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Today’s companies face significant challenges in implementing a software solution that meets their current needs and is able to adapt to future requirements. In trying to find the right solution, business executives typically ask those vendors to produce a measureable ROI that is aligned with expectations.

We suggest companies look for a time and attendance solution that adds value to your business processes and is able to integrate to: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Payroll Software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and other third party applications. A truly integrated time management application enables companies to extrapolate up-to-minute business analytics that helps in the day to day decision-making.

Here are three things companies need to look for:

Web-capability- If you are not able to access the time and attendance system through any web-browser, look elsewhere.  If you need to use complex applications in order to extract important business data-that’s likely not the system for you. In our digital age, business need to remain competitive and if you are using old applications chances are your competition is miles ahead of you.  

Scalability-Your time and attendance solution should respond to your business needs and not the other way around. You should deploy a time and attendance system that is highly configurable, easy to use and is scalable.

Easy-To-Configure- We often hear from prospective customers that they are looking for a system that is easy to use. If you have to go through several screens get an overtime report, you are probably using the wrong time and attendance application. Instead, companies should look for a feature rich time tracking solution with advanced capabilities. Today’s companies need a time and attendance software that moves beyond processing employee hours to instant data metrics, to business intelligence to actionable data and workflow.

ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance is highly configurable, easy-to-use and provides a quick return on investment. To learn more or to view a demo, contact us. You can also join us via Pinterest, LinkedIn or GooglePlus.



When used effectively business intelligence reporting tools can increase transparency and cut payroll costs for many organizations. For example, the ability to use the ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance foreasting and budgeting application leaves less room for error, and helps businesses predict an outcome based on solid metrics.

ATS  business intelligence can be particularly beneficial for financial managers because it enables a company to view their labour cost on a minute by minute or hourly basis. Most organizations use manual processes and spreadsheets to input data into HR, payroll, ERP and other third-party applications. ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance lays out data in a way that helps business managers gain insights and make on-the-spot decisions. Today’s business executives understand that massive amounts of data are of no use if it not understood by the departments that it is intended for.

ATS business intelligence is an added value solution for CFO’s because of its ability to highlight overtime, benefit accruals, job costing, time-off requests and hours worked by employees. In addition, the advanced features of ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance software can detect fraudulent activity or irregularities more readily than the human eye.

Despite the many benefits, organizations have delayed implementing an employee time management solution because they believe it is expensive and requires a high level of skill to operate. Many of today’s companies know that in order to remain competitive, automating their business practices is paramount to their success. These same companies, remain focused on improving productivity and streamlining payroll costs, and understand the true value of a workforce management software business intelligence tool and its inherent benefits.

By using the business intelligence tool of ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance, business executives will be able to observe and interpret trends, such as overtime costs and sales that represents drivers of profits and costs. Understanding how and why certain things are happening can help companies increase profits.

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Several months ago one of our account representatives received a request for quotation (RFQ) from a prospective customer. With the help of one of our pre-sales engineers, we pored over the requirements and discovered some inconsistencies with the list.  Upon discussing those findings with the prospect, we discovered that the list of requirements was generated from the quotation of another vendor. Of course, it’s not unusual to find requirements submitted by a prospective customer that were in fact, created by a vendor to sway the customer’s buying decision in their favour. However, what was unusual in this case, is that this particular prospect, had not taken the time to figure out their actual requirements. Without this important piece of information, they could not state what kind of time and attendance system would best fit their needs.

By carefully taking time to write down a list of requirements, customers stand a better chance of avoiding software problems. Choosing the right time and attendance requires a plan. It’s important to note, that despite what you might be told, not all time and attendance applications are created equal.  

Some companies are so caught up on the price that they end up selecting a time and attendance system that lacks the capability to address what they want out of the application. A thorough analysis, including probing questions about how an organization is currently working, can uncover areas for improvement. This is a good starting point that can help in selection of the right employee time and attendance system.

The right time and attendance software can facilitate things like: data integration, labour, employee data collection and business intelligence reports all of which can be extremely beneficial to companies that are looking to streamline business processes. One of the best ways for companies to go about choosing a time and attendance software is to define an implementation strategy.

If companies follow some of this advice in choosing an employee time tracking software, they will quickly realize a return on investment and reap the benefits of the system.

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