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Benefit enrollment has become an ongoing challenge for employers and providers alike.  The Internet has become a part of daily life for most companies and has spawned software solutions to meet the demands of these organizations. As companies increase their use in all things web-based, they are finding out it’s just as easy to use online enrollment for employee benefits as it is for payroll stubs. In short, most business automation tools are done by using the Internet.

Human resource departments are devoted to providing effective policies, procedures, guidelines and support to operational managers within their companies. Today’s human resources managers need tools to help them reduce the manual workload, empower department managers and effectively manage human capital.

ATS time and attendance HR module administers human resource processes from a single source. The solution gives you a snap shot of your workforce which in turn, allows for better decision making. Using our solution means there is no more re-keying of information and also less paperwork. The end result is you deliver payroll accurately and on time, and administer employee information with ease.

Using ATS single source solution will give your organization the tools it needs to be more proactive, efficient and cost effective. This will free up your time to focus on HR strategies rather than the day-to-day processes of HR and payroll.

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The use of biometric technology has gained widespread notoriety in many vertical industries.  While there are different types of biometric terminals, they all use a common theme. Some of the ways in which biometrics are used include: security/access control, time and attendance, finger scanning to access laptops and other devices. Biometrics is based on authentication techniques that rely on physical characteristics. The data process of an ATS biometric time clock mirrors that of a barcode or magnetic swipe clock. The big difference is that the authentication process of the biometric unit prevents workers from clocking in for each other. Essentially, when using biometric time clocks, employees have to be onsite to punch in and out.

 ATS biometric technology automates processes, reduces payroll and complies with government and collective bargaining agreements. The combination of our time and attendance software and biometric time clocks helps companies to: schedule the right coverage, track employee performance, comply with corporate directives and align long-term workforce planning and daily operations with your business strategy.

If your company decides to use biometrics, it’s important to figure out what type of biometric device will work in your setting. For instance, a fingerscan reader might be sensitive to elements in a fish packing plant, whereas a hand punch unit or facescan might excel in those areas. ATS account executives have a wealth of experience with biometric technology and can guide you towards a solution that meets your operational goals.

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While it’s easy to get an expert in just about every field, it’s fair to say no one could have predicted how big the smart phone and tablet PC market would become. Sure there were signs of it but the success of these products has skyrocketed. Apple recently announced that the iBooks 2 will be equipped with electronic textbooks and the techworld is going gaga over this.

Our seasoned programmers at Apex Time Solutions don’t lack for big ambition. As a group, we remain committed to aligning our products with the latest technology for our customers. The ATS time and attendance solution for smart phones and tablet PCs has a robust set of features and capabilities. Companies with on-the-go workers can submit hours wherever they are and supervisors can track and enforce attendance policies easier than ever before.

This application is ideal for managers because it’s easy to use and lets them quickly accomplish tasks. Employees with smart phones can request vacation, review their work hours and schedules.  

 Benefits to ATS Tablet PC and Smartphone application:

  • Real-time SaaS time and attendance functionality
  • Software is available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Employees can request vacation and review shifts remotely through the employee self-service module
  • On the spot reports for time costing, payroll summary and employee leave
  • GPS Coordinate collection : (see when and where punches take place)
  • Managers can deny or grant employee leave through their GUI
  • The application provides flexibility for HR and Payroll to process information more efficiently

Benefits of ATS TimeWork:

  • Workforce Scheduling helps align employee schedules to key performance indicators (KPIs), optimizing company performance
  • Cost savings by means of accurately tracking employee attendance, reducing overtime, and eliminating human errors
  • The ATS software enables an organization to analyze, forecast and optimize staffing requirements
  • Labour Analytics provides managers a summary of vital workforce data for better planning
  • Display of up to the minute real-time labour reports for workforce planning
  • Reduce operational costs by lowering overtime and premiums to a minimum
  • Software notifications triggers real-time alerts to managers regarding issues that requires immediate attention

ATS time and attendance improves usability for labour analytics, absence management and scheduling. To learn more go to our website.

These days the words “in the cloud” and “on-demand” have become ubiquitous with many companies. You can now download music or movies from “the cloud” or get them “On-demand” They both refer to the same method of obtaining information. ATS SaaS software offers a reliable and robust alternative to traditional time and attendance solution.

SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service and is sometimes referred to as On-Demand. Essentially it means the software is hosted at a data centre and is licensed for use, by the company. ATS SaaS time and attendance provides the benefits of workforce management software without the IT infrastructure requirements (server hardware, security management, database, system management, service packs, data backups, and patches, etc.). The ATS solution is deployed without any software on your employee workstations or network.  

Benefits of our SaaS time and attendance:

There is no software installation or special setup necessary. Simply open your browser and click on URL assigned to you by our implementation analyst.

Special Requirements
You can access the software from any computer that has an Internet connection through any of these browsers: Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer.

Ease of use
One of the biggest advantages to the ATS SaaS time and attendance is its simplicity. Our system is used by: the retail and hospitality industry, manufacturing, distribution and logistics to fortune 500 and 1000 companies as well as oil and gas and service base organizations.

Software Back-Up
Protecting your software has never been easier. Your information is backed up daily by our servers and a copy is readily available any time you need it. You also have the ability to download your own back-up.

Our support is available via phone, online or onsite. Our customers have access to the software 24/7, 365 days a year.

Instant Updates
Updates to the software are free and will never disrupt your operation.

Payroll Interfaces
The ATS SaaS time and attendance contains an import utility for any number of payroll, ERP or HR applications.

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In a recent conversation with the VP of a distribution chain, we found out that their in-house software had been created by one of their IT personnel. Since this person left the company three years ago it has become a nightmare trying to maintain the product. Before you decide to create your own software consider the following:

1)       Are there people on staff who understand the nuances of time and attendance?
2)       Which member of your team is going to maintain the software once it has been created?
3)       Who is going to be responsible for keeping up with: federal, state and provincial legislative policies that must
           be be adhered to in business automation software?
4)       If the creator of the software leaves the company how is that software going to be managed?
5)       Are you able to create import files for time clocks and other third-party applications like payroll, HR or ERP?

There numerous benefits to purchasing workforce management software. Some of these include:
1)        The software contains numerous pay and work rule policies.
2)       The time and attendance software algorithm can be configured to suit any collective bargaining agreement.
3)       Software updates are created automatically by software engineers at no additional costs.
4)       The import utility allows for payroll interfaces to any third-party payroll application.
5)       The software can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
6)       Back-up is done daily and is available on demand.
7)       Changes to new shifts, overtime and other pay policies can be done in seconds.
8)       The software has integrated modules that include: employee self-service, points and incidents,
 overtime equalization, job costing, and forecasting.
9)       Complementary data collectors include: biometric facescan, fingerprint readers, proximity time clocks, online time sheets, iPad, and smart phone time entry

The decision to create or buy, a time management software should be given careful consideration. In some instances, competitive advantages exist if you have the internal resources and the time to create your software.

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In some of our previous blogs we discussed how something as simple as a time management system is made complicated by industry jargon that confuses the customer. Quite frankly it doesn’t have to be that way. The tracking of employee time through our time and attendance software is a very simple process. However, some people make it seem complicated. Of course, we are not suggesting that you purchase for its simplicity and while ignoring its ability to adapt to your company’s work policies. ATS time and attendance software was designed to meet the most complex needs of an organization and at the same time, can be scaled down. The product is intuitive, user-friendly and has a modern look and feel that utilizes today’s web-based technology concepts.

The advent of automated time management was borne out of changing times. In years past, it was customary for a company with many employees to use paper time sheets or punch clocks to register attendance. Despite advances in technology, some companies still use antiquated methods to track employee time in the 21st century.

Industry giants like the Canadian Payroll Association, American Payroll Association and the Aberdeen Group have been commissioned on numerous occasions to conduct surveys. The conclusion of these surveys has revealed that it costs businesses using paper based time sheets 1.5% to 10% of gross payroll.

Leading organizations of all sizes are implementing ATS automated workforce management system and as a result, are seeing a significant reduction in payroll and labour costs.

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There comes a time when small and mid-size businesses find out that their “off the shelf” business software tools can’t grow with them. A punch clock purchased to track attendance when a company had 10 employees will not meet that company’s needs when it grows to 100 plus employees.

ATS hosted workforce management software for small to mid-size companies, helps businesses cut costs, while improving productivity. ATS hosted time management solution allows for the tracking of: sick leave, vacation time, overtime and statutory holiday.  Instead of re-entering and constantly monitoring employee data your HR and payroll department can focus on other issues.

Benefits of the ATS cloud based workforce management solution:

No software installs, free updates, access from anywhere
You can manage your employees from any computer with internet. The software can be accessed through major web browsers including: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.

Our solution is used by businesses of all industries and sizes
Small businesses with 30 employees to large organization with thousands of employees use our solution. Our customers are spread across different provinces, states and countries.

Payroll and overtime calculation
Everything from data uploading to payroll HR and ERP applications is made easy with our flexible import utility. Calculation of overtime, premium and attendance hours is done with relative ease within the system. A breakdown of overtime and attendance can be captured through a variety of reports.

Customer login
Each company is assigned a dedicated login. Your employees can also clock in and out and also access the self-service portal.  Managers can login to access employee time-off requests and navigate through various reports.

Control employee logs
You will be able to see which computer an employee clocks in/out from through IP tracking.

Export reports to Excel or PDF
Reports can be generated through Excel, PDF or other outputs and can be used to see overtime, labour distribution, track projects etc.

Online approval
Managers can add or edit time cards and go to any date to review an employee’s timesheet. You can also review absences and accrued time.

ATS cloud workforce management software for small to mid-size companies is uploaded to our servers and provides instant access to our customers. In addition, our communication servers send out reports via email and sms. This helps organizations manage their workforce productivity seamlessly from anywhere in the world.

The ATS time and attendance software automates and tracks overtime, sick leave, vacations and a variety of absences. To learn more about ATS workforce management software for small to mid-size businesses visit our website.