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So, you’ve finally decided that it’s time get rid of the outdated time and attendance system you have been using for the last 15 plus years. Whether that system is a combination of spreadsheets and paper time cards, the people that are commonly involved in managing it tends to be payroll, HR and, some in cases, the finance. More often than not, some companies see this as a IT project and so, the very people who are involved in the everyday process of adding up time cards (if your process is manual) are left out entirely or get introduced to system after IT has seen a demonstration or your company has selected its vendor of choice. Make no mistake IT is critically important to the deployment of a time and attendance solution-but to leave out the very people (stakeholders) who will be managing the system on a day to day basis is a recipe for disaster. In short, all stakeholders should be involved when deploying a solution that is designed to automate and enhanced business process.

Going To Deploy A Time And Attendance Solution? Don’t Forget HR And Payroll

Scott Span penned an article for TLNT titled 7 Steps to Successful Technology Adoption. It’s a good guide for any company who is going to deploy a cloud or onpremise time and attendance, talent management, CRM, ERP or HR application. Here is a condensed version of the article which reads, in part:

  1. Align technology and strategy

The purpose of introducing new technology to a business is to improve performance. Start with the goals you want to achieve, and then plan backwards, finding a technology that best supports improved performance. People are more likely to adopt new technology if they can see how it helps them to achieve their goals and objectives.

  1. Communicate for buy-in and engagement

Achieving user adoption for new technology requires communicating with stakeholders early and often. Before you can communicate with stakeholders you need to have all your stakeholder groups identified. The way each currently performs their work, processes, should be documented. The impacts the new technology will have on them needs to be identified and communicated. Ways in which your organization will mitigate any negative impacts for stakeholders also needs to be communicated.

  1. Perform a current systems analysis

Technology upgrades or introducing new technologies carries a huge compatibility risk – what if the new systems turn out not to be compatible with those you already have or integration requires more build time than was anticipated.

  1. Develop training approach early

One of the biggest risks to user adoption is lack of sufficient and customized training. Many vendors offer training options as part of your technology purchase, however, most of this training is standardized off the shelf and not specific to your business processes or culture. Training should not just be screenshots and PowerPoint. People need to see and play in the system, prior to go-live, in the context of their specific work processes.

  1. Integrate technology deployment with change management

Many organizations are so focused on deployment and conversion, schedules and criteria, that they fail to deploy and integrate a change management process for helping stakeholders adapt and adopt to technology. This is often one of the biggest reasons for rocky deployments, low adoption, and project failure. Technology only achieves desired goals if the people adopt it, if they don’t, technology is just wasted money.

  1. Create an effective governance structure

Many technology deployments fail to establish an effective governance structure to lead and manage the deployment. Often project management and technology resources are assigned to govern the implementation, but the voice of impacted stakeholders and even customers, is not represented. Effective governance can’t exist in a silo or a vacuum.

  1. Monitor and course correct

Introducing new technology is likely to cause a major disruption to workflow. Monitor your deployment and consider whether the implementation schedule may need to be revised into smaller more manageable stages. Provide stakeholders opportunities to offer feedback. New technology impacts everyone, so listening to stakeholder opinions and concerns and adjusting your deployment as needed, is important for achieving adoption.”

Deploying a time and attendance should not be a difficult undertaking. Once you have checked all the boxes of the above mentioned steps, the next important step is to assign a project manager. While that person does not (although this would be nice) need deep implementation expertise, they need to have the authority and capability to bring all parties together at any given time to ensure the success of your deployment.

Finding a time and attendance solution that meets your business goals and can be deployed on time and on budget can be overwhelming and frustrating exercise. But it doesn’t have to be. And, that’s why ATS created a helpful guide, based on the real-life experience of our customers who, like you, converted from manual and out-dated business practices and spreadsheets to a best-class time and attendance solution.

How do we do it? First, we cut through the hype select the solution that meets your business goals fits your needs of your operation.  It all begins with scoping interviews, where we get an in-depth view of what you need from the ATS Time and Attendance Solution. Once this is complete, we can start to plan for implementation, testing, training, and support. From there, we initiate the ATS Time and Attendance as an integrated solution

To download an ATS Time and Attendance Implementation Guide, go to our website. You can also review a demonstration of ATS TimeWork OnDemand or attend a bi-weekly webinar, while browsing through our site. And, to reach one of our solution consultants by phone, call 866.294.2467.



Complex Online Recruitment Applications Can Yield Dismal Results

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A senior HR executive of a leading hotel chain, with locations across North America who also happens to be a customer of ATS, told one of our account executives, during a recent conversation, that the “Application Tracking System is one of the best business management software that has ever been created.”  She went on to say “it took us a while to get the system to work according to our needs, along with help from our vendor. However, in the initial setup the system, it had too many questions and potential candidates would start the process of the online job application but halfway through just abandon it altogether.”

Let’s fast-forward to a recent survey by CareerBuilder which is referenced in an article, by Dave Zielinski,  Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) titled Most Job Seekers Abandon Online Job Applications. Some of reasons citied for candidates abandoning an online applications reads, in part; “The fallout for organizations from this persistent issue is the loss of top talent, poor word-of-mouth from candidates frustrated with the process and the higher costs associated with abandonment in cost-per-click recruiting models.”

Complex Online Recruitment Applications Can Yield Dismal Results

The article goes on to say “Traditional thinking holds that lengthy applications will screen out apathetic candidates and good talent will be dedicated enough to fill out more information.” Unless a candidate is applying for a job with NASA or some other high profile job like the CEO of a public company, there is likely no need to have 50 or more questions on an online job application.

At some point it might be best to remove some of the generic and mundane questions that are not germane to online application, including decreasing the number of screens applicants have to go through. And, yes, you also need to make sure that the questions on the application are relevant to the job. However, —if these questions are causing candidates to exit out of the application process before its completed at an alarming rate—it might be time to review your application tracking system, with your provider, and come up with a process that’s inline with your corporate philosophy—while taking into account the changing attitudes and expectations of today’s  job candidates.

To learn about ATS time and attendance solution TimeWork OnDemand or, to register for one of our bi-monthly webinars go to our website. And, to reach an account representative, call: 866.294.2467.

Tracking and monitoring the time of employee hours sound straightforward, but in reality, it can be a quite difficult process to manage. The complexities and globalization of today’s organizations, translates to increasing regulations, and these are just a few of the factors contributing to challenges in time and attendance tracking. Knowing when your employees are working or not, is only the starting point; and, along with daily employee activities, you also have to carefully maintain accurate readings of overtime hours, statutory holidays, vacation days accumulated, and sick days used.

In an effort to increase accuracy and productivity—and decrease costs—many of today’s organizations are not only integrating sophisticated time and attendance applications with their existing applications but they’re also carefully considering how to collect employee data to feed these applications. The right time and attendance data collector can help you automate time-consuming payroll and HR processes and provide both your employees and managers with more options. New, innovative data-collection tools, like ATS biometric time clocks, are helping organizations improve the management of data capture. Technologies like these can help you more easily manage various types of employees, reduce payroll cost and employee theft, and mitigate risk.

Welcome to the World of Innovative Data Collection
Beyond a modern time and attendance solution, ATS PeoplePoint Plus™ delivers rich graphics and video on a 7″ widescreen display. Optional speakers and camera, a fast processor, and expandable memory will allow users to interact with detailed content.

Want A Better And More Effective Alternative To Spreadsheets? We’ve Got It

With ATS PeoplePoint Plus™ users can easily navigate employee self-service functionality on the generously sized screen. Custom programs, training videos, video chats, web browsers, and other custom content have a new, more effective platform now.  PeoplePoint Plus™offers exciting programming and content delivery opportunities.

To download a brochure or demonstration of ATS workforce management software, go to our website. And to attend one of our bi-monthly webinars, you can register here or contact an account representative at; 866.294.2467.

It wasn’t too long ago that getting CEOs to adopt the cloud took a lot of work, and many of these executives who resisted adopting a time and attendance in the cloud had good reasons, some of which included; a general fear of the unknown, privacy and availability of their data to name a few. It’s also noteworthy that some of the initial fear that senior executives had, emanated, from some IT personnel who were not yet comfortable with the idea of having data stored outside of the company’s domain. Eventually, as it became clear that migrating to the cloud offered superior advantages and streamlined costs, many CEOs began to pay attention- and embrace the technology, along with their IT personnel.

CEOs Are Shifting Their Organizations Towards The Cloud

If you are still on the fence about a cloud time and attendance here, are five outstanding benefits that might just change your mind:

  1. Software Updates-Using a time and attendance that’s in the cloud means you no longer have to do software updates and patches. ATS applies updates to the application with no disruption to your daily operations. Your company can spend its time on other important matters, like growing the business.
  1. Access the Application from Anywhere-With ATS TimeWork OnDemand— whether users are on a desktop computer or mobile device, the cloud provides instant access to data anytime, anywhere there is an Internet connection, 24/7 365 days a year.
  1. Reduce Operating Costs –Adopting the cloud, means a company no longer have to worry about software equipment (like a Server), licensing and maintenance fees.
  1. Easy Integration to ERP, Payroll, HR, Talent Management and CRM-ATS TimeWork OnDemand has a built-in integrator that’s compatible to all third-party applications for the purpose of transferring data. So, if you currently key employee hours manually from a spreadsheet into a payroll application, you can breathe a little easier, ATS TimeWork OnDemand makes that a thing of the past.
  1. Cross-Functional Reporting and Business Intelligence-ATS TimeWork OnDemand allows you to align all levels of your organization with up-to-the-minute decision-making reporting. Senior executives, managers, and employees automatically see cross-functional analytics for historical, current, and forward-looking insights.  ATS TimeWork OnDemand reporting tools provides financial data for a deeper view into your business.

ATS TimeWork OnDemand provides organizations with a best-of-breed workforce management solution that leverages robust cloud infrastructure technology, to deliver solutions that address specific industry challenges.

To learn more about ATS TimeWork OnDemand, go to our website. You can also register one of our bi-weekly webinars and hear from existing customers how they managed the transition from spreadsheets to cloud computing TimeWork OnDemand.


Your Focus For The New Year Should Be, Improving Productivity And Streamlining Costs

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At the end of the year, it’s helpful to look back and review all that has been accomplished throughout the last 12 months.  You review what you have done well and analyze what could go better.  Making plans for the New Year is always the easy part. However, if your plan is to continue using the same outdated technology and yet achieve maximum productivity, you should rethink those plans.

The benefits of a workforce management solution can have lasting effect on a company’s bottom-line. With ATS Workforce Management solution, access to real-time data is literally at your fingertips and you can monitor payroll and attendance metrics in ways, no spreadsheet can.

Your Focus For The New Year Should Be, Improving Productivity And Streamlining Costs

ATS Workforce Management Solution will make it easier for you to track absences, determine how to schedule employees, accurately manage personal time-off and give you access to up-to-the-minute analytics so, you can measure productivity.  And, with ATS Workforce Management Solution, you can integrate to any ERP, CRM, Payroll, Recruitment or HR Management application —and monitor, specific parts of your business from this single solution.

If your business is committed to dumping the spreadsheets and outdated workforce management sins of the past, then it can resolve to keep its New Year’s resolution, by investing in a solution that will streamline payroll and increase workforce productivity. ATS Workforce Management Solution is an award-winning, innovative suite of Time and Attendance solutions deployed as an on-premise or in the cloud to optimize your workforce across the entire employee life cycle. ATS gives corporate executives, payroll, and HR management leaders the right information at the right time in order to make better business decisions and develop a more productive workforce—ultimately impacting business outcomes.

To learn more, call 866.294.2467 and to view a demonstration, go to our website.

Is the recruiting process part art or science? Difficult question to answer when you consider employees, today, on average, leave companies in quicker numbers than in years past. Is it the type of employees that are hired or it is the workplace itself?

Jen Hubley Luckwaldt, wrote an article for PayScale, that says that the number one reason why employees leave their jobs is because of a bad manager. Ouch!

Recruiting Methods Tells A Lot About A Successful Company

Hiring great employees is one thing, keeping that talent is quite another. Millennials won’t put up with stodgy rules and policies that have no meaning behind them.  Meghan M. Biro, CEO of Talent Culture and regular contributor to a slew of well written articles on the world of Talent Management offers 5 tips that successful leaders use during the recruiting process. In no particular order we, have selected three of those tips which include:

  • Take A Workplace Culture Inventory. Take a good hard look at your current HR and recruiting practices. Put yourself in the shoes of a talented person who has never heard of your company. How are you trying to reach that person? Are you using filtering tools to target the right kind of talent you need?
  • Keep It Real. Your HR and recruiting process must be honest — a genuine reflection of your company’s leadership and workplace culture. Whether your organization is way zany, slightly playful, or downright dour, you want to attract talent that feels comfortable in your culture.
  • Engage Your Marketing Talent. HR and recruiting don’t exist in a vacuum. They may be the initial contact with talent, but the more input that other departments have the stronger and more integrated the process will become. This is especially true, of course, for the departments and functions that will be directly impacted by the applicant. Solicit input on specific job postings from people in the department where the job is.

Today more than ever, there are better recruiting tools for companies. And, attracting the best and the brightest people to join your company is the goal of successful leaders-in fact, these leaders sprinkle their workforce with a diverse group of talent that includes, race, gender and age.  It’s 2016 and times are changing, even for stodgy workplaces.

Keep current with ATS:

Recruiting Methods Tells A Lot About A Successful Company

Increase customer service with an agile software solution

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In the highly competitive retail industry, business executives must attract the best people, efficiently hire them, rapidly train them and retain them. Superior service can often be the distinguishing factor in achieving market growth and increasing revenue.

ATS cloud-based time and attendance solutions help retailers automate; scheduling, attendance management, forecasting, accrual benefits, and workforce analytics to accelerate revenue and customer service. Mobile solutions that includes the ability to access their schedules from anywhere, at anytime will empower your employees with the tools they need to perform their jobs, increase customer interaction, and communicate from the floor or from remote locations. 

Solution Benefits:

Build optimal schedules- based on demand, government regulations, collective bargaining agreements (CBA), and employee preferences
Employee data collection—Collect employee hours in real-time to ensure adherence to schedules and job assignments.
Adhered to labour laws-improve productivity, streamline payroll costs, and minimize compliance risk
Tracking of overtime- Automate overtime distribution to employees based on established business rules.
Integration of data-integrate employee time and attendance data with enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resources information systems (HRIS), and payroll systems.

ATS workforce management software for retail improves scheduling for small and large scale organizations. ATS TimeWork provides an effective solution that’s based on an accurate labour forecast and automates your entire workforce’s employee time and attendance processes.

To learn more about ATS time and attendance retail solutions, register for one of our free webinars. To view a demonstration, go to our website or call us at 1.866.294.2467.

 At the pay desk

A High-Performance Workforce Management System without the Complexity

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For many of the today’s organizations, the benefits of automating are seemingly endless. Some of the early adopters of automation have the opportunity to experience better time efficiency and more control over their business operations. When senior executives are deciding on the deployment of their next workforce management solution it may be smart to look for solutions that are scalable without complexity.

Here are some workforce management software examples that will bring a smile to the faces of your HR, Finance and Payroll managers:

Business-Ready Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ATS SaaS delivery model is designed to exceed even the most stringent workrule policies and performance standards. ATS provides full system administration, maintenance, upgrades, technical support, and other services required to increase productivity.

Cost-Effective and Rapid Deployment Based on Best Practices We provide a set of pre-defined implementation best practice based on our deep expertise working with our customers.

User-Friendly Workforce Analytics ATS allows you to see real-time data based on attendance and other workforce predictive analysis, by department and location. This module provides concrete and actionable insights on workforce data to drive your business strategy today and help you plan for the future. ATS TimeWork Workforce Analytics supplies intuitive graphic representation about important workforce statistics.

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Functionality ATS TimeWork On-Demand is easy to configure, deploy, yet powerful enough to scale as your organization grows and expands.

Tablet and Mobile Access This engaging application can be accessed by employees to request time-off and supervisors in turn, receive instant e-mail alert of pending activity. The open database interface is designed for; Human Capital Management, Payroll, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications.

Training that Suits your Organizational Needs Your managers will love TimeWork On-Demand. They can take advantage of extensive, instructor-led classroom and workshop training for the various core components of the application.

Unique Time and Attendance Features provides extensive functionality for workforce process management. As a result, you can streamline and integrate essential processes such as employee administration, organizational management, time management and, cross-application time sheets.

ATS has the perfect solution for organizations that want the benefits of a best-in-class Workforce Management System, simplicity and cross-functional value that no other solution can provide.

Contact us to learn more about how ATS workforce management software helps companies achieve operational excellence in key industries.

A High-Performing Workforce Management System without the Complexity

Online Webinar On How To: Improve Efficiency by Streamlining the Payroll Process

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Participants will learn how to reduce costs, boost productivity, and gain valuable insight into your business with ATS time and attendance system. This live webcast provides an overview of our easy-to-use navigation, workforce management software with built-in reporting tools. This affordable solution provides accurate, real-time employee data to help you make critical business decisions.

You will learn how to:

  • Track and manage employee time through a variety of time clock options
  • Reduce payroll costs with flexible work rule configurations
  • Manage exceptions with easy time card editing
  • Track employee time and reduced absenteeism
  • Comply with regulatory payroll and workforce compliance

Who Should Participate
CFOs, VP of Finance, Financial Controllers, HR and Payroll Managers

What is Required to Attend
Participants in the live webcast will need access to a computer connected to the Internet. ATS recommends you test your computer in advance of the webcasts.

Webinar Details:  Thursday, February 20, 2014 10:00 AM EST – 11:00 AM EST

To register for the webinar, go to our website.


Streamlining Payroll Costs Will Accelerate Your Business

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By the mid 1990’s employee time clock systems had become a burgeoning industry throughout the North American manufacturing sector.  As these companies begun to reap the benefits they in turn, ended up espousing its virtue. Capturing employee attendance with time clocks became a must have and other industries jumped onboard deploying the solution at record breaking speed. Fast forward to 2014, time and attendance has evolved into what is now called workforce management solution, an all encompassing application.

Whether you are a global manufacturing organization or mid-size company you have a few things in common with other businesses chief amoung them; remain competitive, increase productivity, be profitable and streamline payroll costs. That’s where an ATS integrated workforce management solution comes in.

With ATS workforce management solution, you can:

Benefit from a leading-edge solution that tracks employee attendance and provides a seamless integration to: Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Human Capital Management (HCM), Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and Payroll software applications. Built to capture the most rigorous work policies of within non-unionized and unionized orientated organizations, ATS workforce management software handles scheduled and unscheduled hours, overtime equalization, stat holiday calculations and real-time workforce analytics.

Track time, absences, and properly schedule your labour resources. The forecasting and budgeting module allows you to forecast labor and workload demand, define and assign schedules to meet business objectives. Track adherence to employee schedules and productivity, and adhere to labour laws and pay rules.

Leverage the power of statistical analysis to provide the shape of business over the day, week or several months. ATS workforce management solution removes the worry of maintaining expensive infrastructure and helps companies meet strategic objectives by tying utilization of workforce to organizational goals and business demand.

To learn more, join our user group on LinkedIn. You can also follow us on Twitter or browse through our website or product brochures for more information.

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