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You Can Stay Connected To Your Business – Anytime, Anywhere

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In today’s business environment, success depends on being able to act on real-time information and address challenges in an instant. With ATS TimeWork On-Demand on your mobile device you can accomplish business tasks, whenever you want and from wherever you want.


ATS TimeWork On-Demand for mobile offers unmatched integration with other third-party applications. TimeWork can help your business become more agile, productive, and competitive. ATS time and attendance module helps payroll managers calculate gross pay quickly and accurately while complying with collective bargaining agreements and other complex regulations, all on one, easy-to-navigate screen.

ATS Workforce Management Software Mobile Helps With:

  • Visualize key business information with real-time reports
  • Employees can review their schedules, detail time card and request time-off
  • Mangers can easily see and respond to employee requests via e-mail alert notifications
  • Review and approve employee time card and get instant access to key performance indicators (KPI,s)
  • Create and adjust comprehensive hour & wage rule configuration on the fly

Managers and employees alike can gain access to ATS TimeWork On-Demand through BlackBerry®, iPhone®, or Android™ smart phones. ATS TimeWork  helps companies get up-to-the-minute access to employee schedules and other aspects of their employee record, while managers gain unprecedented visibility into functional areas of HR, payroll and operations, even on-the-go.

 You Can Stay Connected To Your Business – Anytime, Anywhere

With an ongoing commitment to product enhancements ATS TimeWork On-Demand for mobile, is an industry-leading enterprise time and attendance solution that help companies on the go, reach their potential.

To gain access to our latest time and attendance mobile application, go to our website. You can also follow us on our social media links.

 ATS Time and Attendance Mobile

Outpace The Competition By Adopting Cloud-Based Time and Attendance

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The foundation of a time and attendance system is in its ability to accurately capture employee data thereby, providing efficiency. More importantly, the data needs to be assimilated and allow functional users across departments or locations to share information in a common, standardized way. But the time it takes and the vastly different approaches can sometimes leave decision-makers bamboozled, when it comes to time and attendance. In the world of heavy competition, companies are looking to increase profits, streamline payroll costs and stay ahead or at the very least, inline with their competitors. And, what better way to do that than to deploy a cloud-based solution.

Cloud computing staying power has defied even its most ardent detractors. And now, decision makers are quickly realizing the benefits of deploying a cloud-based time and attendance system, backed by unwavering support just makes good business sense.

An ATS Cloud-Based Time and Attendance provides the following benefits to give you that competitive edge:

Faster deployment: ATS TimeWork On-Demand is progressively faster to deploy. There is no need for expensive Servers or installing patches on your workstation. You can access the software from any device that has an Internet access.

Data Integration:  ATS TimeWork has the built in flexibility to integrated with applications that include: Talent Management, HRIS, Payroll, ERP and CRM. Part of our ability to integrate with just about any software comes from ATS TimeWork On-Demand robust technology so third-party applications can connect and integrate with our ever evolving cloud platform.

Unified Solution: Our time and attendance promotes business innovation. The solution automates the entire lifecycle from process to pay cheque. In addition, ATS cloud-based time management solution allows you to manage all your time capture in real-time.

If you are ready to deploy a time and attendance application, that’s steeped in innovation, go to our website and take a test drive. To arrange a personalized demonstration, call us at 1.866.294.2467.

 Outpace The Competition By Adopting Cloud-Based Time and Attendance

With the type of weather we have been experiencing lately, it will be hard to convince even the most optimistic, amongst us, that spring has arrived. The Weather Network Spring Outlook for 2014 will probably drive more of us into hibernation.  But with the arrival of spring and inevitable sunny days ahead, isn’t time to take a long look at your current business process and make the change to a more effective way of data gathering?

Here are three data gathering business practices that could be hindering the growth of your company:

Employee Time Capture
Employees are required to fill out daily time sheets with information that include; their in and out times, breaks, overtime, vacation and other leave requests. This document might also require the signature of their reporting manager at the end of the work week.

Tracking Projects
It’s very common for companies within the manufacturing sector to track projects in order, to gain an understanding of their true costs. Asking employees to write job numbers on a crowded time sheet that has already includes; breaks, overtime and other attendance information can lead to errors and confusion for everyone.

Payroll Processing
Once a week or bi-weekly you spend a day or two reading, calculating and then keying information from the time card into an excel spreadsheet. If the information is incorrect, you are left chasing supervisors around to verify the actual start and end time on a time card from two weeks ago. Why bother when you can the entire process can be automated.

So, if you have been sitting on the fence wondering whether the benefits of automating outweigh the cost, well it does.  When you consider the painful process of collecting all that data manually-it just means a lost in profits and productivity. Now, just image all of the above mentioned, being done seamlessly and in a fraction of the time through automation.

Here are three benefits to automation:

Streamline Business Process
By automating data collection companies increase efficiency and productivity: An automated time and attendance system will lead to more than 5 percent increase in productivity. When employees are productive-that goes to the bottom line.  There is nothing more satisfying to shareholders, CEOs and senior managers when their P&L statement shows an increase in profits.

Decision-Based Analysis
Even something as simple as a tool to view budget vs. actual can have a profound impact on the operations of an organization. Closing month-end with the right financial and analytic reporting tools at their fingertips is the dream of every CFO or financial controller. An integrated workforce management solution complete with standardized reporting and analysis can eliminate unwanted surprise. That means that managers will spend less time figuring which set of numbers to use and more time on analysis, decision-making, and planning.

Attendance On-Demand
Can you image being able to see employee attendance at a glance and on-demand, instead of a paper-based, time consuming process? Just ask an HR or Payroll Manager and you are sure to get a resounding agreement in the form of a high five. You can further boost productivity by giving employees the tools to view their schedules and request time off from their smart phones or tablets. The manager self-service portal sends an instant alert e-mail alert informing them of a pending leave or schedule request.

So, put a spring in your company’s steps by dusting off that time and attendance project you have been yearning to deploy and your business will be all the better for it.  To learn more about ATS business automating process, go to our website. You can also join the conversation with our LinkedIn group or better yet, sign up for one of our webinars.

Should Employees Use Up Their Vacation Time During The Calendar Year?

March 20th, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Absence Management | Benefit Accruals | Time and Attendance System - (Comments Off on Should Employees Use Up Their Vacation Time During The Calendar Year?)

This issue largely depends on the company and its work-rule policies. Some of ATS’s larger customers have set policies in place that deals with vacation time and these policies clearly articulates what happens if and when benefit accruals  are carried over to the next year. On the other hand, small and mid-size companies, may have a verbal have understanding with their workforce regarding vacation and other leave requests.

An article written by Katie Johnson of The Boston Globe based on a recent survey states the following:

“A growing number of North American workers do not take all of their annual allotted days off, companies report. Although some of those days can be rolled over into the next year, workplace analysts estimate that more than half of employees lose at least some vacation every year.

With staffs reduced and workloads increased since the last recession, employees find it harder to get away. Technology has added to the expectation that employees are supposed to be on all the time — working evenings and weekends, checking in even when they finally do use some vacation time.”

Susan Krauss Whitbourne, PhD penned an article for Psychology Today that says, in part, “chronic stress takes its toll in part on our body’s ability to resist infection, maintain vital functions, and even ability to avoid injury. When you’re stressed out and tired, you are more likely to become ill, your arteries take a beating, and you’re more likely to have an accident. Your sleep will suffer, you won’t digest your food as well, and even the genetic material in the cells of your body may start to become altered in a bad way. Mentally, not only do you become more irritable, depressed, and anxious, but your memory will become worse and you’ll make poorer decisions. You’ll also be less fun to be with, causing you to become more isolated, lonely, and depressed.

It’s important for employees to stay on top of their allotted time-off and make the time to use them. An effective time and attendance system can help companies track vacation balances on-the-fly.  Studies show that when employees are well rested, they are productive and that in turn, can boost a company’s bottom-line.

 Should Employees Use Up Their Vacation Time During The Calendar Year

Unified Time and Attendance in the Cloud

March 19th, 2014 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Benefit Accruals | Web-Based Time and Attendance Software | Workforce Analytics - (Comments Off on Unified Time and Attendance in the Cloud)

The ever-quickening pace of change means modern businesses cannot afford to take a day off. ATS unified workforce management suite, encompasses; job costing, overtime equalization, HR benefit accruals, workforce planning, time and attendance, forecasting and budgeting and business intelligence.

ATS TimeWork On-Demand is a complete global solution with provincial, state and multi-country capabilities. ATS TimeWork On-Demand enables companies to streamline manual business processes, comply locally, and quickly adapt to organizational and legislative changes.

ATS time and attendance addresses the complexity of work-rule policies and multi-company needs of mid and large scale organizations. You can be rest assured of paying your workforce on time and according to global and local compensation rules.

You can easily handle both simple and complex payroll needs with these solution benefits within ATS TimeWork On-Demand:

Accelerate Implementation. ATS TimeWork On-Demand cab be implemented in a third to a half the time of a conventional on-premise system, which in turn, enables a company to realize a quicker return on investment.

Reduce Costs. Capital expenditures for an ATS cloud-based time and attendance solution is a fraction of those required for an application that’s installed on your Server, with lower ongoing maintenance and total cost of ownership.

Agile And Grows With Your Business. ATS TimeWork On-Demand supplies agility through real-time visibility, workforce analytics and operational metrics. The solution is configured to business needs without reliance on corporate IT, and provides the ability to scale anytime, anywhere.

Getting an accurate view of a data is at times, a challenge for growing businesses. Data is often fragmented across multiple systems and spreadsheets are time-consuming, error-prone and hard to maintain. ATS TimeWork On-Demand gives businesses the power of real-time reporting and analysis—integrated right into Payroll, ERP and HR application that managers use every day—to drive true operational insights.

 To hear what customers have to say about ATS go to our website. You can also join the live demonstration How a Cloud-Based Time and Attendance can Drive Business Growth on March 21st by registering on our website.

Do You know How To Reduce Your Company’s Overtime Risks?

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A recent report citing some of the biggest culprits of either avoiding paying overtime or simply not paying it at all to employees have created a heated debate between those for or against the proposed legislation. Overtime has always been a hot button issue for some companies in part, because they either use archaic methods or simply do have the proper tools to track this work rule policy. In Canada, there are a few class action lawsuits that have made national headlines.

Automating and tracking of overtime is perhaps one of the easiest things to do with a time and attendance solution. By automating your data gathering, you reduce the amount of time that is being spent by HR or payroll personnel and also reduce your compliance risk.

Benefits to Automating Your Company’s Overtime Rules:

Efficient Task Completion- Whether your company has with 50 or 10,000 employees, ATS TimeWork On-Demand streamlines employee time capture. ATS TimeWork On-Demand delivers an immediate return on investment while building rich data for the forecast engine. The solution matches your company’s work-rule policies and tracks attendance and total hours worked. Workforce analytics helps managers see data in real-time. You can establish routine jobs and tasks that fall outside of the normal schedule such as call-ins, plant shut-downs and seasonal changes.

Analytic Reporting at Your Fingertips– Get up-to-the-minute results and assess attendance trends From key performance indicators (KPI’s), to defined thresholds and compliance tracking to daily, weekly and business forecasting trends, you will have the critical information as soon as it’s available. Then drill down based on exceptions to better manage the plan and make informed decisions.

Real Results, In Real-Time- ATS customers have seen measurable results in as early as three months. Thousands of companies rely on ATS TimeWork On-Demand to track employee time, reduced overtime and increase productivity. By deploying ATS TimeWork On-Demand, companies can utilize other benefits of the system that helps managers to; match schedules to budgets, track lateness and absent employees for legal and disciplinary reasons and following which departments eat up the most overtime.

To learn more or to take a test drive, go to our website. You can also contact us at 1.866.294.2467.

Do You know How To Reduce Your Company’s Overtime Risks?


Webinar| How a Cloud-Based Time and Attendance can Drive Business Growth

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Topic:  How a Cloud-Based Time and Attendance can Drive Business Growth
Date:    Friday, March 21, 2014
Time:   1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (10:00a.m.-11:00 a.m. Pacific Time)

Getting an accurate view of the business is often a challenge for growing businesses. Data is often fragmented across multiple systems and spreadsheets are time-consuming, error-prone and hard to maintain. ATS TimeWork time and attendance, gives manufacturers the power of real-time reporting and analysis—integrated right into Payroll, ERP and HR applications that managers use every day—to drive true operational insights.

In this live product demo, you will learn how to ATS TimeWork manages the complexities of job tracking, providing anytime anywhere visibility into all aspects of the business.

You will learn how to:

  • Obtain real-time reporting analytics
  • Track employee time against jobs
  • Power of an automated workforce management software vs spreadsheets

Who Should Participate
Plant Managers, VPs of Finance, Financial Controllers, HR and Payroll Managers

To register, go to our website.




Does Your Corporate Culture Hinder Efforts To Optimize Workforce Management?

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Whether you’re a CEO, VP of Finance, VP of Operations, VP of HR or Director of Payroll Operations you are measured, in large part, by the effect the operational effectiveness of your department and the people who report to you, has on the  bottom line. It is important, that senior executives and managers alike, figure out how the effectiveness and a variety of areas up to and including; technology change, business process change and/or employee culture change can impact their operations. Management should prepare by arming themselves with tools that will help their companies grow in an ever increasing global and competitive market.

ATS workforce management solution can help companies sustain continual business improvement, while increasing productivity gains.  If your company has not taken advantage of the benefits of a workforce management solution, it’s not too late to assess its potential. ATS workforce management solution has a decisive and positive impact on the long term viability of an organization

ATS workforce management solution addresses critical business requirements by aligning HR and payroll related activities to organizational business goals.

Businesses using ATS employee time and attendance solution can gain strategic insight into the strength of the workforce anomalies, to determine where change is needed, which positively impacts the bottom line.  The ability to track employee attendance in real-time get up-to-the-minute labour analytics to support strategic initiatives is the key to business success.

To learn more, join one of our monthly webinars go to our website. You can also view a demonstration or download a product brochure.

 Does your corporate culture hinder efforts to optimize workforce management

In an era of automating business processes that were previously done manually, many companies are taking advantage of recruitment and applicant tracking applications to help them filer resumes based on a set of criteria. These can include; years of experience, schools attended by the applicant, ability to travel etc. If you are not sure what kind of questions to ask, consult your HR department, an employment lawyer or the local Human Rights Commission in the state or province where you do business or hope to attract applicants. Questions that might be permissible in one state may not be permissible in another province or country and this could land a company in hot water.

Recruitment applications are not unlike workforce management solutions in that, what comes out correlates to the data that was keyed into the application. So before, before you post job vacancies, go over the criteria carefully and seek the advice of an HR person that understands the region where you are doing business, to make sure you avoid the topics that are illegal.   Based on several studies and in no particular order, here is a short list of questions should be avoided on online applications:

Race: Why this question is even an option on a recruitment application is mind boggling. Since it has no bearing on an applicant’s ability to perform the job, why ask it anyway? Sooner or later, prospective applicants will start turning down jobs when this question comes up. They will also start telling their friends on social media which companies to avoid based on their initial experience, and we all know how fast negative news can travel. Diversity is here to stay and the companies who embrace it will be sought after by bright candidates from all walks of life.  Avoid asking this question at all cost-it’s not worth the hassle.

Social Insurance /Security Number: If a candidate is eventually hired then this number is required for filing necessary taxes to the regulator tax agency. However, asking for this information on an online application is another question that should be avoided.

Political or Religious Affiliation: This also has no bearing on the applicant’s ability so avoid it and instead focus on the applicants’ reasons for applying for the particular position.

Gender, Marital Status, Family Status: Do not ask the candidate if he has plans for marriage or family, childcare. If these questions are part of your criteria on the application form-it shouldn’t be.

Sex of the Candidate: Does it really matter if it’s a man or woman who’s applying for the VP of Sales vacancy at your company? There is no justifiable reason to ask for the sex of the person on your application form. Trying to diversify a workforce should not amount to asking candidates about their sex or race on an online application.

The Alberta Government has a tip sheet  titled “Human Rights and You: What Can Employers Ask?” It can be used as tool for businesses that are unsure  about the questions that should be part of their criteria for posting jobs.

Once you have hired the right candidate, now it’s time to use cloud-based time and attendance,   employee scheduling and workforce management software to keep track of attendance. You might also want to automate benefit accruals, vacation planning and time-off request and that’s where ATS comes in. To learn more, go to our website.

 The Grey Areas Of Employee Recruitment

We get this question from time to time from companies from various industries that can include: Visiting Healthcare Practitioners, Public Works, Engineers, EMS, Oil and Gas and Non-Profit Organizations.

ATS Cloud-Based Online timesheets track time more profitably while optimizing the flow of information including workforce planning, and workforce allocation. Your employees and contractors can access the software from any smart phone, tablet, or workstation with Internet access from anywhere.

Solution Benefits:

ATS Online timesheets scales easily to organizational requirements and adapts to your organization’s project structure and workflow. The application can be configured to work according to your company’s work rule policies with easily-defined feature sets such as definable workflow approval processes and e-mail notifications.

Workforce Analytics
ATS Online timesheets includes provides robust reporting and analytical tools that provide a real-time view into your services organization. ATS TimeWork On-Demand reporting solutions enable you to monitor, report and analyze overall project performance in real time, including resource utilization, schedule versus actual and more. Senior executives, HR, Payroll and operational managers can instantly see personalized reports with the metrics that matter most.

Eliminate Manual Time Tracking
With ATS Online timesheets you eliminate spreadsheet-based reporting with real-time cloud-based workforce management solution. Businesses will reduce the time spent hunting for key metrics with personalized role-based analytics at your fingertips.

Enables employees to create leave requests and view available leave balances. ATS Online timesheets also allows employees to see pending or approved requests. Managers have generic workflow approvals through a simple interface to approve or deny time-off requests.

Job Costing and Departmental Transfers
With ATS Online timesheets you can capture departmental transfers, projects or tasks at numerous levels of detail, including billing rates, making even the most complicated billing reports a breeze to create. Comprehensive and flexible reporting capabilities present a real-time snapshot of a project’s profitability, as well as resources utilized and time-to- completion.

ATS Online timesheets makes it simple and easy for employees to enter hours worked and supporting timesheet information. The more manageable the process, the more likely timesheets will be accurate and entered on time.

ATS Online timesheet software enables the anytime and anywhere collection of employee hours and status for tracking project effort, and supporting systems for payroll, and labour allocation and job costing.

To view a demonstration of ATS Online Timesheets go, to our website. To speak to an account representative, call us at 1.866.294.2467. You can also join workforce management solutions on LinkedIn, Face Book or Twitter.