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Tis The Time Of Year When Payroll Calculations Can Go Wrong

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The holiday season brings with it good cheer, happiness in the workplace and, anticipation of the office parties. For some companies, the holidays also means hiring temporary workers to fulfill orders or cover shifts of employees that are taking time-off during the season. And, if your company, is using a excel spreadsheets to create employee schedules and paper time cards to track attendance there is a real chance, you will miss the hours that these temporary employees worked.

You can increase both the happiness and productivity of your employees this holiday season by using a system, to accurately track, report and pay employees on-time, for hours worked.

Solution benefits for using ATS Time and Attendance include:

Increase flexibility and reduce costs
ATS Time and Attendance System helps companies achieve higher productivity, which, in turn propels better decision-making. Through the use of ATS time and attendance, you gain access to a flexible, cloud-based solution that’s easy-to-use, and will grow with your business.

Strive for excellence
Streamline payroll processes, and empower your employee to work more productively by giving them access to their self-service portal.  Through the use of ATS workforce planning, you achieve greater operational excellence by extracting the right information from time clock data and using them to drive better-informed, faster decision making.

Increase innovation and future growth
When you take advantage of the best-in-class technology with ATS cloud-based time and attendance, you are tap into 21st century workforce management software tools that can be accessed from virtually anywhere, any time, and on any device.

The bottom line; you don’t have to use manual processes to track employee time over the holidays. ATS time and attendance can manage every aspect of employee leave management, including federal, provincial/state, collective bargaining agreements (CBA), and corporate policies, in a single powerful cloud-based solution: ATS Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) solution.

To learn more, download a demonstration or call us at 866.294.2467.

Tis The Time Of Year When Payroll Calculations Can Go Wrong


All That Glitters

November 19th, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Labour Analytics | Leave Management | Payroll | Workforce Analytics | Workforce Management Solutions - (Comments Off on All That Glitters)

Trying to find the right business management solution for your company? Then ignore the dazzling demos with marketing personnel promising the moon. Organizations like yours are looking for ways to win new customers, increase profits, and eliminate inefficiencies. When you hear promises of gold-plated employee time management systems (they do not exist) accompanied by prices that are simply too good to be true- it’s time to start searching for an alternative.

At ATS, we have some of the leading experts in the time and attendance field and a solution that will help your company:

Access the type of labor analytics that your CFO has been asking for a long time. Now, with ATS time and attendance your company can access features for human resources, payroll and operations management. Additionally, the solution has industry capabilities for manufacturers, retailers, service industries, healthcare, and public sector organizations.

Empower employees with ATS Self-Service portal and give them access to request vacation and other time-off requests, view overtime hours and bid of shifts. By allowing managers and employees to access and manage information and transactions in a paperless environment, you can streamline business processes, decrease costs, and improve service to your customers.

ATS Implementation Specialist will build a recommended configuration that is central to our methodology and based on your specific business requirements to help you reach maximum effectiveness.  This holistic approach encompasses; system configuration testing, integration process execution, training and preparation of user-acceptance testing, execution and deployment.

While we do not promise glitter, we will deliver an award-winning product, backed by unwavering, gold-standard service unlike anything you have ever witnessed before.

Let’s start the conversation by phone at 866.294.2467 or, you can view a demonstration online for yourself.

All That Glitters

Grow Your Business With ATS TimeWork On-Demand

November 13th, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Absence Management | Business Intelligence | Forecasting | Labour Analytics - (Comments Off on Grow Your Business With ATS TimeWork On-Demand)

Choosing the right time and attendance solution is no easy task. Today’s companies want applications that are both scalabable and flexible with the power to do more than simply track employees time.  ATS TimeWork On-Demand workforce management solution (WFM), integrates business functionality, automates employee attendance, and increases efficiencies

Here are some of the many reasons why today’s leading companies choose, ATS TimeWork On-Demand:

With ATS TimeWork On-Demand, you can accomplish all of your business processes faster online you using your favourite browser and/or mobile device of choice. With ATS TimeWork On-Demand, your time and attendance travels with you. You have—access to; overtime hours, employee attendance, approve time-off request, or access reports—and make on-the-spot decisions.

Personalized Views
ATS TimeWork dashboards can be personalized for each user, For example, the plant manager can view the attendance of employees that is pertinent to their department, and whereas, the CFO would access information labor and reporting functions. In effect ATS let you customize views based on the users and/or department structure within your organization. Company-wide productivity tends to increase when a company can configure its time and attendance solution to work in accordance with its operations.

Key Performance Indicators and Workflows
ATS TimeWork On-Demand has broad-based capabilities and is easy-to-use. With ATS TimeWork, you get a leading time and attendance software that integrates all your workforce management processes – tracking time and attendance, HR, payroll and benefits into one system. The management reports give you a clear, graphical view of the task at hand, thereby providing key performance indicators (KPIs) to help measure forecasting against budgetary goals.

Unlike many workforce management software solutions, ATS TimeWork On-Demand fully integrates with third-party applications, is scalable, and packs a powerful time keeping configuration table that propels business growth.  Using the latest technology, ATS TimeWork On-Demand Time & Attendance enables you to move beyond outdated time sheets, spreadsheets and antiquated time clocks to process employee time and attendance with proficiency.

To learn more about ATS you can join a live webinar on Friday, November 14th. We also create customer specific demonstrations and are also available by phone at 866.294.2467.

Grow Your Business With ATS TimeWork On-Demand

When it comes to paying employees accurately anything short of automation can lead to undesirable results.  ATS time and attendance gives you complete control of your employee work hours for accurate analysis, whether it’s for budgeting; employee attendance, scheduling or forecasting future business trends. ATS time and attendance system will propel your organization with up-to-minute data for accurate decision-making, versus guesswork.

ATS time and attendance helps mid-size, large companies and multi-nationals empower their workforce to succeed by automating time tracking processes into real-time data. ATS TimeWork is built on a robust, data configuration architecture with a set of best-in-class workforce management software practices and functionality -that is aligned to increase productivity, accelerate business growth and lower the costs of ownership.

Why ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance?
ATS is a well trusted, easy-to-use time and attendance solution used by companies across North America, Latin America and Europe. ATS TimeWork adopts the latest technology and best practices to assist our customers to achieve the best results. The sheer flexibility and scalability of the applications provides users with unlimited options, through user-friendly dashboards.

By using ATS TimeWork you take the guesswork out of the equation and are left with:

Workforce Management Reporting-Up to-the-minute workforce analytics that will help with compliance reporting and everyday time tracking. Through the use of ATS TimeWork business intelligence tools you harness the power of predictive analytics for better decision-making and increased employee productivity.

Flexible Leave Management-ATS Leave Management provides all the necessary functions required by today’s progressive companies and government organizations. The product is intuitive with embedded self-service functionality that allows employees to track and manger their leave management from any workstation or mobile device with Internet access. Your HR department can focus on other important initiatives within your organization as employees are introduced to cool to user-friendly views to request time off, monitor the status of requests, check leave balances, and respond to overtime offers.

Accurate Recording of Attendance- ATS TimeWork helps companies reduce labour costs and improve productivity- TimeWork automatically creates a history of employee attendance, including early and/or late arrivals with reason codes for daily, weekly or monthly time tracking reports.

If your company is still using intuition to figure out employee attendance, there is a better way. To learn more go to our website and download a personalize demonstration. You can also contact us at 1-866-294-2467.

Accurate Information Is Better Than Relying On Guesswork

In the last several years the online chat rooms and various media outlets have been discussing, at length, workforce diversification and the uphill battle millennials face in trying to find jobs after graduation. staff writer, Sharon Florentine penned a compelling article titled “6 Ways to Attract and Retain Female IT Talent”.  It reads, in part,

“Women are good for business. While there’s no magic formula businesses can use to shrink the (still abysmal) gender gap in technology, there are some concrete steps you can take to recruit, hire and retain female tech talent.

Over the last decade, research has shown that companies’ bottom lines benefit when they actively recruit, develop and advance women. Studies demonstrate that enterprises that strive to include women are better able to attract and retain talent, reduce turnover costs, enhance organizational performance and build a robust leadership pipeline.”

Are There Any Benefits To Having A Diverse Workforce?

Today’s workforce culture is also experiencing a generational shift in attitudes as many of today’s businesses are grappling with how to handle tomorrow’s leaders in the workforce-the Millennials. An excerpt based on a recent report by Bentley University on Millennials in the Workplace states that;

“The Millennial generation is better educated and more diverse than any other generation in U.S. history. However, the various economic crises they have experienced as young adults have led them to question the effort and sacrifices they have made to get where they are, and to wonder about the best career path for the future. Forced early in their careers to recognize that hard work and a good education do not necessarily lead to job security, members of this well-educated group say that their family responsibilities and personal aspirations will take precedence over their professional goals.

Family and personal authenticity are key aspects of this cohort’s identity and they are frustrated with companies and corporate structures that are not evolving to allow them to live up to their aspirations. Seventy-six percent (76%) of the women and 73 percent of the men see themselves as authentic. They are not willing to compromise their family and personal values.”

The bottom line; there is no denying the positive impact a diverse workforce, including millennials can have on a company.

Millennials In The Workforce


Some companies will delay an implementation in the hope that the issues they are experiencing with their legacy system will magically disappear. Sometimes the psychology of change is too difficult to overcome-especially, since it is going to involve retraining users and having to adapt current business practices once the new system is in place. Once your company, have gone through the process of selecting a vendor, it only makes sense to continue go through the next phase of deploying your new system. That being said, we recognize that unforeseen circumstances can occur at any given time that will delay your plan.

If the delay, however, is simply an inability to overcome change, here is range of benefits your company could be missing out on, namely:

Efficiency:  Standardize and automate time collection processes so that your payroll practitioner does not have to chase production supervisors each week to verify employee arrivals and departure.

Real-Time Data:  Report on attendance with up-to-the-minute workforce analysis and gain insights into real-time metrics. Thus, you will streamline processes after analyzing the data to improve your company’s overall efficiencies.

Competitive Advantage:  There is a good chance your competitor is using a time and attendance to streamline payroll costs and in a global economy, it’s not enough to just keep pace- today’s companies need to stay ahead of their competitors. Using paper time cards will not help your business in a competitive landscape, but using of a 21st Century ATS time and attendance system will.

Cloud-Based deployment:  Using ATS TimeWork On-Demand allows you to access your time and attendance, anytime, anywhere. It also removes the burden of managing internal IT infrastructure such as servers and application updates. With the access to real-time accurate data, management can make informed  and on-the-spot decisions.

Business growth: Some of the important benefits of an ATS time and attendance system includes, increase in workforce productivity, decrease in costs associated with manual time entry, increased ability for forecasting and planning, erasing information silos through proper data integration and lower payroll costs.

As the pace of the economy continues to trend upwards, businesses are feeling the burden of inadequate software solutions that is not keeping pace with their evolving needs. And, as a result, these companies will resort to other means of collecting data, namely, manual time collection which can lead to double entry and payroll inaccuracies.

To learn more about ATS time and attendance solution go to our website.

Delaying Implementation Can Rob Your Company Of Some Key Benefits

It is well documented that labour costs is one the highest expense of any company and, the companies who automate their business processes stand a better chance of obtaining financial health with their organization. When costs are inaccurate, senior management cannot make the best business decisions, and that can leave an organization in disarray. For example, when the gap between forecasting, labour costs and production is difficult to predict this leaves everyone guessing about efficiencies and true costs.

Depending on the size of the organization, manufacturers have to deal with collective bargaining agreements, comply with government agencies, and customers, and at the same time meet, challenging production schedules. To do this profitably, you have to keep labour costs low, while at the same time increase productivity.

With ATS TimeWork for job tracking and labour allocation you can:

  • Provide faster response- to customers and efficient release of work to the shop floor.
  • Automate workforce scheduling- Schedule the best available employees to meet forecasted demand.
  • Track labour costs -associated with specific jobs, departments, or production-based activities.
  • Obtain real-time information on employee attendance and job costing activities.
  • on production issues and actual costing data.
  • Remain in compliance with collective bargaining agreements (CBA) and government requirements.
  • Track employee activities- on production lines with a variety of employee time clocks and barcode scanners.
  • View real-time reports sent directly to your mobile device so you know who is working at which station, at any given time.

Controlling labour costs in a dynamic manufacturing environment is a challenge onto itself, leaving that task to chance or worse, through manual data collection can create even more headaches. ATS TimeWork is built to handle the constant changes in cost- conscious manufacturing environments. ATS TimeWork Workforce Management Software encompasses broad flexibility, scalability and user-friendly dashboards for production personnel, payroll, and finance and HR personnel.

To view a customized demonstration, go our website or call 1.866.294.2467.

ATS Time And Attendance For Manufacturing Improves Profitability

HR Professionals are busy individuals and if you ask them they would welcome automating many of the manual tasks that they grapple with everyday. Now, just imagine introducing a comprehensive time and attendance system, complete with an HRIS module that merges daily functions and payroll processes, embedded with real-time analytics and benchmarking. Now, you are talking HR language!

ATS TimeWork time tracking solution offers an HRIS solution for both on-premises and cloud-based deployment. ATS TimeWork, best-in-class time and attendance system offers easier processing, with robust business intelligent tools that help companies stay in compliance with North American Federal and provincial laws and plan strategically for their organizations.

ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance software aids in protecting a company’s most valuable asset – its people. Our attendance and HR software module include, but are not limited to:

  • Reports: analytic reports, can be previewed, printed, and exported to various formats, to help you improve your company’s analytic capabilities.
  • Time-Off Requests and Leave Management: A comprehensive set of features provides for all types of time-off such as jury duty, medical leave, paternal/maternity leave, and bereavement
  • Canadian Government Compliance & Reporting Capabilities: Manage essential data for government reporting and reduce compliance risks
  • Benefit Management: track eligibility for employees, dependents, beneficiaries
  • Attendance Management: manage employee time and attendance with ATS TimeWork integrated tracking system

Don’t forget to share this blog with your HR professional and you are sure to get a big smile, especially, if they are using excel spreadsheets to track employee vacation balances and a range of other tasks.

To learn more, contact us for an online demo, or download a brochure to share with your internal management team. You can also join the conversation on our LinkedIn Group.

HR Professionals, It’s Time To Toss Out The Spreadsheets