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Here at Apex Time Solutions, we often wax poetically about the advantages of cloud computing software solution and for good reason. When we launched this software model a few years ago, the plurality of our customer’s response was overwhelmingly positive. On-premises or client server solutions have been the choice of businesses for decades. With no substantial upfront fees, large and small organizations are finding that a SaaS time and attendance model are often easier for corporate budgets to absorb.

ATS SaaS time and attendance software has the ability to grow with the evolving needs of companies. The flexibility of our software solution allows it to integrate easily to Talent Management, HRIS, Payroll and ERP applications. ATS SaaS time and attendance saves on the server costs and IT personnel, both of which are typically required when deploying an on-premises solution.

Benefits of the ATS SaaS Time and Attendance:

  • Unlimited support
  • Rapid deployment and scalability
  • A lower cost of ownership reduces the complexity with the ATS SaaS time and attendance model
  • Our solution delivers embedded business intelligence that provides unparalleled access to labour analytics and reporting
    Free software updates are painless and transparent
  • Daily managed backups
  • Multiple models like employee self-service, human resources information system, forecasting and attendance management can be added with ease

The ATS integrated software solution helps you manage your workforce and track employee time and attendance more efficiently. When combined with employee data collectors, our solution delivers embedded business intelligence that provides unparalleled access to enhanced reporting and labour analytics.

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Many companies track and maintain employee time, hours and other data with spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are also used for creation of pie charts, bar chart and line graphs. Spreadsheets do perform an important role and based on their history will not be going away anytime soon. However, we have noticed that too many businesses rely on this type of tool to track employees’ time and other data for payroll processing.  The problem with relying on spreadsheets to handle employee hours is that it comes with inherent risks. Manually keying employee hours into payroll, ERP or HRIS can lead to numerous unintended errors.

 Say good-bye to your spreadsheets! ATS SaaS Time & Workforce Management Solutions is a fully integrated software suite that does a great deal more than just track employee time. Our software helps organizations minimize payroll errors and automate time-consuming workforce management processes associated with time tracking, job costing, employee scheduling, attendance and labour distribution.

 Solution Benefits:

  • TimeWork is robust yet flexible enough to adapt to your company’s changing needs
  • System redundancy provides frequent backups and ensures complete data availability
  • ATS data terminals provide hours instantly and in real-time and allows managers to review relevant data
  • System updates at no additional charge to ensure you are in line with technological advances
  • TimeWork ensures compliance with necessary labour laws while accurately tracking time and attendance of employees
  • Forecasting and budgeting modules align with company’s objectives
  • Labour distribution captures activities performed by employees at various departments or jobsites
  • Absence requests facilitate adequate coverage
  • Labour analytics provides managers with a variety of workforce data

 ATS Software as-a-Service (SaaS) solution automates employee time, labour tracking and scheduling. Companies can access the data at anytime, anywhere and from any web browser.

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A recent article by Gartner on how cloud computing is becoming the preferred option for many businesses and consumers caught our eye. Detractors to this report and others like it lament that people, by nature, are slow to change. While this argument holds credence, it’s clear the tide is changing, albeit slowly, towards cloud computing technologies like; hosting music on the cloud and Software-a-Service (SaaS) time and attendance solutions.

The report by Gartner is titled “Personal Cloud Will Replace the Personal Computer as the Center of Users’ Digital Lives by 2014”. In this report, Gartner espouses the virtues of today’s trend in cloud computing. One of the strongest points in this article states the following:

“Today, mobile devices combined with the cloud can fulfill most computing tasks, and any tradeoffs are outweighed in the minds of the user by the convenience and flexibility provided by the mobile devices. The emergence of more-natural user interface experiences is making mobility practical. Touch- and gesture-based user experiences, coupled with speech and contextual awareness, are enabling rich interaction with devices and a much greater level of freedom. At any point in time, and depending on the scenario, any given device will take on the role of the user’s primary device — the one at the center of the user’s constellation of devices.”

ATS’s ability to embrace innovation while simultaneously adapting to changing trends means, customers can deploy a solution without the additional costs associated that’s inherent in client-server installations. ATS SaaS time and attendance is hosted and maintained securely via cloud computing technology at one of our data centres.

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Small and mid-size enterprises (SME) form a large part of the economic engine in North America and employ a large percentage of employees in many industries. Their impact on GDP has not gone unnoticed by economists and the investment community, in general. Over the years, there have been countless studies done on the impact SME have on the overall economy.

This excerpt from Statistics Canada offers a glimpse of small and mid-size enterprise contribution to the overall economy.  “SME In Canada, small and medium-sized businesses (less than 500 employees) accounted for $576.9 billion, or 54.2%, of business-sector GDP in 2005, while large-sized businesses (500 or more employees) accounted for $486.7 billion, or 45.8%, of business-sector GDP in 2005 (Table 1).  In the United States, small and medium-sized businesses accounted for $4.7 trillion, or 50.7%, of business-sector GDP in 2004, while large-sized businesses accounted for $4.6 trillion, or 49.3%, of business-sector GDP in 2004.” 

Small and mid-size companies want software solutions that are both scalable and attuned with their organization’s needs. ATS hosted time and attendance is a flexible solution that integrates to existing applications across an entire organization – including: payroll, human resources information systems, enterprise resource planning, financials and customer relationship management.

ATS hosted time and attendance offers a true, shared multi-tenant platform that can grow (or shrink) with your business and budgetary needs as they evolve. The deployment of the solution is done in a matter of days not weeks. Customers can choose from a variety of data collection terminals and workforce management software modules. Our hosted time and attendance solutions helps you meet the challenges of managing a dispersed workforce- while complying with federal, provincial and state regulatory work rule policies.

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Over the years, a great deal of money and resources has been spent studying the challenges that daylight savings time presents, to the general public. While some argue the change affects shift workers more than others, the havoc it wreaks on the lives of many people who miss an hour’s sleep is undeniable.

 An article by the says, “More than half of male drivers report getting enough sleep during the time change, which is good news, since they tend to have a higher crash risk.”

 A contributing psychologist to the article goes on to say, “The change in our sleep cycle can cause unique dangers on our roads as some drivers will feel more fatigued than usual,” said Dr. John Vavrik, a psychologist with ICBC.”

 The argument for and against daylight savings time in the 21st century will go on. The online petition by End Daylight Saving Time remains resolute in their claim that DST does more harm than good to humans biological system.

 Companies that operate in the non traditional 9-5 industries can opt for solutions that allow employees to punch in and out using their tablet PC, Smart phone or through a web browser. The use of these tools takes the place of employees having to report to the office on a daily basis. ATS software for tablet PCs, Smart phones and online time tracking is GPS enabled and tracks the location of the in and out punch by the employee.

 ATS Workforce Management Software is designed for organizations in a variety of industries. Our integrated time and attendance system delivers deep insight into all areas of an organization’s work rule policy promoting better efficiency and more fiscally sound labour decisions.

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Since the invention of the mechanical time clock in 1888, companies have used various types of time clocks to track employee hours. While the changes in time clocks have not been as fast as smart phones and tablet PCs they have made significant strides.  There are still companies, today who use the traditional time clocks that come equipped with a paper time card. When these paper cards are inserted into the time clock, it punches a hole in the card that represents time in, out and other data that’s relevant to the company. Although the fundamentals of employee time tracking remain the same, time clocks have evolved.

Today, verifying employee record of work comes in several forms that include: barcode and proximity, hand geometry, fingerprint, facescan terminals, online/web timesheets, telephones and smart phones and magnetic badges. The functions performed by today’s time clocks range from job costing and schedule reviews to departmental transfers. When combined with labour management software, these clocks store data for the calculation of overtime, premiums and various work policies.

In some cases, time clocks may not be conducive to the needs of an organization.  For example, it might be easier for employees who travel frequently to punch in and out, check their schedules and request time off through their cell phone. A construction company might also find it easier to use a mobile time clock for employees that travel to different job sites.  Companies with remote health care workers might find it easier to use telephony. Phone punch or telephony allows employees to punch in and out from any telephone- all guided by voice prompts.

ATS time clocks facilitate complex attendance and job reporting, including hours worked, breaks, tardiness and absences. These time clocks provide real-time query capabilities and an accurate picture of your employees’ attendance and absences.

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It is well documented that software projects fail for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the best laid plans go awry when circumstances beyond stakeholders control arise. Some of the reasons projects fail include: numerous changes during implementation, unrealistic expectations, unclear objectives, incomplete specifications and a lack of resources. Another reason projects fail is a lack of user acceptance. Gaining user acceptance at the start of the time and attendance project increases the likelihood of its success. End-user involvement can ease the difficulty that some organizations face when implementing a new workforce management system.

ATS TimeWork is the industry’s leading SaaS Time and Attendance solution. TimeWork is a robust, a flexible and easy-to-use employee time tracking software. Our solution has a plethora of modules that are scalable for companies from 50 to 100,000 employees. TimeWork streamlines payroll costs and helps companies manage their staffing levels and human resources activities for optimal efficiency.


Solution Benefits:


  • Save 2-5% on labour costs
  • Build automated schedules based on various preferences
  • Intuitive HRIS, ERP and Payroll interfacing allows you to export employee hours, vacation and other accrual benefit information
  • Employee Self –Service portal allows staff to view schedules and personal time off
  • Upgrades are done free of charge and will not disrupt your daily operation
  • Ensure the correct mix of employee skills is on the time clock at all times, making every shift run smoothly
  • Implement work management policies across multijurisdictional locations
  • Automatic calculation of overtime, premiums and statutory rules based on company’s specific needs
  • Manage human resource processes such as regular employee reviews, training and certification, vacation requests, pay increases, awards, and more
  • Access to vital labour information when you need it — anytime, anywhere
  • Implementation is done in days and weeks, not months or years

The success of a time and attendance implementation is enhanced when the participation of departments managers who will be impacted, are involved. Moreover, when support, communication, training and cooperation are exhibited they lend credence to influencing user acceptance.

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