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The advancement in technology has made many things possible, from accessing e-mail through smart-phones, downloading hundreds of apps for just about everything, to navigating traffic with the use of a GPS. To stay ahead of their competition, many businesses have adopted the use of a time and attendance system. Why? Because, automating paper-time sheet, saves time, money and above all, allows payroll and HR managers to focus on other important tasks.

For today’s businesses dealing with a global economy means leveraging technology, by automating manual business practices. ATS time and attendance streamlines paper time-sheets, increase productivity and makes shareholders happy. After all, who wants to waste resources by pulling extensive reports from a variety of out-dated software packages and spread sheets? And if all your competitors have adopted technology to capture employee hours, you certainly don’t want to be the lone company still struggling with a paper-based punch clock.

One of the main reasons cited by customers, about their decision to implement a time and attendance system, includes, ATS time and attendance system’s ability eradicate paper and fewer complaints by employees about missing hours on their pay cheques.

In an era, where the benefits of leveraging the right technology can help a business grow, you do not want to be the lone company that’s left, all by itself, using antiquated tools of yesteryear.

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Don’t Wanna Be, All By Yourself





If you are in the market for a time and attendance system, but are unsure which solution will best meet your business requirements, having access to a live demonstration of the actual application could aid in the decision making process.

ATS TimeWork time and attendance is quick to implement and is a best-in-class workforce management (WFM) software that helps companies, throughout Canada and the U.S. manage their;  time tracking, pay policies, stat holiday calculation, job costing, benefit accruals and helps decrease company-wide payroll costs.  The solution was designed for industries of all types and helps you work and grow efficiently.

With ATS TimeWork, companies can access up-to-the-minute workforce analytic tools to support their business growth and help them act with agility and proper insight. Beyond the traditional workforce management system, ATS offers a unified solution that improves efficiency and effectiveness throughout an organization.

With ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance, you can:

  • Automate time and attendance processes to reduce payroll costs, comply with collective bargaining agreements and government regulations.
  • Enhance and monitor workforce performance in real time, with employee time clocks and spot attendance problems early and avoid labour violations through analytic reporting tools.
  • Eliminate costs and errors and move from paper time sheets to automated budgeting tools that helps propel and automate the planning cycle.

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You Want Agile, Powerful And Robust? That’s ATS Workforce Management Solution


Most businesses understand that it’s critical that they automate their business processes to remain competitive, increase revenue and by extension, keep their shareholders happy, otherwise they will become obsolete. The question then becomes, what’s the best solution to help; capture accurate employee data, increase productivity and streamline payroll costs?

Today, more than ever mid and large companies want a solution that can be deployed quickly and effortlessly with inherent flexibility that will grow with them. How well employees can access, share and use information has a tremendous impact on a company’s ability to serve customers and grow revenue.  ATS TimeWork simplifies the management of complex business processes across the organization, complete with user alerts and business intelligence tools. ATS TimeWork is both highly scalable and includes management capabilities to help businesses adapt to change quickly and expand into new markets, without expensive software and infrastructure costs.

ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance Solution Benefits Include:

Support Business Requirements Best-PracticesATS TimeWork was designed to support best-in-class workforce management business processes — easily visible using process flows and workforce analytic tools — and interchangeable to match each company’s unique processes.

Ease Of Use-End-user will enjoy the easy navigation tools and employee edit screens. ATS TimeWork is quick to implement, and intuitive to learn.

Designed For Local, Global And Multi-National CompaniesBuilt-in support for local, regional and internal workforce regulations, business practices and legal requirements. ATS TimeWork time and attendance offers the ability to automate country-specific labor law compliance functions, while simultaneously supporting your organization’s, payroll, human resources and union policies.

Flexible Deployment- You can choose to deploy ATS TimeWork On-Demand in stages or all at once. services that address your current business requirements and support future growth. ATS TimeWork provides end-users with best-practice approach experience and cutting edge technologies- while taking advantage of the flexibility and predictable costs that go along with ATS Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

Ongoing SupportATS On-Boarding provides fast, effective implementation and best-in-class support. ATS remains committed to answering questions and resolving product issues fast and effectively. ATS provides  support through different channels up to and including; an extensive library of detailed online help, FAQs, online user guides, and tips that will help you get the most from your ATS time and attendance application.

So, how do you equip your business with the right tools? If your current time and attendance system cannot handle the dynamic business requirements of your growing enterprise, it’s time to look elsewhere. ATS time and attendance is built on a modern-day business platform that can quickly adapt to increasing business demands.

To learn how to adapt your business for the 21st century contact ATS and discover TimeWork On-Demand.

ATS TimeWork Drives Productivity And Helps Businesses Achieve Their Financial Goals Faster


It has been said that the great recession (depression, depending on who you talk to) of 2008 affected so many people and their livelihoods that the scars have still not healed. In fact, many people who lost their jobs during that period have either stopped looking or have changed their field in the hope, that going back to school to retrain, will lead them on a path to finding a job.


University and college graduates have been enormously affected as well and many of them will tell you that their inability to secure a job in their field if further proof that the recession has not abated, for them. It wasn’t too long ago university grads, was assured of a finding a job after their first or second interview. That was several years ago, today however, even students with advanced degrees, including MBAs are finding the job market just as hard to penetrate. A recent poll found that “post-secondary students said they would need to borrow money to pay for tuition, living expenses and books. Although about a quarter expected to owe less than $10,000 by the time they graduate, almost three quarters (73 per cent) expected to owe more than $10,000, including 40 per cent who said they’d likely be on the hook for $25,000 or more of student debt.”


What was most striking in the report was that several of the students surveyed believed they would pay the debt in a relative short time after graduation. That in itself is a very optimistic view. Let’s hope these bright eyed students meet their forecast. In closing, let’s also hope these students and the millions of other workers that were also affected by the recession, can eventually land a job.

The Ongoing Battle Of Student Debt

The Benefits Of Workforce Management Training

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It has been said that implementation is the bread and butter of any time and attendance project and while this is true, the same should be said for training. It’s therefore, not uncommon for us to get request for additional training, from our customers, several months after the system deployment. Whether you’re operating in locally, regionally or on a global scale, day-to-day business processes are often time-consuming. And, if your company is one of the few still using some kind of antiquated punch clocks, chances are its costing valuable time and money to operate that way. With ATS Time and Attendance Training, learn how to use built-in modules that are designed to address these pain points and drive better business performance.

Why is training so important? Well, if your departmental managers/supervisors are not fully trained, chances are you will not gain user acceptance, which means they will not use the system. For example, some companies will wait to train end-users prior to going live. To get the best out of your time and attendance system, we suggest, preparing users who will need to perform edits on a daily basis with training as part of the business management process overview. This ensures that employee productivity does not take a nose dive after go-live and business operations continue without disruption.

To help your employees gain a thorough knowledge of ATS time and attendance system, ATS offers several hands-on training programs. These programs address the unique needs of your departments and covers specific requirements within the software. The training programs will teach you not only program functionality, but more importantly, how to use the system to the benefit of your organization.

On-Site Training –ATS offers on-site training for customers who prefers that their users be trained at their facility. On-site training classes allow the flexibility of adapting the class duration and training topics to those most applicable to your company’s environment, while also allowing for the training of multiple users without asking them to travel away from their work environments.

On-Demand Learning –offers the convenience of Internet-based sessions that are available whenever you are. All you need is a computer, and high-speed Internet connection. On-Demand Learning is an ideal way to review material, acquaint new hires with basic software skills, and with the aid of an ATS professional train your staff in remote offices.

Lunch and Learns- are fee-based 1-hour real-time training sessions on various topics of the ATS TimeWork product. You will walk away learning a specific task or understanding a feature that you can immediately use in your daily work. We hold them monthly and have a full schedule available

Very few companies can effectively use a time and attendance right out of the box. It must be modified to suit the business requirement of an organization. So, if you are in the market for a new system, then make sure sufficient time is set aside for training. That’s one ROI you cannot afford to overlook.

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The Benefits of Workforce Management Training

In recent years, the popularity of cloud-based software solutions has grown exponentially. But it was too long ago that some doubters viewed software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions as the brand new toy that would fade away from the collective memory of most business executives. As it turned out, the reverse happened. In fact many businesses would prefer to deploy a business management software solution in weeks not years and do not want to hassle of having their IT department maintain a Server for each software application. And in today’s very competitive business landscape who wants to maintain expensive servers when there are less expensive alternatives like a cloud-based application.

Joe McKendrick, contributor on said in a recent article “Benefits already seen from current cloud deployments include the simplification of internal operations (37 percent); better delivery of internal resources (33 percent); and new ways for employees to work, connect, and collaborate (31 percent). Also on the list of cloud benefits realized are faster rollout of new business initiatives to exploit new opportunities (at 23 percent) and improved ability to acquire, share, analyze, and act on data (23 percent).”

If your company happens to be one of the many, that’s struggling to collect employee hours using paper-based time sheets, there is a better and more productive way-ATS TimeWork On-Demand. Your company can tap into the rapid innovation that the ATS Time and Attendance On-Demand, enables and adapt your time collection processes quickly to evolve with the 21st century. ATS time and attendance can manage your entire workforce – business analytics, time tracking, budgeting and forecasting and workforce planning  – in the cloud and with seamless integration to, Payroll, Talent Management,  Enterprise Resources Planning, (ERP), Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

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Adoption Of Cloud-Based Applications Is On The Upswing