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It wasn’t too long ago that the thought of using biometric FaceScan and Fingerprint for time and attendance and payroll data integration seemed too futuristic for some organizations. However, many of today’s businesses and consumers are gravitating towards the digital era in droves, adopting cloud-based solutions, big data, and what used to appear as “Star Wars” is becoming the norm.

Biometric FaceScan Technology Will Be Part Of Your Credit Card Soon


A recent article titled ‘MasterCard launching selfie payments’ by Alanna Petroff for CNN Business states in part;

“The company announced it is launching new mobile technologies that will allow customers to authenticate their online purchases using selfies or fingerprints.” Now, that’s very futuristic and smart marketing on MasterCard’s part, and is sure to get millennial excited. After all, they are the ones who invented the “Selfie”.

The article goes on to say; “Customers who want to try selfie authentication will have to download a special MasterCard app that will allow them to take a photo each time they make an online purchase. Their face (or fingerprint) will be scanned to prove that they — not hackers or thieves — are making a purchase.”

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Biometric FaceScan Technology Will Be Part Of Your Credit Card Soon

Although we are in the month of February the year still feels new and depending on where you live in North America your area is either very cold or you have snow on the ground or both. Yikes! From time to time we post articles from other sites that we find informative. ATS social media and marketing team found a site by Sarah Landrum titled “Punched Clocks.” And, because ATS provides workforce management solutions with accompanying hardware that’s referred to as “Punch Clocks,” “Time Clocks,” or “Data Collectors,” the name of the site was quite fitting.

This particular blog by Sara Landrum is titled “15 Job Search Sites To Help You Find A Job”. The list includes:

This website is a nice way to ease into the professional world. It’s specifically made to enhance people’s professional relationships. It runs on a platform similar to Facebook, where you can friend-request people you know and view their profiles to learn more about them.

With more than 800,000 new listings posted on the site every week, Indeed claims to be the biggest career site out there.

One of the most overlooked job-hunting sites is right in front of most of our eyes every day. Recruiters and big companies are starting to tweet out recent job openings or challenging jobs that need to be filled immediately. Often, they will provide links to position descriptions and application instructions. You can download an app, such as Tweetmyjobs, that will send Twitter alerts to tell you who’s hiring.”

You can browser through the entire list of job sites on Sarah Landrum’s blog.
Job searching have changed in the last several years with the proliferation of social media and other online tools including, Workforce and Human Capital Management Software which also has embedded recruiting tools for today’s employers. And, in a somewhat shaky economy employers are in search of candidates that can help them grow their business and provide optimal customer service.

So whether you are actively looking for otherwise, you will find these sites very informative.

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 Job Search Sites That Might Just Help You Find That Perfect Job

Sometimes getting companies to open up about the current system they are using can prove difficult. And, that’s because senior managers know what they are using is not working, but fear that discussing it at length, might open up the proverbial “Pandora’s Box”. In other words, discussing their current challenges means they will have to devote some time and resources to the implementation a new solution, thus, creating a reason to stick with what’s not working. But just imagine the actual pain of using a time and attendance solution that is not meeting your needs? We understand that replacing your current system can feel like a chore, but if implemented correctly, you will feel a whole lot better.

If you decide it’s time to replace your current time and attendance solution, here are five tips that will your company transition to a new time and attendance solution:

Assign a Steering Committee or Project Leader
Depending on the size of your organization, an individual or a steering committee (with three to five stakeholders) should be named Project Leader and put in charge of the business requirements and selection process. And, because the people most familiar with pay and work rule compliance are typically from the HR or payroll department, you should assign one or both to the project.

Flush-Out the Challenges
Identify the nagging problems and bottlenecks that your current system posses and solicit feedback from people who use it on a daily basis. For example; are employees having issues with the time clock when attempting to punch in/out? Does your CFO have access to the right analytics to complete month-end? In short, get feedback from all levels of personnel that interact with the time and attendance solution, or generate reports based on employee data. This type of feedback should include all stakeholders, and will lead to cooperation, buy-in, and inevitably, to a successful implementation.

Pandora’s Box: To Replace Or Not Replace Your Current System?

Does your current vendor have or can provide a time and attendance solution with the agility that supports your vision of business today, and in the future? Do they understand the unique demands of your business? Can they explain and demonstrate technology in a manner your employees will understand? And above all, is the solution easy-to-use? If the answer is no to all of these questions, find a company that can meet your needs.

There is no denying that cloud-based time and attendance have now become the preferred option for many small, mid and large organizations. Why? Because it’s easy to deploy, provides a rapid return on investment, and you don’t need to own an expensive Server on which to host the application. And, while some companies may opt for an on-premise workforce management solution because they have the resources and IT infrastructure to manage it, the cloud provides benefits that are second to none.

Where do you envision your company in the next 5-10 years? Understandably, the shaking economy over the last several years have given c-level executives pause. However, if you are going to invest in a solution with the intent to increase productivity and streamline payroll costs, its important to deploy a solution that will evolve with your company’s needs.

In conclusion, some companies continue to use outdated time tracking solutions that automate only part of their business operations, rather than an entire interconnected business processes, and as a result, demand extra resources intensive workarounds. So, don’t be afraid to open up your company’s current time and attendance, “Pandora’s box”. You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that you can actually save valuable resources, increase productivity and streamline the cost of payroll.

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