Best-in-Class Workforce Management Software from Industry Experts

Business executives are busy individuals and are concerned with shareholder value. When they plan to adopt workforcemanagement software, the application must complement their company’s goals and provide a rapid return on investment. Today’s businesses need a software solution that offers superior advantages, while providing scalability, flexibility and full integration.

ATS time and attendance solution is cost-effective and makes it easy to see critical business information in real-time without your supervisors having to wait for head office to update the information. For example, an employee time management system deployed at a corporate head office in Calgary should be able to connect to the branch offices inToronto,Vancouver,Atlanta,New York and other countries. Our software solution can handle multiple collective bargaining agreements, various business rules and multijurisdictional legislations.

ATS workforce management software is easily configurable with a graphical user dashboard complete with high-level information that assists department managers to monitor their operations and manage attendance by exceptions. TimeWork business intelligence allows HR and payroll managers to perform detailed analysis of their business performance with on-the-fly labor reports that are updated in real-time with the flow of day-to-day operations.

If your existing time tracking system does not meet your current and future plans, it’s time to source for an alternative. ATS TimeWork helps automate your company’s business rules and support decision making by incorporating a wide range of capabilities that improve usability. Many customers have claimed that after deploying our solution, they have achieved significant cost savings through increased productivity, better control of labor dollars, improved quality and reduced time calculating employee hours manually. These costs savings are all direct and measurable improvements that fulfill most companies’ capital expense guidelines.

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