasons believe employees are better managed in an office will most likely frown upon a flexible work from home policy. In contrast, other companies who do not want to be burdened with bricks and mortar costs and see the value in such a policy will embrace this modern way of working, albeit with employees who do not need to be tethered to a desk. If you happen to work for a company that do not believe in a flexible work from home policy and you decide to approach your superior about it, make sure you have all the facts to back up the reasons why you should work at home. Change takes time.

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Does Your Company Have A Flexible Work Policy?

The advantages of a cloud-based time and attendance and cloud computing on the whole, is rapidly becoming a moot point. Some companies, in various industries, who were previously hesitant to embrace the power of the cloud and technology to improve business processes are quickly realizing the enormous advantages and cost savings.

In an article written by Dr. Michael Woody and adapted from The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) “Top Ten Workplace Trends for 2105,” here are the top 3 trends, in no particular order from that survey. It’s important to note, that these trends lend themselves to the importance of technology in this new era:

“Going Mobile – The world is very rapidly going mobile. There is no doubt about it. More and more people are using their smart phones to access the web, conduct transactions, apply for jobs, and even find dates. If it can be done online, it likely can now be done on your smartphone. Following this trend the folks at SIOP believe that companies will be looking to mobile technology for evaluating “selection, performance management, and training” so as to make the hiring and development of employees faster and more accessible.”

Continued Use of HR Analytics and Big Data-SIOP points out that “I-O psychologists have long recognized the value of science and data analysis for improving business and HR decisions.” They go on to explain that “with the automation of data collection and storage, more advanced hardware and software, and larger databases, empirically-based Big Data predictions will become increasingly fundamental to workplace decisions.”

Doing More with Less -With declining budgets over the past few years and stakeholders calling for better management and performance of organizations resource optimization has become core to many organization’s business strategies. psychologists are working to help organizations identify innovations that allow them to reduce costs, increase organizational efficiency, and generally do more with less.”

Bottom-line; there is no denying that the right technology will improve business processes, streamline costs and improve productivity- and while some organizations might be slow to adapt these solutions, several of their competitors are jumping onboard and seeing their profits increase.

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The Future of Technology in the Working World

If The World Of Sales Has Changed, Why Are Sales Managers Repeating The Same Old Steps?

February 5th, 2015 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Time and Attendance On-Demand | Workforce Analytics | Workforce Management Solutions - (Comments Off on If The World Of Sales Has Changed, Why Are Sales Managers Repeating The Same Old Steps?)

The answer to this question is very simple. Some sales managers are not engaged in the field and so, they lack the basic knowledge to understand that selling in today’s highly competitive market-place is different to what they knew, when they were sales reps themselves.

Take for instance; sales managers still requiring their reps to make 90 or more cold calls per day? Most decision makers do not answer their phones and when they do, it’s to speak to someone that they know as oppose to accepting a call from a stranger who’s calling to pitch their wares. Another activity that’s common with many sales managers is a sales forecast, based on the amount of phone calls, meetings and presentations. Forecasting sales goals is a necessary process and, we would further argue that it’s extremely important for every company-since the life blood of an organization is predicated on sales. However, a sales forecast based on conjecture and guessing should not be created at all, if that’s its sole purpose. Unless the customer has committed to buying the product, adding a meeting, phone call or sales presentation to a forecast is the quickest path to the disappointment.

One of the more poignant articles titled “Stop Guesstimating Your Sales Forecast” written by Matthew Bellows for Harvard Business Review reads, in part;

“The performance of the sales team has always been the most measurable in a company. At the end of every week, month, quarter and year, the result of sales activity is shown on the top line for all to see.

There are two reasons. First, the obvious: the higher you go in the organization, the less connected you are to the deals happening beneath you — and the more vulnerable you are to individual reps or teams, either purposely or subconsciously, altering their pipeline projections to suit their needs. This is no different from how people in non-sales functions push to create budgets and targets they know they can beat.

The second reason for the sales manager’s pain is that when it comes to gathering data about upcoming sales possibilities, companies and CRM systems rarely measure anything real. For most kinds of business-to-business selling, your CRM database is an outdated collection of anecdotes and guesses. The fewer the deals, and the longer the sales cycle, the less your “data” matches reality. The stuff that does get accumulated in spreadsheets and CRM systems looks like data — there are dollar signs and probabilities next to prospect names — but it’s not. It’s really just the opinions, guesses, estimates and suppositions of your sales team.”

Change is a difficult process for human beings to accept, some more so than others and, in the case of some sales managers adapting to change, is simply not part of their DNA. A passage from an article on and written by Scott Gillum reads; “Research from Google and CEB titled The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing provides new insight into buyer behavior, and it challenges the conventional wisdom. According to the study, customers reported to being nearly 60 percent through the sales process before engaging a sales rep, regardless of price point. More accurately, 57 percent of the sales process just disappeared.” Maybe it’s time for some sales leaders to rethink what goes into that sales forecast and if nothing else, understand the new way of selling and then adapt their approach.

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If The World Of Sales Has Changed, Why Are Sales Managers Repeating The Same Old Steps?

Get Growing – With ATS Scalable Business Software

February 4th, 2015 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Absence Management | Benefit Accruals | Business Intelligence | Cloud Time and Attendance | Employee Time Attendance - (Comments Off on Get Growing – With ATS Scalable Business Software)

ATS Time and Attendance solution is packaged with easy-to-use functionality that readily addressed the business challenges of today’s diverse industries. ATS TimeWork On-Demand requires limited IT resources and shorter implementation time-line.  For growing and established businesses, that means a rapid return on investment (ROI), and lower total cost of ownership. ATS TimeWork robust employee scheduling capabilities provide the latest in on demand data, but enabling you to achieve operational excellence and maximum profitability.

ATS TimeWork helps you improve the process of payroll and, at the same time and meet customer demand more quickly. ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance enables you to:

  • Generate employee schedules quickly and efficiently, including manual calculation of breaks dynamically controlled through work and payroll policies.
  • View in real-time how much time an employees spend on particular task and obtain up-to-the-minute access to pay adjustments and time edit card approvals.
  • Grant employees access to check their hours, schedules, request time-off and view accrual balances through our employee self-service dashboard.
  • Utilize geolocation functionality module for remote employees and contractors through the ATS time and attendance. Through the use of our geofencing capability organization can reduce and eliminate potential time and attendance theft by their mobile employees.
  • Real-time data helps managers make informed decisions by identifying attendance patterns to effect on-the-spot decisions. ATS time and attendance helps you to drill down into workforce data to identify and solve problems.

ATS TimeWork is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted and subscription models. This provides businesses with the choice on how deploy and manage ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance.  With ATS cloud-based solution, organizations gain access to the same functionality available in an on-premises software, with the flexibility of on-demand access from one of North America’s leading workforce management companies.

In conclusion, ATS TimeWork On-Demand is flexible enough to let you shape your workforce management solution experience. You gain a best-in-class solution with powerful analytics and easy-to-use solution that works the way you do.

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Get Growing – With ATS Scalable Business Software

The market-place is littered with companies that offer incentive based products for the purpose of spurring employee engagement. And, in a time of employment upheaval including some well known companies closing up shop in Canada recently it begs the question, are incentives in and of themselves the only way to engage employees or are there other components that should be added to the equation?

As a supplier of business management software that propels productivity, ATS is a believer in the power of an engaged workforce that embraces a positive environment for its employees.

An article by Trudy Brunot, of Demand Media, titled “The Importance of a Positive Environment in the Workplace” reads in part;

“Our work environment encompasses more than the employee lounge, office area and lobby. Policies, resources, professional relationships and company culture also fashion the environment in which we work. Author and University of Virginia Professor Scott A. Snell, in the book, “Managing Human Resources,” defines a positive environment in the workplace as an atmosphere of employee enthusiasm that improves organization performance. Workers reap social, health and personal benefits from a positive atmosphere at their place of employment. Organizations that fail to foster a positive environment for employees risk hampering their ability to succeed.”

And in employment environments that employees view as negative, she cites the following;

“Problems stemming from a negative employment atmosphere feed upon each other to the detriment of the entire organization. Attendance issues — call-offs, lateness, leaving early — lower productivity and poison morale. “Presenteeism,” defined as reduced productivity while on the clock, leads to disengaged employees making errors due to their lack of concentration and motivation. Customer service suffers when unhappy workers cannot put on a happy face. Innovation and creativity lose their competitive advantage when disengaged researchers and product developers lose interest. As disillusioned employees leave, management loses credibility which tarnishes the organization’s reputation and causes recruitment trouble.”

There are no perfect workplaces but as a Millennial, I would choose an organization like ATS over any other who expects hardware work, but fosters positive energy that permeates throughout its upper management all the way to its warehouse employees. And, with superiors that are both supportive and visibly engaged with employees everyday, it shows they truly understand their workforce.

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A Positive Work Environment Can Yield Productive Results