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While some of today’s time-tracking software applications have similar functions, there are significant differences between various products. To some degree many organizations have their own idiosyncrasies and what works well for one company might not fare as well for another company. At times there is too much emphasis on the up-front price which can derail the benefit of getting a good return on your investment.  Companies would be wise to choose a solution that can handle their specific challenges with the right labour analytics to support the software.

Taking the time to select a time and attendance solution that best fits a company’s particular requirements will go a long way in avoiding problems. With a slow rebounding economy, some companies are so eager to cut costs they end up selecting the cheapest solution based on the assumption that all software is created equal. When this happens, a company can end up with a time management system that does not have the capability to meet their requirements.

A time and attendance solution for a company with one location will be different from a company with a head office in Vancouver and multiple sites across Canada and the United States.ATS TimeWork can be deployed in companies with 50 employees and scaled to organizations with thousands employees while meeting the needs of divergent business models.

A thorough analysis of you company’s business practices will uncover areas for improvement and will also help in selecting the right employee time management system the first time. One of the best ways for a company to select the right solution is to define its requirements and create an implementation strategy.

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All Time and Attendance Systems are not Created Equal


The epitaphs for BlackBerry were written by many technology pundits over the last several years. Blackberry is not the only company to be usurped by newcomers due to changes in its industry, consumer buying habits or technological advancements. The common theme that all the pundits lamented in their postings was that the company’s unwillingness to change with the times is one the main reason it is struggling to keep afloat today. A great deal has been said about the 20 something age group, yet they are ones who showed up in droves to get the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Windows Phone. Smartphone companies of today, have to embrace change because they know that to ignore the paradigm shift in consumers buying habits can spell disaster for them.

Today’s businesses understand that to remain competitive it is essential to adapt to the new millennium to propel growth and increase productivity. Switching from paper-based processes to a software application will streamline business practices in real- time and drive efficiency. As the market for business automation continues to grow and evolve, they will develop to give organizations even better labour analytics capabilities. Organizations will be able to make better use of predictive analytics to make better business decisions.

ATS time and attendance solution can solve a number of challenges for many companies across different industries and will maximize productivity in every area of your organization. Embracing the latest in technology, and built on a unified platform, ATS TimeWork provides a real-time, accurate view of your business so you can proactively manage your operations with confidence. Extended modules include: employee self-service, business intelligence, benefit accruals, data integration and job costing management to provide the flexibility you need to translate your unique best practices for optimum performance.

Change is evitable, and in some cases it is forced upon us. If your company is still using a custom made time and attendance application or manual time-sheets, it might be time to analyze its benefits.

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 Businesses must be willing to adapt

It wasn’t too long ago that the naysayers predicted the demise of cloud-based software solutions as “Johnny come lately”. The growth of cloud-based software solutions is staggering and companies, who initially resisted, are now implementing these solutions in growing numbers. The continued momentum behind the cloud has accelerated as companies look for an alternative to on-premises applications that drag down business performance. ATS best-of-breed technology is fast moving beyond its roots in the small to mid and enterprise markets.

If your company is looking move your time and attendance to the cloud, there are numerous companies vying for your attention. However, not all cloud-based time and attendance providers are created equal and selecting the right vendor is an important decision that should not be overlooked. Here are five things to look for when making your selection:

Performance- Make sure your provider gives you easy access to their real-time visibility of labour analytics and historic data. That will quickly tell you how robust a system they have. Cloud computing is evolving rapidly and cloud-based providers need to be nimble to adapt to the demands of today’s rapid technology. Look for a strong record of innovation on cloud technology that demonstrates your provider is positioned strongly to meet your business needs in the long term.

Scalability –As your business grows and needs change, look for a solution that will work with different browsers, that will adapt to your needs and makes it easy for you to expand to new markets. The ideal vendor will have a solution that allows you to configure your software and has the ability to interface to multiple applications. 

Upgrades –On-premises time and attendance software can be customized, but those customizations are tied to your current software implementation and can be a nightmare when you are due for an upgrade. In contrast, a cloud-based time management solution like ATS TimeWork is continually upgraded so you can be sure you’re always using the latest, most advanced version of your time and attendance software.

Market Leader-Moving to the cloud is a long term investment. As such choosing the right partner makes it that much more important.  It’s important that you choose a market leader who stands head and shoulders above all imitators. Consider the types of customers the vendor has for added insight, along with testimonials. And don’t stop there, make sure this vendor has personnel that not only understand industry at large but most importantly, your business and your precise requirements.

True Cloud Competencies-Finally, but perhaps more importantly you should choose a provider whose core competencies are centered on the cloud. Some On-premises solution vendors have very different business models, application design approaches and infrastructure than those core competencies of a cloud-based provider, like ATS. We suggest you choose a vendor with deep expertise in cloud-based time and attendance software implementations to meet your needs.

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The 2008 recession decimated a large part of the manufacturing industry in Ontario, other areas in Canada and the United States. Some economic pundits have asserted that the industry is on a rebounded citing the North American and Japanese big three auto sales. However, it is important to note that many of the jobs that were lost during the bleak years of the recession are returning at a snails’ pace increasing the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector. This competitiveness challenges the companies that are using a manual processes with their organizations.  A modern time and attendance solution can help these organizations keep pace with today’s challenges, achieve profit and retain customers in the following three ways:

Improve Business Process
Manufacturers could be missing opportunities to reduce labour costs when using manual time tracking processes. Our time and attendance software can help you streamline business processes, provide greater visibility and control over labour costs more effectively, manage compliance risk and improve workforce productivity.

 Increase Visibility of your Operations
As manufacturing companies expand into global markets their need to improve business productivity becomes even more important. ATS attendance system delivers critical advantages for employees, managers and administrators. The application improves employee performance and enables you to spend more time focusing on strategic business activities. Business analytics tools give managers real-time visibility into ways to reduce costs and optimize attendance control processes.

 Innovation in the Digital Age
As the pace of the digital age increases, manufacturing companies need to leverage tools that can help them adapt. A fully automated cloud-based, solution boosts workforce productivity so your employees can maximize the workday. Many of today’s business leaders are seeing workforce management as a strategic business driver that can increase the profit margins of their organizations.

The constant change of today’s business environment challenges companies to keep up. A modern workforce management software can help manufacturers prepare for growth and increase collaboration across the organization. For more information on how business management software can help meet these challenges go to our website.

ATS Time and Attendance Software business intelligence tool is an up to the minute data directory of information that gives you real-time visibility across your organization. This data driven directory uses 21st century business intelligence and it is fully integrated within ATS Time and Attendance. This application is a powerful, easy-to-use business intelligence tools that drives smarter decisions across single or multi-site locations.

ATS Time and Attendance business intelligence application provides companies with user-defined portals for real-time monitoring of their most relevant business indicators. The employee time management dashboard provides comprehensive capabilities to deliver actionable, representations of key employee and labour analytic reports and statistical data.

Companies can use data driven business intelligence tools to identify predictive patterns in employee attendance and track such things as overtime, personal time off (PTO) and benefit accruals. Having instant access to data through ATS cloud-based time and attendance helps companies view attendance anomalies and quickly react to changing business conditions

The employee time and attendance dashboard information can be accessed 24/7 from any smartphone, tablet or computer with Internet access. ATS user-friendly employee time and attendance dashboards were designed so companies could get the most up to date information that they use every day, helping them to make smarter decisions faster

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