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Are You Required To Answer Emails After Working Hours? If so Why?

January 31st, 2017 | Posted by ATS in Absence Management | Benefit Accruals | Time and Attendance Blog, Workforce Management Software - (Comments Off on Are You Required To Answer Emails After Working Hours? If so Why?)

Some jobs require its employees to always be on call through phone or email. But for the vast majority of the workforce, you are required to work a certain amount of hours, perhaps some overtime and then go home. That could be considered the norm. In supervisory and senior management circles, these individuals take on bigger roles and so, it’s not unusual to see your boss work ungodly hours. But that mean that employees should go to sleep with their phones beside their beds in anticipation of emails or phone calls from their boss?

Well French lawmakers are having none of this and have proposed a law called ‘Right to Disconnect’ whereby employees should not be required to respond to emails after they have completed their shift and left their place of work. Some might argue, and with good reason, that it’s reasonable if a boss sends an e-mail after work, especially if it’s important. The flip-side to this argument is, by responding to an occasional email once a week, will this open the floodgates to the boss expecting you to respond to emails at 2:00am in the morning?

Are You Required To Answer Emails After Working Hours? If so Why?

An article written by Maura Thomas for Harvard Business Review, titled ‘Your-Late Night Emails Are Hurting Your Team’ offers some poignant advice to leaders who expect their employees to always be available. She writes in part;

“A frantic environment that includes answering emails at all hours doesn’t make your staff more productive. It just makes them busy and distracted. You base your staff hiring decisions on their knowledge, experience, and unique talents, not how many tasks they can seemingly do at once, or how many emails they can answer in a day.”

The article also offers the following:

  • “Ditch the phrase “time management” for the more relevant “attention management,” and make training on this crucial skill part of your staff development plan.
  • Refrain from after-hours communication.
  • Model and discuss the benefits of presence, by putting away your devices when speaking with your staff, and implementing a “no device” policy in meetings to promote single-tasking and full engagement.”

Of course not all companies subscribe to this notion that their employees have to be available at all times. In fact, many companies expect their employees to have a healthy work-life-balance. However, the ones who expect employees to constantly respond to emails after hours, perpetuate an ‘always-on’ culture, that essentially prevent employees from fully disengaging from work, which in turn, can lead to chronic stress.

Adapting To Change Is Not Easy, But Is Necessary For Growth

January 25th, 2017 | Posted by ATS in Cloud Based Time Management Solution | Cloud Computing | SaaS Time and Attendance | TimeWork OnDemand - (Comments Off on Adapting To Change Is Not Easy, But Is Necessary For Growth)

To grow an organization has to be willing to adapt to change. And, sometimes change is forced upon businesses who believing in charting the same course, regardless of what’s going on around them. In today’s rapidly changing and technology driven world-those who believe in doing what they have always done, can become extinct quickly.

Adapting To Change Is Not Easy, But Is Necessary For Growth

In a recent article titled, ‘Why Innovators Should Study the Rise and Fall of the Venetian Empire’ written for Harvard Business Review, by Piero Formica he succinctly states “The stronger the assumption that the future will function as today does, the greater the gravitational force of the status quo. Organizations set in their ways slow down and never strive for new horizons. They are doomed to wither.”

The power of cloud computing, for example, allows businesses to gain easy access to their company’s data, and at the same time, save them money. And, for the naysayers who are worried that they will end up paying for features that they neither need nor want, ATS cloud time and attendance solution is based on pay-as-you-go.

In fact, most companies already use a variety of cloud computing services without even realizing it—Google Drive, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all cloud-based applications. For all of these services, users are sending their personal data to a cloud-hosted server that stores the information for later access. And as useful as these applications are for personal use, they’re even more valuable for businesses that need to be able to access large amounts of data over a secure, online network connection.

So, if we are so open to sending our personal information through the cloud whether it’s through online banking transactions or using Google every day, why the hesitation when it comes to adopting a time and attendance that’s in the cloud? Here is the most poignant paragraph from Piero Formica’s article and it reads in part;

“If you don’t want to be caught by surprise, you have to recognize that the future will be different from the past. The future is unfathomable, ambiguous, and open to every option. One major move by a competitor, or one new technology, is sometimes all it takes to end an empire. If your current business is like a carefully tended garden, with neat beds and high walls, that’s not enough. The next opportunity (or threat) may lie outside those walls, at the messy intersection of sectors and markets.”

If your current IT resources are forcing you to give all of your attention to software installed on a computer and constant slow network issues when, trying to obtain relevant data then you are not going to be able to concentrate on achieving your business goals. And, that’s no way to run a business.  However, by deploying a cloud time and attendance like ATS, you will have more time to devote towards the aspects of your business that directly affect your bottom line and be able to care of your customers.

To learn more about ATS Cloud Time and Attendance, go to our website. To reach an account executive, call 866.294.2467.


Your Focus For The New Year Should Be, Improving Productivity And Streamlining Costs

January 11th, 2017 | Posted by ATS in Employee Scheduling | ERP | HRIS | Labour Costs | Payroll | Time and Attendance Blog, Workforce Management Software | Time and Attendance Canada | Workforce Management Software - (Comments Off on Your Focus For The New Year Should Be, Improving Productivity And Streamlining Costs)

At the end of the year, it’s helpful to look back and review all that has been accomplished throughout the last 12 months.  You review what you have done well and analyze what could go better.  Making plans for the New Year is always the easy part. However, if your plan is to continue using the same outdated technology and yet achieve maximum productivity, you should rethink those plans.

The benefits of a workforce management solution can have lasting effect on a company’s bottom-line. With ATS Workforce Management solution, access to real-time data is literally at your fingertips and you can monitor payroll and attendance metrics in ways, no spreadsheet can.

Your Focus For The New Year Should Be, Improving Productivity And Streamlining Costs

ATS Workforce Management Solution will make it easier for you to track absences, determine how to schedule employees, accurately manage personal time-off and give you access to up-to-the-minute analytics so, you can measure productivity.  And, with ATS Workforce Management Solution, you can integrate to any ERP, CRM, Payroll, Recruitment or HR Management application —and monitor, specific parts of your business from this single solution.

If your business is committed to dumping the spreadsheets and outdated workforce management sins of the past, then it can resolve to keep its New Year’s resolution, by investing in a solution that will streamline payroll and increase workforce productivity. ATS Workforce Management Solution is an award-winning, innovative suite of Time and Attendance solutions deployed as an on-premise or in the cloud to optimize your workforce across the entire employee life cycle. ATS gives corporate executives, payroll, and HR management leaders the right information at the right time in order to make better business decisions and develop a more productive workforce—ultimately impacting business outcomes.

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Annoying Buzzwords That Should Be Banned From Everyday Vocabulary

January 9th, 2017 | Posted by ATS in Employee Scheduling | Employee Self Service | Workforce Management Solutions - (Comments Off on Annoying Buzzwords That Should Be Banned From Everyday Vocabulary)

In business there are some buzzwords that are used which makes sense to some degree. After all, some of them are used in everyday life as well and we all get that. Where it becomes a problem is when these same buzzwords or a variety of them are used incessantly when a more simple explanation will do. In short, it becomes annoying after while hearing buzzwords that should have been banned years ago.

Annoying Buzzwords That Should Be Banned From Everyday Vocabulary


Scott Gerber published an article for Mashable about ten annoying buzzwords. He asked some business leaders to unravel the meaning these words and why some people use them. We changed their order of appearance and added our reasons why we think they should be done with forever.

    1. Pivot- It seems for some bizarre reason this word is being used at every meeting and on every newscast. Next time someone says this word at a meeting, just roll your eyes, hopefully they will get the point.
    2. Paradigm Shift-pleasantly surprised this word is still around. Thought it was buried some 10 years ago?
    3. Think Outside The Box-Which box exactly? It’s amazing how this term has become. After a while, and similar to other buzzwords, people begin to turn a deaf eye when they hear them.
    4. Game Changer-There has to be other words that can replace this and make people pay attention.
    5. Hit The Ground Running-Yes, point taken. But how about you’ve the skill and are ready to handle the project instead of this outdated, hit the ground running stuff?

Not everyone is impressed with buzzwords. In fact, the people using them are probably attempting to come off as being intelligent. Who knows? What’s clear is that these buzzwords have become irritating for co-workers who hear them constantly and even roll their eyes when no one is looking.

How about slowly doing away with these buzzwords as a New Year’s resolution in 2017?

Having Difficulty Scheduling Employees? Then You Are Likely Using The Wrong Software

January 3rd, 2017 | Posted by ATS in Employee Scheduling | Employee Self Service | Forecasting | Overtime | Payroll | Time and Attendance Blog, Workforce Management Software | Time and Attendance On-Demand - (Comments Off on Having Difficulty Scheduling Employees? Then You Are Likely Using The Wrong Software)

If you are in the service industry that includes: retail, healthcare, emergency service response, call centres and hospitality- you know that scheduling employees can be a tall order. When you consider things like shift swapping, replacing absences, and the most egregious of them all; back-to-back and on—call shifts having the right scheduling system is paramount to health and well being of your employees and your company’s balance sheet.

Employees who are constantly working different shifts every day or week will most likely be tired and unproductive. In a recent article by USA Today by Kevin McCoy regarding the issue of on-call shifts by some employers, the New York Attorney General was quoted saying the following: “On-call shifts are not a business necessity and should be a thing of the past,” said New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who characterized the procedure as unfair. “People should not have to keep the day open, arrange for child care, and give up other opportunities without being compensated for their time.”

Using an effective scheduling system that ATS TimeWork OnDemand Scheduling module will help your company reduce labour costs and provides additional insights to help you budget and forecast and improve the operational aspects of your business.

Having Difficulty Scheduling Employees? Then You Are Likely Using The Wrong Software

ATS TimeWork OnDemand Scheduling will:

  • Adjust staffing levels by linking position-specific labor standards to changes in business demand
  • Enhance employee participation by providing them with the ability to swap shifts with their colleagues through the self-service portal
  • Quickly fill vacant shifts thus, enforcing complex canvassing requirements and collective bargaining rules when applicable

The key to business success today starts with recruiting and retaining great people. And, if your company is using an outdated scheduling system, it will not help. ATS TimeWork OnDemand Scheduling solution takes the guesswork out of aligning the right talent, in the right place, at the right time. ATS TimeWork OnDemand Scheduling eliminates manual scheduling processes to help ensure optimal staffing coverage for every shift, every day.

To download a demonstration, go to our website. And to speak to a representative, call 866.294.2467.