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In the first period of a recent game between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics, two of the NBA’s marquee teams, the Celtics were being pummeled. During a time out, coach Doc Rivers, kept saying to his players, “keep the game simple”. This is a phrase that’s often used in sports by coaches to remind players to stick to the fundamentals of the game. The phrase, “keep it simple” is also used in the world of business and other areas of life.

So, what does “keep it simple” have to do with a time management system? In the context of this discussion quite a lot. If your company has been using a paper based time sheet or an antiquated punch clock system and you are thinking about implementing a time management solution, try migrating at a slow pace.

Do You Need A Simple Or Complicated Time And Attendance Solution?

Here are some reasons why:

  • Employees who have not used a 21st century swipe card or biometric time clock might resent it if it’s not properly explained to them
  • You may get push-back from operational supervisors if the software is too difficult to navigate
  • The learning curve is easier for all stakeholders of your company

Now, we are not suggesting that you go out and purchase the cheapest solution you can get your hands on. As we all know, you cannot put a price on quality. At the same time, we are not suggesting you get the most expensive. Instead, what we are saying is that for companies who are thinking about deploying a time & attendance system for the first time, the “keep it simple” approach should apply. You can always add modules to a scalable workforce time and attendance system as your need increases. Apex Time Solutions provides an open and integrated employee time management solution representing a variety of sizes and industries.

The ATS Workforce Management Software tracks employee time and attendance, employee time clock software, employee scheduling software and payroll software all in a single package.

To learn more about best-practices in deploying a time and attendance system or to download one of our white papers, go to our website.

Do You Need A Simple Or Complicated Time And Attendance Solution?

Surveys by leading organizations have consistently revealed that a large majority of organizations do not use any form of time and attendance to track employee hours. When you consider that labour is the largest expense for most organizations, this statistic leaves one to wonder why?

A company using a manual time sheet has to contend with the following:

  • Employees punching in/out for each other-Buddy Punching
  • Employees taking an extra 5 minutes for lunch
  • Arriving 5-10 minutes late once or twice a week
  • Manual calculation and keying of employees hours into a payroll software

Now it’s important to note that these studies revealed those using antiquated punch clocks, manual time sheets or “the honour system” included companies of various sizes. Theses companies ranged in size between 40-2000 employees. This is a staggering number when you consider the following benefits:

A time and attendance software will reduce the cost associated with creating and distributing paper timesheets. Cost savings result from:

  • Direct savings from reduced paper, printing, and distribution costs
  • Indirect savings from time spent handling paper timesheets
  • Elimination of duplicate data entry
  • History of dates when time off was taken
  • Fewer paycheque corrections
  • Fewer inquires to HR or payroll departments
  • Reduce the different levels of paper base tracking

How many employees complain if they get overpaid? If even a small number of employees keep their overpayments, it is costing plenty. And when employees get underpaid and complain, issuing a new pay cheque or adjustment is costly.

Without accurate information, you lose the ability to perform useful decision support. Pay is the biggest controllable expense in most organizations. You should have accurate information about hours worked, departments worked in, etc. for your decision support.

ATS customized time and attendance solutions help companies improve efficiency and reduce costs. To learn more about deploying a time and attendance system at your organization go to our website.

Can a Time and Attendance System Make a Difference?

Can a Time and Attendance System Make a Difference?