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In the continuing series of ATS time and attendance software Q &A for customers and prospects alike, we turn to the editing of employee hours through our automated time management system. These areas encompass:

Editing Employee Time Cards
The employee time and attendance software edit dashboard is the central and most commonly used item within ATS time and attendance software for editing employee time punches and hours.

The ATS time and attendance application has several tables that can be viewed within the employee time card dashboard. The first is a default screen that shows all employee punches. This dashboard shows the entire employee punch history with worked and non-worked hours along with totals and related date information. The corresponding employee time card dashboard is the earnings/deductions area. This area displays such information as hours that are assigned to pay codes which are designated as earnings or deduction type monetary amounts for tracking of labour allocation.

Recalculation of Employee Time and Attendance Data
The recalculation of employee time and attendance data screen allows you to select a range of employee timecards (including dates) for which the hours should be recomputed. Ordinarily, the system will perform the computations whenever the punches (time in/out) are assigned to the employees electronic timecard. If changes are made to the pay policies (the rules that govern how the time should be computed) or if employees are reassigned to a different shift, the previously processed punch information will not be affected. Additional options available include:

Overtime Authorization
This option allows you to specify if overtime authorization should be retained. If the pay policy specifies that overtime was previously authorized on certain punches, that overtime authorization is retained.

Shift Level Changes
This option allows you to specify if the previously selected shift level should be retained when recalculating the hours. When this option is cleared, the shift level will be chosen to closely match the punches.

Shift Overrides
This option allows you to specify that if a shift override was selected on a punch, it should be kept. When this option is cleared, the shift used will reflect the one to which the employee is assigned.

Collect from Unclaimed Punches
The collect from unclaimed punches dashboard allows you to process punches that were associated with an employee badge or card number that has not been assigned to any employees. Unclaimed punches may be the result of forgetting to input the employee’s information into ATS time and attendance software ahead of the real-time data collection. They may occur also when a number is temporarily assigned to an employee (in the case that he/she has forgotten to bring it or has lost it). The punches that are associated with a card number that is assigned to an employee will be assigned to that employee. An alternative to this option is Assign From Unclaimed Punches.

Assign From Unclaimed Punches
The collect from Unclaimed Employee Punches dashboard allows supervisors to process punches that were associated with a badge or card number that has not been assigned to any employees. Although, the Collect from Unclaimed Punches will process only employee data that is associated with a card number, this screen allows you to select the employee to which the punches will be associated.

In our next series, we will focus on employee labour analytics, followed by payroll management and business intelligence. To learn more about ATS depth of experience in the time and attendance market-place, please contact a local representative in your area. You can also follow up on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Many of ATS customers don’t have time to browse through the “How To” section of ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance. We thought creating this online forum would help. Of course, getting in touch with the ATS support team can be done rather quickly through a phone call, contacting a local rep in your area or submitting a request to our support department.

Here are answers to some of the most frequent queries about TimeWork Employee Management Dashboard Section:
Employee Management-The Employee Dashboard is where you will add, edit, delete, and maintain all pertinent data and information on your company’s employees. We suggest filling in as much information as possible on your employees. By doing this it will give you comprehensive reporting and tracking of employee hours and other related information. For example, The Employee Dashboard is set up with several sub-sections; Time & Attendance Profile, Employee Pay Rate, Timeclock, Human Resources Personal Information, Human Resources  Profile, User Fields and Contact Information. Each of these sub-sections in the Edit Employee window can be accessed one at a time by clicking your mouse on the associated “tab.”

Employee Report-The Employee Report option is used to generate a report of employees entered in the ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance software. All information of each employee is listed. There are several items that you can enter to control what order and which employees are displayed. There is also a summary option which will print the report in a revised format.

Import Setup-This screen allows you to configure the importing of employees. Options available include such things as default field mappings, and default parameters to use on required data.

Import File Format Include:

  • Fixed ASCII- Each employee is on a separate line. Individual fields (Employee ID, last name, first name) are defined to start and end at specific columns.
  • Comma Delimited- Each employee is on a separate line. Individual fields are separated by a comma

Import Layout Report-This report is used to document the format that would be expected of the employee import file. Generally this report is used when you want to create an employee import file from another application. The output of this report will be affected by the configuration specified in the Import Setup screen.

Import Employee-This screen allows you to select a file containing employee information to be imported and perform the import. Additionally, you can perform a test to see if the import will be successful by selecting the “Validate Import File” option. The results of the import operation can be viewed in the Import Result Report.

Import Result Report-This report outlines the results of the importing of employees from an external import file. It will display information regarding the success or failure to import employee information, as well as what was updated.

In the upcoming questions and answers we will cover; Timecard Management, Labour Analytics, Payroll Management, Employee Scheduling and Data Collection.

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The introduction to a reliable solution like an ATS timekeeping system will help payroll and HR managers to track employees time, analyze absences and at the same time, adhere to labour compliance. ATS time and attendance software is complemented by various data collectors which include: biometric face recognition, proximity time clocks, fingerprint readers, barcode and magnetic swipe clocks and web-based timesheets. Companies who have adopted a time management solution cite a reduction in time and money and increased proficiency across multiple departments.

The Canadian labour code covers amoung other things: hours of work, leave, employer compliance, overtime, wages, pay and deduction. Employers are responsible for collecting and maintaining accurate records regarding the number of hours each employee works. Collecting this type of information on a paper timesheet leaves companies vulnerable to employees either being over or short paid.

Numerous studies have revealed that handwritten timesheets and paper punch cards are often difficult to read and include a plethora of mistakes. Manual timekeeping also increases the risk for record abuse whether from simple mistakes or actual intent to falsify hours worked as this system heavily relies on the employee honour system. ATS time and attendance system eliminates errors and ensures calculation policies are applied correctly and consistently across all employees.

By adopting an electronic time and labour solution, companies are able to track and accurately measure employee performance. ATS TimeWork workforce management software includes business intelligence tools to alert HR when an employee punches in early or late or if the employee punches out before or after hours. With the use of the employee self-service tool, employees can leverage their ability to request vacation, review work schedules and send other requests to their manager.

For the many years, the prevailing misconception has been that adopting a time and attendance solution is too much of an investment. ATS account executives get queries from prospective customers asking for the benefits of deploying time management software. To remain competitive, today’s businesses need to adopt business management software that will keep them ahead of the curve.

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ATS TimeWork is the most powerful and flexible time management solution for midsize and larger companies looking to grow a competitive business with limited resources. TimeWork supports industry-specific processes and provides end-to-end visibility across multiple sites. ATS TimeWork Time Attendance is built for the digital age and enable companies to access information conveniently wherever they are over a web browser, and can accelerate all business exchanges, within and outside the company, locally and internationally.

Solution Benefits:

Data Collection and Integration
ATS TimeWork time and attendance is the industry’s leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) time management software that supports your entire company—from employee time and labour collection to data integration with applications like; enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resources management systems (HRMS), customer relationship management (CRM) and payroll software. All this combined in a single, integrated and powerful employee time management software solution. There’s no need to waste time re-inputting data into separate systems.

Eliminate IT and upgrade costs
ATS TimeWork is a cloud-based, time and attendance software with a 99.7% uptime guarantee. This provides companies with a greater reliability while eliminating the need for on-site hardware and software. In addition, ATS upgrades are all part of our product offerings.

Today’s companies require a time and attendance system that meets advanced, industry-specific requirements without straining resources. ATS TimeWork is the only time management solution that delivers the best standard practices for your industry with rapid implementation and a solution that will adapt to your organization’s unique requirements.

ATS TimeWork employs a consistent, implementation methodology that will reduce the implementation timeline and cost, but also to assure the reliability of the implementation and to provide our customers with a clear view to project status and progress. ATS time and attendance software gives you real-time business intelligence for every aspect of your organization from anywhere at any time.

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