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The story of Goldilocks and the three bears is a fabulous children’s fairytale about choices. Its equivalent in the world of business automation choices, translates to the same thing. In choosing a time and attendance solution, some companies focus on their size as oppose to their requirements. While the size of your company (and in particular, number of employees) should not be left out of the equation, focusing on the actual requirements is a good barometer, for finding the right solution.


For example, the requirements of a company with 90 employees might include; job costing, three different company structures, separate collective agreements, 2 locations with different pay rules and separate payroll interfaces. A company with 300 employees might have all employees housed at the same location with work rules that are similar in nature across all departments. While this is not always the case, focusing on your company’s requirements will go a long way.


With a plethora of time and attendance systems to choose from, how do you find the solution for your business?  ATS TimeWork is a robust time tracking solution designed for mid-size and enterprise-size businesses. The solution is highly configurable and is flexible enough to grow and change as your business evolves. ATS TimeWork is easy to learn and use and in addition, to tracking employee time and absences, it can help analyze data to spot trends and gain insight into your business activities.  ATS TimeWork can integrate to variety of software applications including: Payroll, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM).


Whether you are looking to streamline payroll costs for the first time or looking to change from your current system, using the proper time and attendance software for your business is important.  Your time management system should be capable of managing the most basic functions as it relates to your company and, at the same time, be flexible enough to evolve with your business. 


The Goldilocks methodology of trying out each bowl of porridge until she found the right one, lends credence to sampling your software in advance. However, by openly sharing your company’s requirements, you will save time by quickly figuring out which solution is right for your company.


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Choosing A Time Tracking Solution Using The Goldilocks Methodology


A High-Performance Workforce Management System without the Complexity

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For many of the today’s organizations, the benefits of automating are seemingly endless. Some of the early adopters of automation have the opportunity to experience better time efficiency and more control over their business operations. When senior executives are deciding on the deployment of their next workforce management solution it may be smart to look for solutions that are scalable without complexity.

Here are some workforce management software examples that will bring a smile to the faces of your HR, Finance and Payroll managers:

Business-Ready Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ATS SaaS delivery model is designed to exceed even the most stringent workrule policies and performance standards. ATS provides full system administration, maintenance, upgrades, technical support, and other services required to increase productivity.

Cost-Effective and Rapid Deployment Based on Best Practices We provide a set of pre-defined implementation best practice based on our deep expertise working with our customers.

User-Friendly Workforce Analytics ATS allows you to see real-time data based on attendance and other workforce predictive analysis, by department and location. This module provides concrete and actionable insights on workforce data to drive your business strategy today and help you plan for the future. ATS TimeWork Workforce Analytics supplies intuitive graphic representation about important workforce statistics.

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Functionality ATS TimeWork On-Demand is easy to configure, deploy, yet powerful enough to scale as your organization grows and expands.

Tablet and Mobile Access This engaging application can be accessed by employees to request time-off and supervisors in turn, receive instant e-mail alert of pending activity. The open database interface is designed for; Human Capital Management, Payroll, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications.

Training that Suits your Organizational Needs Your managers will love TimeWork On-Demand. They can take advantage of extensive, instructor-led classroom and workshop training for the various core components of the application.

Unique Time and Attendance Features provides extensive functionality for workforce process management. As a result, you can streamline and integrate essential processes such as employee administration, organizational management, time management and, cross-application time sheets.

ATS has the perfect solution for organizations that want the benefits of a best-in-class Workforce Management System, simplicity and cross-functional value that no other solution can provide.

Contact us to learn more about how ATS workforce management software helps companies achieve operational excellence in key industries.

A High-Performing Workforce Management System without the Complexity

‘Tis The Season To Automate Holiday Pay and Hours of Work

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If you are in the food manufacturing, retail or hospitality industry, chances are, it’s the busiest time of the year for your company. And with the busy holiday season many employees are asked to work extended shifts, extra weekends and overtime. This can be a win-win both employee and employer. However, trying to remember which employee exchanged shifts or how much overtime pay employees have accumulated is sufficient to drive any business executive bonkers.

Here are 5 ways ATS TimeWork On-Demand can help your company automate holiday pay:

Workforce Management Software-ATS TimeWork On-Demand is a leading time and attendance solution that helps companies reduce payroll costs, automate overtime and premium pay, minimize compliance risks and increase workforce productivity.

TimeWork Absence Management- ATS absence management allows you to manage time-off requests and absence policies through employee self-service automation.  Companies can improve the time tracking and reporting of time-off requests,  view balances, accrued overtime, employees schedules and accruals in real-time with seamless unification to ATS TimeWork On-Demand.

ATS Human Resources Management- helps you manage employee information including:  training & skills inventory, benefits information, performance administration, occupational health and safety. ATS HR management is designed to help you organize and maintain your workforce.

Workforce Analytics-ATS TimeWork analytics empowers companies to make more informed decisions on critical business issues. ATS forecasting and budgeting module contains predictive models to help companies understand business trends.

Data Integration- ATS TimeWork is a proven integrated platform, designed for building integrations to and from our time and attendance software solution. All integrations are deployed and managed in the ATS cloud based solution.

To learn more, go to our website or call 866.294.2467.

 'Tis the Seaon to Automate Holiday Pay and Hours of Work

Competition continues to increase in today’s business landscape.  To stay ahead, companies need to get to market quicker, streamline business process and do a better job of matching up supply with demand. The elimination of manual tasks comes with the implementation of an employee time and attendance system. With an ATS time tracking solution managing your business processes, your organization can shift its focus on growing sales and retaining customers.

What Can ATS TimeWork Do For Your Organization?
TimeWork provides the foundation to improve business efficiency, payroll calculations, and overall productivity for a broad range of industries including: manufacturing, healthcare, oil & gas, transportation & logistics, industrial machinery and retail.  The solution delivers the complete package, with fully embedded tools for data integration with:

  • Talent Management
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources Information Systems
  • Supply chain
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Production and Job Costing
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Labour Analytics
  • Purchasing and Inventory
  • Financials
  • Business Intelligence

The application was developed by workforce management software experts with more than 25 years of experience. This type of expertise means that our customers can remain confident that our experienced support team is second to none. From labour distribution to employee self-service, overtime equalization, employee time clocks and business intelligence- TimeWork provides clear visibility across your organization, helping you to automate and manage key business processes.

Ultimately, ATS helps organizations improve their bottom line by adapting business processes to current market conditions. TimeWork is the most powerful and flexible employee time and attendance solution by ATS, for mid-sized and larger companies.

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Time and Attendance has evolved in the last several years from mere employee time tracking to include; employee self-service, workforce planning and business intelligence to name a few. Companies today, want a solution that can grow as their needs evolve without multiple customizations. If your company is using a system that is heavy on customization, it’s time to look at alternatives.

ATS workforce management software is designed for mid size and enterprise businesses. Our time and attendance solution helps organizations across a variety of industries to effectively forecast and manage their workforce. The integrated ATS workforce management solution includes: time and attendance, data collection, employee scheduling, forecasting, employee self-service and business analytics. TimeWork can be utilized in its cloud-based or on-premises format. ATS solutions helps companies control labour costs, streamline business process and manage compliance risk.

ATS Time & Attendance Includes:
Benefit Accruals-TimeWork automates employee accruals and time-off requests. In addition, it has the flexibility to facilitate your organization’s most complex benefit policies and transform them into enduring practices.

Attendance Management-Detailed attendance records can be maintained for employees. Managers can be proactively notified through various business analytic reporting.

Employee Self-Service-Through a web browser, employees have direct access to their personal information so they can request time-off and review schedules.

Overtime Equalization- Automatically notify employees of overtime offers and enable employees to review, accept and reject overtime on the same console they use for attendance and labour transactions.

Data Integration—Integrate ATS time and attendance data with; Talent Management, Human Resources Information Systems, Customer Relationship Management and Payroll applications to produce accurate data.

Data Collection-Collect and distribute time and labour metrics to quickly enforce employee schedules and job assignments.

Support-Our integrated implementation support offers reliable response to technical disruptions, and maintains the health and integrity of the system. With this offering, companies benefit from insights into ATS solutions and expertise to mitigate risk, while tapping the innovations that ATS continually introduces.

ATS integrated solution delivers a web-based time and attendance set that includes: employee data collection, workforce planning, scheduling, employee self-service and business analytics. Our comprehensive solutions, help companies streamline business processes and improve workforce productivity.

To learn more, go to our website and arrange a demonstration, contact us.

Most of us know that apart from year end, the day in the week set aside by payroll practitioners, to process employee pay is one of the most hectic. Employee hours has to be counted, sick days and other applicable pay codes have to be assigned to the respective departments. Today’s payroll practitioner needs to be certified and fully understand the changing landscape of the multijurisdictional pay policies. Record of Employment (ROE) and taxable benefits are also important aspects that fall under their wide umbrella of responsibility.

Now just image having to keep up to date with federal and provincial/territorial governments pay policies and using a system to calculate of this? The CFO of plastics manufacturing plant put it succinctly, “we had all the necessary certifications that are required in our industry including ISO, yet we were collecting employee data using antiquated methods. Our payroll manager was spending an entire day and a half counting employee hours, vacation days etc. With 1700 employees across several provinces it simply became untenable.”

Is your company still using a paper based timekeeping system? Are, you getting the results you expected out of your existing solution? If so, switching to an ATS time and attendance solution enables companies to lower costs, streamline key business processes and boost productivity.

The ATS employee time management solution supports your entire company eliminating redundant data entry and the time, cost, and errors associated with using a manual system. Moreover, our solution is designed to be fully integrated with other third party applications including: Talent Management, Payroll, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Inventory and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. ATS time and attendance provides companies with a real-time, intuitive dashboard with views into key business data across processes and departments—allowing you to make more informed business decisions faster.

To learn about the benefits of switching to ATS workforce management software, go to our website.

Everyday we receive several requests about the ATS Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) software delivery model. The questions we deal with are wide ranging and include: security, benefits, features, deployment and after-sales support. Below is a list of the 5 most common questions our account representatives respond to:

1. Why should our company implement an ATS SaaS time and attendance solution over an on-premises solution?
ATS SaaS Time and Attendance has proven repeatedly to be a successful and lasting solution for organizations of all sizes and types – from the largest multinationals, to small businesses and non-profits. With the ATS SaaS time and attendance you are always using the most current version with the latest innovations available to you.  There are no messy upgrades or yearly maintenance fees.

2. Will your system work with the other software applications we have at our company?
Our solution is non propriety and is designed to integrate with other applications including: talent management, customer resource management, payroll, enterprise resources planning (ERP) and human resource information systems (HRIS) platforms.

3. How long does it take to implement your system?
With no software to install on your computers or network, our implementation timeframe is measured in days and weeks – not months or years.

4. Who do I contact for support of our time and attendance system after it has been installed?
After-sales support is at the heart of what we do. Each customer is assigned a dedicated support rep after installation of the system. We believe that our attitude towards uncompromising service is what makes ATS stand head and shoulders above others. We strive to maintain strong retention rates by continuing to provide our customers with exceptionally high levels of service and support.

5. What makes your product unique?
ATS TimeWork is fundamentally sound and was built by software engineers with deep expertise in our industry. Our product has evolved over the years and comes equipped with a variety of modules including: human resources, attendance management, forecasting, vacation planning calendar, employee self-service, incidents and points and absence request.

ATS SaaS Time and Attendance is accessible through any web browser and does not require a large investment. ATS’s true Software-as-a-Service solution architecture provides customers with high flexibility, reliability and lower IT costs. 

If you require additional information call at 866.294.2467 or go to our website.

Small and mid-size enterprises (SME) form a large part of the economic engine in North America and employ a large percentage of employees in many industries. Their impact on GDP has not gone unnoticed by economists and the investment community, in general. Over the years, there have been countless studies done on the impact SME have on the overall economy.

This excerpt from Statistics Canada offers a glimpse of small and mid-size enterprise contribution to the overall economy.  “SME In Canada, small and medium-sized businesses (less than 500 employees) accounted for $576.9 billion, or 54.2%, of business-sector GDP in 2005, while large-sized businesses (500 or more employees) accounted for $486.7 billion, or 45.8%, of business-sector GDP in 2005 (Table 1).  In the United States, small and medium-sized businesses accounted for $4.7 trillion, or 50.7%, of business-sector GDP in 2004, while large-sized businesses accounted for $4.6 trillion, or 49.3%, of business-sector GDP in 2004.” 

Small and mid-size companies want software solutions that are both scalable and attuned with their organization’s needs. ATS hosted time and attendance is a flexible solution that integrates to existing applications across an entire organization – including: payroll, human resources information systems, enterprise resource planning, financials and customer relationship management.

ATS hosted time and attendance offers a true, shared multi-tenant platform that can grow (or shrink) with your business and budgetary needs as they evolve. The deployment of the solution is done in a matter of days not weeks. Customers can choose from a variety of data collection terminals and workforce management software modules. Our hosted time and attendance solutions helps you meet the challenges of managing a dispersed workforce- while complying with federal, provincial and state regulatory work rule policies.

To read more about our time and attendance solutions for SME, go to our website.

We are in an era of budget restraints, cost cutting and reduced work hours for employees. That’s a clear indication that many companies have not escaped the economic slow down.

When employees are asked to work reduced hours they want to be assured they are paid for every working hour. Meanwhile, employers want assurance that their labour costs are in line with expected business volume. Corporate culture notwithstanding, a manual time keeping system does not provide accurate attendance records. Manual collection and calculation of employee hours through time sheets is both cumbersome and time consuming.

Our Time and Attendance system helps you manage your workforce and track employee attendance more efficiently. ATS industry leading, integrated Workforce Management Software, takes into account your organization’s specific requirements, collective bargaining agreements, work rule policies, labour laws and shift patterns. Our software solution enables you to streamline payroll preparation, improve wage and hour compliance, and optimize your labour investment. That, in and of itself, is a tall order for any manual timekeeping system. 

Benefits to using an Automated Timekeeping System:

  • Minimize employee inquiries to HR for attendance and accrual information with Employee Self Service
  • Track and maintain employee attendance records
  • Cost savings through the automatic tracking of attendance,  overtime, and eliminating human errors
  • Eliminate payment for unapproved overtime
  • Accurate payroll calculations assure correct pay for actual hours worked
  • Minimal administrative tasks through the automation of processes
  • Identify exceptions such attendance and absenteeism

The ATS Time and Attendance solution helps simplify employee time tracking by giving you the tools to ensure workforce compliance and also helps streamline your labour costs.  Our workforce suite includes tools to schedule employees based on skills, preferences, availability or other demands of your business. 

To speak to an account representative call us at 1.866.294.2467. You can also join the conversation on our LinkedIn group for product updates.

3 Ways to Streamline Payroll Costs

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In today’s current economic climate, businesses are looking for ways to reduce their labour costs and remain productive. One of the most effective ways to curb labour expenses is with the help of an effective timekeeping system. A business can employ workforce software strategies as a way to control and lower labour-related administrative costs.

Our Time and Attendance Solution integrates human resources, payroll and ERP business data to deliver predictive analytics. The ATS workforce management software provides a strategic approach to business automation.

Here are three ways an effective time management solution can help your organization: 

1)       Real-time employee hours calculated with totals and pay summaries for accurate, real-time payroll reporting

2)       Two-way data integration updates to ERP, Payroll and HR system all at once- payroll and HR practitioners do not have to key information in separate systems

3)       Simple and intuitive supervisor interface provides an overview of employee hours for informed decision making.

The ATS time and attendance system calculates employees’ regular and overtime hours and provides real-time reporting functionality.

To view a demo visit us online and to download brochures of our solutions visit our website.