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After a long and dreaded winter, the sun is a welcome arrival and with it comes office attire faux pas by some employees. Who does not like wearing shorts, sunglasses and flip-flops in the summer? Of course we all do. While some companies have formal written policies, some simply rely on the employee common sense to understand their work environment. That said, some industries have unspoken rules and its incumbent on the employees to understand their work environment. And if going for job interview, it’s always a good idea to ask the interviewer about the company’s dress code policy in advance.

In no particular order, here is a list of well published don’ts for office attire. This list may also applies to candidates going on job interviews:

  • Crop tops
  • Overalls
  • Tank tops or sleeveless shirts
  • Halter tops
  • Flip-flops
  • Overly revealing attire
  • Jogging suits
  • Birkenstocks
  • Shorts or Capri pants
  • Crocks
  • Hawaiian shirt

There are a myriad of industries some of which include; technology and advertising where the wearing of jeans and even Hawaiian shirts might be allowed. However, regardless of the industry, it would be wise to simply ask the HR department of your about their dress code policy so, you can dress in accordance with the policy. Employers also have a responsibility to keep up with the times since today’s workforce is different from the ones back in the 80’s for example. The recent case of employees wearing tattoos at their workplace created a media firestorm of epic proportions for both parties.

It’s Summertime, But Does That Mean You Should Introduce Your Colleagues To Your Flip-Flops?


We have espoused the virtues of time and attendance and its tremendous benefits numerous times on this space. We have also described our software solution as robust simple, powerful and affordable. The right time and attendance solution can help transform business operations. TimeWork On-Demand is such a cloud-based timeand attendance solution that provides broad functionality and is delivered in a manner that minimizes complexity.

With ATS TimeWork On-Demand, your managers can view employee attendance records online, receive alerts and respond to personal time off requests (PTO) all at the click of a button. And there’s more. With a plethora of workforce management software tools at your fingertips; you can forecast, plan and schedule employees according to business needs. ATS provides an implementation methodology that’s been used by thousands of customers over many years.

So What Should You Expect From Your Vendor?

Software Simplicity
A software application that’s difficult to navigate should not even be considered. If the intent of the software is to help streamline business process, then why should it be difficult to use? In actuality, this defeats the purpose. TimeWork On-Demand eliminates many of the barriers that prevent companies from implementing a time and attendance solution; moreover, TimeWork On-Demand has the tools that will help executives to remain focus on their core business while leaving the workforce analytics aspects to us.

While we are proponents of easy to use software, we also believe your software should be able to grow with you. TimeWork On-Demand has leverages deep core functionality that has been in use for over 25 years and is installed at thousands of customer sites. With ATS TimeWork you have everything in one robust an integrated workforce management solution to manage your business and decrease operational costs. ATS time and attendance eliminates the need for paper-based time sheets.

Data Integration Your Way
Integrating to your existing payroll, CRM, ERP, or HR systems with ATS TimeWork On-Demand is an easy process.  ATS cloud-based data integration tools that allows companies to access data in formats that they are use to.

Exceptional Implementations
This is where the rubber meets the road.  You can expect a dedicated implementation specialist who will guide and coach you through the entire process.  This will include system configuration validation, data integration process execution, preparation of user-acceptance testing, execution and flawless deployment.

Unwavering Customer Experience
From the first time we talk, you will be in constant communication with employees who has deep knowledge our product and the industry. After sales assistance is handled by highly experienced technical support personnel who will always be available whenever you need them.

ATS TimeWork On-Demand was designed to help you reduce complexity, get up and running quickly, and decrease on-going operational costs. Over the years, we have talked to thousands of companies about their time and attendance needs. That is why TimeWork is fully configurable to meet the specific needs of your organization’s workforce management software strategy – allowing customers to match our solutions with specific business processes and workflows.

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Here Is What You Should Expect From Your Time and Attendance Vendor




The whole notion of the 9:00am -5:00pm era is slowly being usurped by something bigger, employees desire to choose their schedules and flextime has resurfaced in many online conversations. Today’s workforce wants to have more time off to spend with newborns or care for an aging parent and in some cases telecommute. This phenomenon is popular among millennials many of whom saw their parents, work endless hours while missing out on their dance recitals and hockey practice. What is even more surprising is that some in the baby boom generation is embracing this trend.

So, what’s the cause of all this?  A new research by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Families and Work Institute (FWI) found some contradictory reasons behind this new trend. Some of it has to do with the changing of the times and some of it may have to do with the fact, some in today’s, workforce do not define themselves by their salaries and titles. Many employers have also recognized the benefits of having a well-rested employee and to that end have created such things like reduced hours on a Fridays in the summer.

A recent report by the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College reads in part; “Employees report that they are more productive and more engaged in their work when there are able to balance the demands of work with other aspects of their lives. Improvements in physical and mental health are also associated with workplace flexibility. Below is evidence linking flexible work options to employee and family well-being.”

So, will this trend towards flexible working hours have staying power? So, far, it appears so.

The New Way Of Working


Whether your company is a mid-size or enterprise, you can enjoy many benefits by deploying a time and attendance solution from ATS. ATS TimeWork On-Demand automates time, processes the hours and improves overall payroll accuracy. ATS time and attendance is a best-of-breed employee time management solution that allows for the setting up of complex work-rules, based on company policies, including overtime and shift premiums.

ATS TimeWork On-Demand provides:

Anytime Access- ATS TimeWork On-Demand can be accessed through Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer or Opera browsers and is available through company-specific created user sign-on user interface. It’s easy to use and can be integrated with payroll and other third-party applications.

Flexibility at your Fingertips- With ATS TimeWork On-Demand you can configure multiple work and pay policies to accommodate your specific business requirements for employee attendance, grace, rounding, overtime, lunches, breaks, and a great deal more. ATS time and attendance software configurator is a powerful application, backed by rapid implementation tools to get you up and running quickly and reliably.

Job Costing Capabilities- You can extrapolate a raft of innovation job costing reports at a time so you can monitor current job activities while controlling costs, and increasing overall productivity. ATS TimeWork definable grouping levels provides the system with automatic records and calculates employee attendance for payroll processing and tracks all job costs to the minute. It tracks job performance for review and compensation planning, provides visibility to actual costs for accurate quoting and job estimation, and tracks detail for lead-time improvement.

Self-Service Portability- Employees can view their schedules and request time off.Managers canapprove personal time off (PTO) and edit time cards quickly and accurately from any mobile or workstation that has access to the Internet.

Instant Alerts-ATS TimeWork On-Demand allows for set up intuitive workforce analytics to notify HR and payroll practitioners of employee who are approaching overtime, attendance, and other exceptions.

Up-To-The-Minute-Status- ATS time and attendance analytics dashboard provides supervisors with up-to-the-minute visibility of daily, weekly and monthly activities and other work related data.

Data Collection Options-The range of employee time clocks include: biometric time clocks, Web-Punch, Online Timesheets, proximity, magnetic and barcode time clocks.

With ATS TimeWork On-Demand, you get the full benefits of cloud computing and take advantage of seamless integration from a company that provides best-of-breed solutions, and exceptionally service.

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Keep Your Focus On Your Business, We Will Handle The Time And Attendance


The market-place has all kinds of tools and incentives to help companies boost employee engagement. The effects of the 2008 recession have resulted in stagnant growth for some industries and have left many employees fearing that they could lose their jobs for any number of reasons. This fear is well placed because high unemployment has been a constant for the last 5 years.

Happy Employees Boost The Bottom Line

Managing today’s workforce is very different, especially when it comes to millennials many of whom will probably not respond to the “my way or the highway” management style. In fairness, this does not apply to all companies. In fact, the percentage of companies who has this antiquated management style is very rare at best. Senior executives have their own set of challenges which includes increasing shareholder value and satisfying the needs of their customers. The employees however, are at the heart of achieving shareholder value and customer satisfaction so, it stands to reason, that most of today’s companies are trying to find creative ways to retain their talent. After all, this just makes good business sense.


This article “10 Ways to Increase Profit & Productivity by Making Employees Happy” is a good guide for companies who for ideas on how to increase engagement within their organizations.



We are huge advocates of keeping things simple in your time and attendance business case and deployment strategy. No two businesses are the same and, even companies in similar industries will have a different set of challenges. ATS time and attendance is not a ‘Johnny come lately’ attendance tracking solution. Our workforce management software is an industry-leading solution, loaded with best-of-breed features and steeped with a 20 year history.

Solution Benefits:

ATS TimeWork will replace your spreadsheets- ATS time and attendance will help senior executives, Payroll and HR professionals eradicate the confusion and limitations that comes with using incoherent spreadsheets. ATS time and attendance connects seamlessly to your current ERP, CRM, HRIS, Payroll or Talent Management system and provides beautiful data at your fingertips. ATS workforce analytics provides information in an easy-to-read format that you can share with all stakeholders and take action towards improved productivity.

Business intelligence that makes sense-ATS TimeWork is easy to use and can be implemented in weeks. You simply log on with your user name and password using your preferred browser and voila! And with ATS TimeWork, you can view: employees approaching overtime, vacation requests, budget vs actual and a whole lot more. Want to dig deeper and understand which specific days that certain employees arrive late or calls in sick? No problem! ATS TimeWork can reveal that information.

Your business requirements are complex? That’s ok, we’ve got the answer-as a growing businesses you should make sure that the time and attendance solution you are about to deploy, can grow as your needs evolve. ATS robust time and attendance provides the functionality that your company needs now and in the future. You can activate modules as the need arise to ensure they are being used efficiently. ATS TimeWork is flexible enough to cater to a variety of industries and across many countries ATS TimeWork has the tools to facilitate business requirements from the most complex to the simple attendance tracking across operations.

So, the idea that your business requirements might be complex should not put off the need to deploy a time and attendance solution. A workforce management solution, that makes sense, is robust and comes with deep industry expertise to match, is what you should go for. The whole notion that the most inexpensive solution will match your requirements is nothing more than a myth. Now should you “break the bank” in an attempt to get that matches your requirements? No, but if your solution is being deployed by a vendor with a hands-on approach, with your requirements in mind, then you are on your way seeing a quick return on investment.

ATS TimeWork can perfectly adapt to your organization with little or no customization, ATS TimeWork lowers your costs from inception right through deployment.

To learn more, join Tracey Milligan, Product Software Engineer, and her team on Friday, June 20th at 1:00pm ET for a live and interactive webinar on how to “Automate to Supercharge your Business”.

Complicated Time & Attendance Business Requirements No Problem!



World Cup fever is upon us and it’s going to be a delicate balance for some companies as they try to grapple with sudden employees requesting specific days offs or short leave of absence. At ATS we have employees who are supporting teams from different countries. These employees are fans of: Ireland (who is not in the world cup this time around) England, Argentina, Brazil, France, USA, Italy, Russia, Sweden and some who love the game so much, they either have their PVR set to record every game or asking to work from home for the entire month of the event. A few people within ATS made such a request to their superiors six months ago.


These Games Might Not Be Your Cup of Tea, But Many of Your Employees will be Watching

An article titled “10 Reasons Why your Employees Should Watch the World Cup” by Steve Siebold, contributor to the Huffington Post, makes a poignant case why they should:


“The solution is simple: Let them watch the World Cup. I’ll say it again: Let your employees watch the World Cup! In fact, put it on a big flat screen television for everyone to watch. Why? There are many lessons from the World Cup and these great athletes that can be copied to run a more successful business.”


If your company is the type that thinks its employees should focus on work above all else, chances are, they will find way to watch their beloved games.


Talk to any payroll practitioner on a day they are processing employee pay and you might come away thinking that person was curt.  Now try to imagine manually calculating the hours of 175 employees and then keying that data into payroll software, you would be curt and with good reason. Through automation, that same payroll practitioner can process employee pay in quarter of the time. Now that’s the power of technology and how it can enable businesses to achieve more with less.

Today’s fast-paced corporate landscape leaves little room for error. And, when it comes to streamlining costs and increasing productivity, ATS TimeWork has it all; scheduling, overtime equalization, benefit accruals, job costing, employee self-service, workforce analytics, incidents and points and a great deal more.

ATS TimeWork benefits will benefit your business through:

Workforce Analytics
Real-time workforce reporting that ensures your company has the most up to date information on improving performance in all departments.

Cost Efficiency
The words “cost efficiencies” tends to bring a smile to faces of shareholders and senior executives alike. ATS TimeWork is scalable, will add value to your business operations and will also lower the costs of doing business through efficiency gains.

Data Collection
Our range of time clocks includes; hand punch readers, fingerprint readers, facescan biometric time clocks which all eliminates ‘buddy-punching’. Other data collection methods; web-time entry, smart-phone time tracking, proximity and bar code badge readers. When used with ATS TimeWork On-Demand, it enhances payroll processing, minimizes compliance risk and improves workforce productivity.

Rapid Deployment
Because ATS TimeWork On-Demand is cloud-based, there is no software to install or server to maintain. You can gain access to your employee attendance in weeks not months through any workstation with Internet access. Now, that’s the beauty of a cloud-based solution.

Reports at your Fingertips
ATS Attendance On-Demand will deliver superior departmental visibility while streamlining payroll costs. Real-time workforce reporting that ensures your company has the most up to date information on improving performance in all departments.

In closing, we advocate that companies should give strong consideration to the deployment of a time tracking solution, because the benefits far outweigh the manual process. Not convinced? Ask our customers. Now image your payroll practitioner using an automated time and attendance system instead of antiquated paper time sheets? You might get a smile instead of a frown next time you pay a visit to their office.

To download a return on investment calculator, go to our website. You can follow up on LinkedIn, Twitter or Google Plus.

Technology Can Be A Great Enabler For Payroll Practitioners



A modern cloud-based time and attendance solution enhances, simplifies, streamlines, and automates business processes­ across an organizational chain.  These modern day systems, enables senior executives and operational managers to collaborate, analyze, and access data in real-time.

ATS TimeWork is a perfect example of a robust, broad-based suite of integrated workforce management applications that give companies the simplicity, analytics and on-the-spot tools they need to run their business.

ATS TimeWork is smarter, faster and instantly extrapolates data from a variety of employee time clocks with no data duplication.  Companies can forecast, schedule, plan and expand in real-time.  ATS TimeWork enables organizations to gain deeper insight into employee attendance, benefit accruals and workforce analytics all the while helping organizations to reach their desired business goals.

Benefits of a modern-day cloud-based time and attendance include:

Employee Self-Services- ATS Self-Service for Employees gives employees online access to personal information and HR processes, including benefits enrollment. Employees punch in and out, view their time cards, monitor benefit (paid time off) balances, and request time off online with Employee Self Service.

Business Intelligence- Business Intelligence gets the right information, to the right individual at the right time, so business managers and executives throughout your organization can make use of business opportunities as they arise.

Absence Management- The ATS Absence Management Incident gives you control over your organization’s time-off processes, enabling you to track paid and unpaid time for your entire workforce.

Overtime Equalization- Overtime Equalization offers sophisticated business intelligence to provide a window into the areas of workforce performance that matter most to your organization. The solution highlights overtime offered refused, accepted and actual hours worked.

Forecaster- The ATS budget module helps companies track the history of business volume and produce accurate forecasts of future business cycles while simultaneously providing detailed calculations of workforce management requirements. Departments can track data by defining forecast drivers to achieve a set of requirements specifically to that department.

ATS TimeWork On-Demand delivers all of the modern-day features businesses need in a cloud platform, including industry- leading high performance and scalability, unparalleled reliability, and an intense focus on implementation and customer service.  So if your company has a high IT infrastructure and maintenance costs, which in turn, is affecting your company’s ability to grow then ATS Timework On-Demand is worth exploring.

To learn more, download a demo or contact one of our account reps at 866.294.2467 or go to our website.

Modernize Your Business Operations with ATS Cloud


You would not buy a pair of shoes after trying on one shoe. The same principle applies in choosing a time tracking software. At the very least, figure out whether your requirements can be met by asking questions about the hardware as well as software. The market-place is fraught with time and attendance solutions. And different vendors offer different solutions; some offer integration to CRM, HRIS, Payroll, ERP and Talent Management applications, while others offer different deployment options and a bevy of modules that can meet the needs of the largest companies. While all these applications serve a purpose and there may be some similarities with their functionalities, there will be differences in the way they operate.

Once you find the time and attendance solution that will fit your organizational needs, you can look for scalability. Don’t fall in love with a solution based purely on price or on a set of bells and whistles that you will probably never use. At the heart of your employee time and attendance software should be its ease-of-use and instant user base statistical data analysis. Who wants to go through five or more steps to access one report? By the same token, the application should be scalable enough to grow with your business.

Choosing the right time and attendance system to meet your business needs, is like choosing which shoe to buy.  You want to give those pair of shoes several glances, put them and then walk in them and see how they feel.  Your company’s chosen time tracking solution should manage your company’s specific business operations, complete with, real-time reporting capability and the ability to give you the control and insight you need to grow now and into the future.

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Did You Try The Pair Or Only One Shoe?