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When Should You Consider Workforce Management Software?

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Technology is moving at an unprecedented speed. Your company is diverse, and may be spread over multiple locations with different pay policies. This presents a challenge in controlling labour costs, maintaining high customer service levels, and complying with provincial, federal and/or, state regulations.

ATS Workforce Management Software automates employee time and attendance and record keeping and significantly reduces the costs of error-prone, paper-based time sheets. Our integrated time keeping software provides managers with an easy-to-use product that eliminates the frustration and drudgery of manual processes and completes the “time clock to paycheque” solution.

Our Workforce Management Software will help you with:

Workforce Accruals—Automate employee balance accruals and time off requests to produce an accurate labour analysis.

Employee Attendance Management—maintains detailed attendance and absence histories for employees or patterns to notify supervisors when necessary.

Overtime Equalization—Automate overtime distribution to employees based on established business rules.

ERP, HR and payroll interfaces—Integrate time and attendance data with human resources and payroll systems to produce accurate payrolls and keep records up to date.

Training and Support—Users gain knowledge with our in-depth onsite or online training classes.

Employee Self-Service —Employees gain access to their personal information so they can request job changes, request vacation and personal time off.

Data collectionCollect time, labour and job tracking metrics quickly and easily to enforce time and attendance, employee scheduling and job assignments.

If you are still using paper time sheets or worse, the “honour system”, find out how our Workforce Management Software can save your company time and money. ATS Time and Attendance solution helps companies simplify employee time collection with our automated time clocks. 

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 When should you consider workforce management software

When Gap bucked the trend and said it would raise the minimum wage of its employees, it made headline news and brought out those that in favour of it those that are not. Those who prefer that minimum wages remain at record lows, cite it will kill jobs, wherein employers will see profits erode and will in turn outsource those jobs to third world countries. Proponents of wage hikes scoff at the idea and state that a large percentage of the economy is driven by consumer spending and not the stock market. In other words, increase the wage of the employees and they in turn, will spend. In short order, when employees with discretionary income spend the economy spikes, which in turn creates jobs in the very communities where they spend.

It’s important to note that wage hikes in and of itself is not sufficient to tether employees to their jobs. In addition to a wage/salary that’s commensurate to the employees’ work, the environment in which employees perform their task is just as important. So what makes for happy employees? For some companies this is a no brainer, while for others it is herculean task.

Karsten Strauss of sought the advice of Leonard J. Glick, Professor of management and organizational development at Boston’s Northeastern University, and penned an article with the following tips: “7 Ways To Keep Your Employees Happy (And Working Really Hard)” Here are 3 out of the 7:

Money Matters (But Not As Much As You Think)
Compensation packages are a big deal when employees are hired, but once a deal has been struck the source of motivation tends to shift. “The motivation comes from the things I’ve been talking about—the challenge of the work, the purpose of the work, the opportunity to learn, the opportunity to contribute,” Glick explained. When it comes to finding a salary that will allow your employees to feel they’re being paid fairly, don’t bend over backwards to lowball them. If you do, they will eventually find out and not be happy. “If the salary were open, is it defensible?”

Keep Your Team Informed
Business leaders have a clearer perspective on the bigger picture than their employees do. It pays to tell those under you what’s going on. “Things that managers take for common knowledge about how things are going or what challenges are down the road or what new products are coming… they often don’t take the time to share that with their employees,” Glick said. Spreading the intel lets everyone in on the lay of theland and at the same time strengthens the feeling among workers that they are an important part of the organization.

Your Employees Are Adults—Treat Them Like It
In any business there is going to be bad news. Whether it’s to do with the company as a whole or an individual within the organization, employees need to be dealt with in a straightforward and respectable manner. “They can handle it, usually,” said Glick. If you choose to keep your people in the dark about trying times or issues, the fallout could be a serious pain in the neck. “The rumors are typically worse than reality. In the absence of knowledge people make things up.”

You can read the article in its entirety on Maybe, your company meets or exceeds all of the advice being dispensed in this article. If so, you are on the right track.

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Automate and Grow Your Business

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Small and medium sized businesses are confronted by different challenges each day, chief among them is, growing their businesses and staying profitable. Studies have shown that companies who automate their business processes have seen an increase in productivity and revenue. ATS unified time and attendance solutions for small and growing businesses improves business performance with real-time workforce analytics and role-based dashboards.

If you are tired of struggling with paper time cards from the old punch clock that’s hanging on the wall, it’s time to make the switch.

Solution benefits for your small or mid-size business:

Employee Time and Attendance
Collect, analyze, and take immediate control of your employees’ attendance and labour allocation in real-time through the cloud. ATS time and attendance eliminates the burden of manual processes, saves time and money, and minimizes your compliance risk.

Workforce Analytics at your fingertips
ATS workforce analytics improves your business capabilities, is easy to use, and provides the insights and tools you need to take action.

Employee Self-Service
Enable your employees to request time off, review schedules, update contact information. ATS employee self-service is delivered via the cloud and designed for today’s workforce. The easy-to-use tools empower employees and managers, whether in the office or on the move. No more calling to your HR department, employees can access and review information regarding time off, current benefits, and current job details—anytime, anyplace from any device with Internet access.

Employee Data Collection
ATS offers a range of employee time tracking data collection devices designed to improve accuracy and integrate seamlessly with ATS time and attendance software. Your company’s choice of data collectors include:  biometric time clocks, badge-based readers, smart phone data collection, telephony and web-punching.

Payroll, CRM, ERP and Talent Management Data Integration
Extract, transform, and load data from applications, databases, and other data stores – for a complete view of structured and unstructured data across your enterprise. Our data integration software can help you build an agile, trusted data foundation that meets your organization’s complex information needs.

If you are ready to manage your business with an integrated workforce management system-that will lower costs and streamline business process, view a demo on our website. To speak to an account executive, call us at 1.866.294.2467.

Automate and Grow your business

Increase customer service with an agile software solution

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In the highly competitive retail industry, business executives must attract the best people, efficiently hire them, rapidly train them and retain them. Superior service can often be the distinguishing factor in achieving market growth and increasing revenue.

ATS cloud-based time and attendance solutions help retailers automate; scheduling, attendance management, forecasting, accrual benefits, and workforce analytics to accelerate revenue and customer service. Mobile solutions that includes the ability to access their schedules from anywhere, at anytime will empower your employees with the tools they need to perform their jobs, increase customer interaction, and communicate from the floor or from remote locations. 

Solution Benefits:

Build optimal schedules- based on demand, government regulations, collective bargaining agreements (CBA), and employee preferences
Employee data collection—Collect employee hours in real-time to ensure adherence to schedules and job assignments.
Adhered to labour laws-improve productivity, streamline payroll costs, and minimize compliance risk
Tracking of overtime- Automate overtime distribution to employees based on established business rules.
Integration of data-integrate employee time and attendance data with enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resources information systems (HRIS), and payroll systems.

ATS workforce management software for retail improves scheduling for small and large scale organizations. ATS TimeWork provides an effective solution that’s based on an accurate labour forecast and automates your entire workforce’s employee time and attendance processes.

To learn more about ATS time and attendance retail solutions, register for one of our free webinars. To view a demonstration, go to our website or call us at 1.866.294.2467.

 At the pay desk

Regardless of what type of company you run and in which industry, businesses are run by people. Forward-thinking organizations empower their people to utilize technology to automate and streamline your business processes.

ATS time and labour provides organizations with a unified and scalable workforce management solution, complete with operational functionality, intuitive reporting. ATS time and attendance connects multi-sites, departments and regions all on a single platform.

With ATS TimeWork you get increased productivity, reduced downtime and an overall improvement in your business. The integrated workforce management solution can run your entire enterprise – benefit accruals, employee self-service, employee scheduling, workforce planning, and employee time capture allowing you to do the following:

Reduce your initial investment
ATS Cloud-Based Time and attendance helps reduce your startup costs by avoiding software and hardware purchases. Streamline your business process by utilizing ATS implementation team.  ATS Cloud-Based time and attendance software architecture is designed from the ground up for maximum network performance, which can mean better application availability than traditional on-premises time and attendance systems.

Rapid deployment
ATS Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) Cloud-Based Time and Attendance solutions offer faster deployment. This affordable, scalable package includes preconfigured software and implementation services to get you up and running in a matter of weeks. And with a defined project scope and predictable cost, there are no surprises.

Flexible payment plans to stay on budget
ATS Financial Services software supports your business with low and predictable costs that scale with actual use of your solution. Cover the total cost of your time and attendance solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with affordable financing options. Companies can bundle their time and attendance software, time clocks, and services – into fixed or variable monthly payments, with no hidden fees.

Integrate to Human Capital Management (HCM), Payroll, ERP and HR Applications
ATS TimeWork allows for integration to other applications eliminates manual data reentry between different functional areas, saving time and reducing the risk of mistakes. ATS time and attendance solutions include features that are designed to maximize productivity and ease of use.

Add modules as your business grows
ATS workforce management solutions offer scalability that fits to your organization’s exact needs and can be adjusted as your needs change. To support your business growth, ATS unified time and attendance management solution contains inherent flexibility to adapt as requirements change. With built-in support for best practices, our industry-specific employee time and attendance system is designed for companies seeking to integrate processes company-wide.

ATS cloud-based time and attendance system is easy to scale, giving you the flexibility to add more users as your business grows.

To learn more about deploying a cloud-based time and attendance solution, go to our website and download a demo. You can also check us out on LinkedIn, Google Plus or join the conversation on Twitter.

Dedicated to the improvement of workforce productivity

Sales In The 21st Century

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One of our account executives brought to our attention an article written by Dave Kurlan, titled “Is It Time for a Sales Reinvention?” The author provides insight into the changing world of sales. There have been other articles written about the changing landscape of sales. However, some companies still cling to the old way of doing things-the way of selling in and of itself, appears to be at the top of the list of things that will not change anytime soon with these companies.

Here is an excerpt of the article:
“Companies reinvent themselves all the time. You don’t have to look much further than AT&T, IBM, and NCR to recognize that none of these companies make and sell anything resembling what they made and sold just 40 years ago.

People reinvent themselves too. Just review some of the profiles in your LinkedIn network, and you’re certain to see people doing something completely different from what they were doing 10 years ago.

For some reason, sales forces tend to fall behind in the reinvention department. There are so many experts producing so much content: blogs, videos, newsletters, and e-books. Yet most sales leaders, sales managers, and salespeople are often the last to know that things have changed. Despite the fact that the sales profession has changed significantly in just the last six years, I’m still seeing sales forces selling as if they were stuck in a time warp hardwired to 1975.

Sales transformation does not require a complete sales-force makeover. In most cases, only a few changes may be needed to achieve greater effort, efficiency, effectiveness, and results.”

So, is your company’s marketing initiatives geared solely towards phone prospecting? ATS embraces the new way of selling and yes, we do prospecting by phone also but it’s 1% of our overall marketing strategy. At a recent tradeshow, one prominent marketing expert put it quite succinctly “making several phone calls to companies, on a daily basis, in the hope of selling your product is a methodology of 20 years ago, that simply does not work anymore”.

 Sales in the 21st century

Are Your Employees Feeling Engaged Within Your Company’s Culture?

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Over the years, there has been an ongoing debate about what it takes to keep employees engaged within an organization. Some companies say that when hiring, they prefer to look for employees who fit within their corporate culture.Sometimes companies search for a long time trying to find employees that will adjust to their way corporate way only to come up short. And one of the reasons it can take some companies a long time to find the right employees, is because they will insist on finding employees that conform to their culture first and foremost and everything else be damn. A year ago while watching the NFL network one of the analysts who was a former New England Patriots player, was asked why was it that the Patriots were so successful in drafting players that teams passed on or were considered “casts offs” from teams who simply could not get these players to conform. Yet, these same players, blossomed in New England. His response:

“Many people around the league assumed that these players had to conform to the “Patriot Way” when they arrived in New England. To some degree that’s true but, Bill Belichick (the coach), creates formations that takes advantage of the players’ strength which translates to a team that makes the playoffs each year. In order words, while these new players get indoctrinated into the culture of the team, the team in turn, adjusts to the strength of the players and does not solely look for players that will merely conform to the New England Patriots way of doing things above all else.”

This statement was an eye opener for many who could not understand how so many players who were not high draft picks, ended up playing so well when they landed in the town of Foxborough.

Some companies stress that “fit” is an absolute necessity. That’s all well and good, but trying to decipher whether an employee will “fit” within your corporate culture will take more than an employment testing tool. It will require someone from HR or the hiring manager to actually sit and talk to the person. And if the prospective employee sitting across from you does not appear to have all of the attributes to “fit” within your organization at first, dig a little deeper or ask them to come in for a second interview. Chances are you might be pleasantly surprised that some of the strengths within that prospective employee might actually benefit your company-and, the best part is that they will eventually be a fit. Why? Because we are social creatures and all yearn to fit in.

This article “Helping New Hires Adjust to your Company Culture” by Lindsay Traiman, contains 5 easy steps that you can use to help employees adjust to your culture.

So what’s company culture like and is it open to engaging employees?

 Are Your Employee Feeling Engaged Within Your Company's Culture

A High-Performance Workforce Management System without the Complexity

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For many of the today’s organizations, the benefits of automating are seemingly endless. Some of the early adopters of automation have the opportunity to experience better time efficiency and more control over their business operations. When senior executives are deciding on the deployment of their next workforce management solution it may be smart to look for solutions that are scalable without complexity.

Here are some workforce management software examples that will bring a smile to the faces of your HR, Finance and Payroll managers:

Business-Ready Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ATS SaaS delivery model is designed to exceed even the most stringent workrule policies and performance standards. ATS provides full system administration, maintenance, upgrades, technical support, and other services required to increase productivity.

Cost-Effective and Rapid Deployment Based on Best Practices We provide a set of pre-defined implementation best practice based on our deep expertise working with our customers.

User-Friendly Workforce Analytics ATS allows you to see real-time data based on attendance and other workforce predictive analysis, by department and location. This module provides concrete and actionable insights on workforce data to drive your business strategy today and help you plan for the future. ATS TimeWork Workforce Analytics supplies intuitive graphic representation about important workforce statistics.

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Functionality ATS TimeWork On-Demand is easy to configure, deploy, yet powerful enough to scale as your organization grows and expands.

Tablet and Mobile Access This engaging application can be accessed by employees to request time-off and supervisors in turn, receive instant e-mail alert of pending activity. The open database interface is designed for; Human Capital Management, Payroll, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications.

Training that Suits your Organizational Needs Your managers will love TimeWork On-Demand. They can take advantage of extensive, instructor-led classroom and workshop training for the various core components of the application.

Unique Time and Attendance Features provides extensive functionality for workforce process management. As a result, you can streamline and integrate essential processes such as employee administration, organizational management, time management and, cross-application time sheets.

ATS has the perfect solution for organizations that want the benefits of a best-in-class Workforce Management System, simplicity and cross-functional value that no other solution can provide.

Contact us to learn more about how ATS workforce management software helps companies achieve operational excellence in key industries.

A High-Performing Workforce Management System without the Complexity

Both the US and Canada reported less than stellar numbers in the labour market for the month of January. Some economists have said that the job market is at best anemic and that the reported numbers, are indicative of the unemployed simply giving up looking for work.

Here is an excerpt from a report by contributor, :

“While some of the decline is partly due to baby boomers retiring, economists are also concerned about the long-term unemployed, who may be giving up on the job market altogether. Following the report, one of President Obama’s top economic advisers, Jason Furman called the unemployment rate still “unacceptably high.”

About 3.6 million Americans have been unemployed for six months or more. Those who were relying on extended government benefits lost that lifeline in December.

“These figures provide a stark reminder that despite the progress that has been made, the after-effects of the recession still linger and are creating hardship for many families,” Furman wrote in a White House blog post.”

Statistics Canada reported somewhat similar numbers:

“In January, employment increased in transportation and warehousing, while it declined in business, building and other support services as well as public administration. The number of self-employed workers rose in January.

However, compared with 12 months earlier, all the employment gains were among private sector employees, as there was little change in self-employment and public sector employment. Employment increased in Prince Edward Island, while it fell in New Brunswick and was little changed in the other provinces.”

As the manufacturing sector and other industries slowly gain traction, after the recession of 2008, businesses continue to look for ways to remain competitive with cost effective solutions. To that end, more organizations are adopting effective business management software to help them forecast, and streamline business operations to achieve operational excellence.

To learn about ATS cost-effective time and attendance solutions, go to our website to view a demonstration.



Break Down the Silos with a Time and Attendance System

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During a customer’s site visit to understand their business requirements, it’s not uncommon for ATS business analyst, to experience cultural and/or data accessibility silos. In fact, it is almost expected but the most gratifying of all, is how these barriers are broken after the implementation of ATS TimeWork On-Demand Time and Attendance Solution.

More often than not, silos are created when different departments and/or locations use different business management software, standards and technology for inputting and analyzing employee time and attendance data. The HR and payroll departments may be using the full capabilities of a workforce management solution, while the production department is pulling data from Excel and never reconciling the two. This type of inconsistency creates silos of non-standardized data that companies cannot rely on to make sound business decisions.

The implementing of a robust employee time management solution that’s used by all locations and departments increases the reliability of business data and also helps to break down departmental silos. By using an automated employee time clock solution companies can start sharing workforce data and other data analytics across departments and locations.

Following are three workforce productivity improvements you will notice upon implementation of an ATS time and attendance solution:

  • Eliminate IT cost and complexity with ATS TimeWork On-Demand proven, cloud solution that eliminates the cost of managing, maintaining, and upgrading business applications.
  • Improve business efficiency by eliminating redundant data entry and the time, cost and errors associated with using separate systems for production, payroll, warehousing, and finance.
  • Gain a comprehensive real-time view across the company with flexible, on-demand reporting.

When the right amount of business process organizational changes are initiated, ATS workforce management software can increase collaboration within your organization, and dissolve silos caused by communication breakdowns.

Find out how today’s company’s are using ATS TimeWork On-Demand cost-effective solution to gain competitive advantage and grow their business.

 Break Down the Silos with a Time and Attendance System