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‘Tis The Season To Automate Holiday Pay and Hours of Work

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If you are in the food manufacturing, retail or hospitality industry, chances are, it’s the busiest time of the year for your company. And with the busy holiday season many employees are asked to work extended shifts, extra weekends and overtime. This can be a win-win both employee and employer. However, trying to remember which employee exchanged shifts or how much overtime pay employees have accumulated is sufficient to drive any business executive bonkers.

Here are 5 ways ATS TimeWork On-Demand can help your company automate holiday pay:

Workforce Management Software-ATS TimeWork On-Demand is a leading time and attendance solution that helps companies reduce payroll costs, automate overtime and premium pay, minimize compliance risks and increase workforce productivity.

TimeWork Absence Management- ATS absence management allows you to manage time-off requests and absence policies through employee self-service automation.  Companies can improve the time tracking and reporting of time-off requests,  view balances, accrued overtime, employees schedules and accruals in real-time with seamless unification to ATS TimeWork On-Demand.

ATS Human Resources Management- helps you manage employee information including:  training & skills inventory, benefits information, performance administration, occupational health and safety. ATS HR management is designed to help you organize and maintain your workforce.

Workforce Analytics-ATS TimeWork analytics empowers companies to make more informed decisions on critical business issues. ATS forecasting and budgeting module contains predictive models to help companies understand business trends.

Data Integration- ATS TimeWork is a proven integrated platform, designed for building integrations to and from our time and attendance software solution. All integrations are deployed and managed in the ATS cloud based solution.

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 'Tis the Seaon to Automate Holiday Pay and Hours of Work

Time and Attendance Implementation Should Lead To a Reduction in Payroll Costs

December 12th, 2013 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Absence Management | Benefit Accruals | Hosted Time and Attendance Solution | Payroll | Time and Attendance On-Demand - (Comments Off on Time and Attendance Implementation Should Lead To a Reduction in Payroll Costs)

The implementation of your time and attendance solution is complete and you are still waiting to see a reduction in payroll costs. If the amount of paper work you are doing, prior to implementing this new system have not decreased, you might want to rethink your strategy. Perhaps more functional training might be required or you are not using the system to its full capacity. Whatever the reason employee time capture and other administrative costs should be falling upon completion of your time and attendance system.

ATS TimeWork gives you real-time access to all employee data including; attendance, employee absence and payroll accuracy. ATS TimeWork cloud-based solution allows today’s mid and large businesses to gain a competitive advantage while increasing profit margins.

A well planned time and attendance implementation can provide stupendous benefits, streamline business processes and improve overall efficiency within an organization. Now depending on how long your solution has been in place, its functionality should be far reaching while, allowing users, to gain access from anywhere on any device with access to the Internet.

ATS TimeWork gives you the ability to leverage the internet and provides an easy and secure process for the capturing employee time and attendance.  There is no hardware or software required, ATS TimeWork allows you to lower payroll costs and replaces traditional paper time cards, spreadsheets and costly manual, time calculation.

If you are three months into your current solution and it has not yielded the cost savings you had hope to achieve, give us a call at; 1.866.294.2467. You can also visit our website to view a demonstration of TimeWork.


It’s almost the end of the year and your payroll and HR departments are budding with excitement at the prospect of finally get that brand new time and attendance system they have been promised. They went through the presentation, understand the return on investment (ROI) and have made their selection. All they need is senior management sign-off.

 Here is what your HR and Payroll departments can expect, when they deploy an ATS time and attendance solution:

ATS time and attendance was designed to capture real-time information about business processes and communicate that information to third party applications which include: Talent Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, (ERP), Payroll, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. At the same time, ATS time and attendance software has a set of pre- configured data tools for a variety of industries, enabling them to manage their business processes, while easing current regulatory reporting and compliance.

Currently, your company’s HR and payroll departments are gathering employee vacation requests and other personal information via a series of spreadsheets. In short, there is no standard way to enter, organize, and analyze data. In addition, these paper forms are stored in filing cabinets in one location and are susceptible to fire, flood, and other natural disasters. With ATS Employee Self-Service your employees can submit vacation and other personal time-off requests through a secure web portal on any mobile device or PC that has an Internet connection and the information is available 24/7.

Of course, one would expect any good time and attendance software to provide you with real-time business intelligence and great complementary support. But that’s not all, because in addition, we offer an employee time management solution with advanced capabilities that is unmatched.

At ATS we are more than just features and benefits. The ATS time and attendance software is a dynamic platform for running your business your way. As 2013 draws to a close, your HR and Payroll are still hoping to get that new solution that will eradicate the manual process.

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Construct Canada was a roaring success

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Each year, ATS attends and/or exhibits at several tradeshows. This year was no different at the Construct Canada which happened to be its 25th edition and is viewed by many exhibitors and visitors alike, as one of the most prominent tradeshows of North America. The show was held at the Metro Convention Centre and as usual, was packed with exciting displays featuring current and some of the most innovative products in the industry. The event organizers of this show, is by all accounts, top notch.

This year’s exhibition featured 7 shows held concurrently which included: PM Expo, DesignTrends, Concrete Canada, HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo, and National GreenBuilding Conference. In short it was a delight for the marketing and production departments of ATS Canada.

ATS workforce management solutions help companies manage operations in complex and capital-intensive projects – smoothly and cost-effectively – with our solutions for engineering, construction and operations. The solution boost profit margins, drive more efficient financial management, and supercharge project performance.

ATS Engineering and Construction Workforce Management Software Benefits:

  • Budgeting and workforce analytics modules identifies and analyzes talent gaps
  • A robust time and attendance that streamlines business processes with increased visibility and helps reduce labour costs
  • Helps indentifies fewer unexpected project cost over-runs
  • Provides faster decision making with access to real-time insights
  • Consolidate HR and payroll processes into one unified software solution to meet compliance

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There are number of clues that can steer you in the direction to changing your existing workforce management software. These clues, if adhered to, can help you evaluate and implement a new workforce management software for the betterment of your organization. Examples include:

Current software do match the evolution of your business – Technology is moving at a rapid pace and while the current time and attendance software may have worked with your old business rules, your company is growing and expanding into your new markets.

Cannot get the right information out of the system – Real-time business analytics is critical to understanding your bottom line. It’s easy to get saddled with a software solution that is dated and lacks the day to day information that business executives need.

You are keying in data using lots of spreadsheets -The whole point of automating is to move away from manual processing. If you are using an employee time management system and also spending a significant amount of time keying in data, it’s time to evaluate your options. Keying in data manually is an ineffective use of your time and will invariably lead to inaccuracies.

Existing application is no longer supported by your vendor – Over the past several years, there have been numerous acquisitions in the time and attendance market. At times, this can leave a customer vulnerable to the inevitability that support for their current product is on a short leash.

Current software can no longer work on your platform – When this happens and if your vendor is offering you an upgrade that is twice the amount of your old system-it’s time to move on.  Now might be the perfect time to move your time and attendance solution to the cloud. Why? You no longer need to worry about purchasing or maintaining a new server and having the right IT resources to support it. And as your business evolves, you have the power of technology on your side in a cloud-based time tracking solution  that will grow with you.

If your company is using a time and attendance solution that is no longer meeting your needs, call us at 1.866.294.2467 to speak to an ATS account executive. You can also view a demonstration of ATS TimeWork On-Demand on our website.

Small and Mid-Size Businesses are Slowly Adopting Cloud-Based Time and Attendance

December 5th, 2013 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Benefit Accruals | Employee Scheduling | Labour Costs | Payroll | Web-Based Time and Attendance Software - (Comments Off on Small and Mid-Size Businesses are Slowly Adopting Cloud-Based Time and Attendance)

When cloud-based time and attendance made its foray into the marketplace, large organizations took advantage of its ability to improve their business process. On the other hand, small and mid-size organizations were not sure if this would be a viable and in some cases, affordable solution for them.

Today, more than ever, there are numerous employee time tracking solutions that small and mid-size enterprises (SME) can harness for, business intelligence, employee scheduling, benefit accruals, job costing, labour tracking and payroll and HR integration. Sometimes finding a scalable and affordable solution is like “looking for a needle in a haystack” By using ATS TimeWork On-Demand companies will streamline processes and up-to-minute data that senior executives can use to run their daily operations.

How A Hosted Time and Attendance Solution can help
ATS hosted time and attendance solution allow small and mid-size businesses to realize tremendous cost savings while improve production and payroll processing hours. ATS TimeWork On-Demand has been designed to be flexible and easy to use and that’s what we have been hearing from our customers over the years. The solution adapts to your needs with no unnecessary or expensive extras and you will see the immediate improvements in ROI and lower payroll costs.

Transition to the Cloud
As businesses understand the low cost of ownership, they are apt to transition employee time tracking operations to the cloud. With your time and attendance system hosted by ATS, you will need fewer IT personnel to provide support as the cloud allows for software to be automatically upgraded and checked 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Beauty of the Cloud
Small and mid-size enterprises (SME) can benefit from a range of features and functionality that can be combined at anytime during and/or after the initial implementation to create a solution that’s specific to your business. This type of flexibility means you get what you need when you need it.

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Some technology pundits have rightly lamented that tap and pay with credit cards never gained widespread adoption, so why does the industry want to institute the same with the smart phones? There have been many articles written about the success of this venture in some jurisdictions. However, the missing element in all of this is a simple set of instructions that shows how this works. For example, would the general public be open to the technology if they knew answers to the following?

  • Exactly how does tap and pay work on a smartphone?
  • What are the advantages of using my phone to pay for items?
  • Does one have to download an app for this to work?
  • After the app is downloaded, what are the next steps in this process?
  • Is the app the same for all smart phones?
  • Do I need to contact my bank before or after I download the app?
  • Is this method faster than swiping with my credit card?

Now these might sound like mundane questions but they are the type of questions consumers will need answers to. This technology will be quickly adopted by the tech savvy minded consumers albeit, with some questions. The other side of that equation will be the types of consumers that have questions like: security, ease-of use and will be very slow to use the product unless, their concerns are addressed.

In an article titled  Tap-and-Pay Phone Tech Isn’t Worth the Hassle by Mark Hachman on the author cites some of the challenges that the industry is facing with user adoption. Does this mean that smart phone tap and pay will never gain widespread adoption? No, it just means the industry has to do a much better job at using a simplistic approach to sell a service that has the appearance of being too complex.

As purveyors of technology in the time and attendance solution space, ATS understands that having state of the art software means nothing, if it’s not easy to use.

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Antiquated systems simply do not work in today’s global workforce and evolving regulations. Let’s set aside the spreadsheets and “honour system” and engage in a conversation that helps business executives achieve goals that will keep customers, shareholders and employees happy. These goals include:

  • Deploying a time and attendance tracking solution that is adaptable, easy-to-use and will meet the demands of a diverse workforce
  • Controlling payroll costs
  • Figuring out if you have the right tools for scheduling your workforce
  • Providing employees with the flexibility to view their benefit accruals
  • How to make the best use of real-time labour analytics

These goals are  realistic. With the use of a unified workforce management solution, your organization can track employee time and attendance, reduce labour costs and stay in compliance with current regulations.

ATS TimeWork On-Demand Uses a Best-Practice Approach
ATS helps companies solve workforce management challenges with a proven implementation methodology. We provide our customers with the best possible technical support experts in our industry.

Comprehensive Enterprise Time and Attendance Software
ATS time and attendance has been designed to grow with your business needs. Our software application facilitates your unique business needs by calculating the most complex work and payroll rules. ATS provides a full enterprise software solution portfolio, that combines scalability and flexibility to meet today’s business challenges while, empowering your organization for unparalleled success.

Integrated Solution
ATS TimeWork On-Demand combines all aspects of your workforce management including: Forecasting, Workforce Scheduling, Time and Attendance, Employee Self-Service and Business Intelligence. ATS time and attendance solution maintains proven integration with leading; enterprise resource planning, payroll and HR applications thus, enabling you to truly integrate your workforce with your business.

ATS TimeWork is Flexible
We recognize that one of the most important features of great software is how easy it is for people to use. That is why ATS developed a solution that is rapid to implement, adapts to various business requirements and dramatically shortens the learning curve for users.

A Solution For The Long Term
The implementation of an ATS time and attendance system is an excellent investment for the short and long term. ATS TimeWork software solution minimizes the cost and complexity of implementation, integration and support. ATS TimeWork On-Demand can be easily deployed anywhere, on any device and delivers a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and rapid return on investment (ROI). This all translates into an improved bottom line and ultimately, that’s what makes shareholders smile.

ATS TimeWork time and attendance is a comprehensive workforce management solution that is built for the way people work today and is ready to meet the ever-changing demands of a growing, global economy.

Want to learn more? Call us at 866.294.2467 and find out how ATS TimeWork can help your business grow. To view a demonstration, go to our website.