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Real-time data will no longer be just available on computers and legacy systems. Today’s businesses want effective business management software that helps their companies streamline payroll costs and increase shareholder value. ATS workforce management software supports your core business operations with market-leading applications and technologies designed to work together in a fully integrated business suite.

ATS time and attendance delivers a comprehensive set of integrated, cross-functional business automation processes. With ATS TimeWork time and attendance, you will gain the following benefits:

Reduced costs: Use enterprise services architecture to improve process standardization, efficiency, and adaptability. Extend transactions, information, and collaboration functions to a broad business community.

Gain higher ROI: Install ATS TimeWork using rapid-implementation techniques that cost less than half what traditional approaches cost.

Improve financial analytics and corporate governance: Gain deep visibility into your organization with labour and business analytics functionality. Increase profitability, improve financial control, and manage risk.

Support changing industry requirements: Take advantage of ATS TimeWork scalability and latest cloud technology to integrate your end-to-end processes seamlessly.

Reduce risk: ATS time and attendance software solve complex business challenges. We are the trusted partner for leading organizations, with our team of qualified representatives to support business practices of companies in Canada, United States and Europe.

ATS TimeWork time and attendance delivers information in real time through its management portal dashboards. The software meets the needs of businesses by offering a comprehensive solution with industry-specific functionality. ATS industry-leading workforce management software responds quickly to rapidly changing business demands, complies with rapidly changing industry regulations and improves customer satisfaction.

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Why is Workforce Management Software Implementation so Critical?

September 17th, 2013 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Cloud Time and Attendance | Employee Time Tracking Software | Time and Attendance On-Demand | TimeWork | Workforce Management Software - (Comments Off on Why is Workforce Management Software Implementation so Critical?)

Sometimes the answer lies in the structure of organizations.  The software project starts out being well scoped for contingency with well laid plans for its completion. However, the process of getting these projects signed off by decision makers, gets derailed due to competing resources. By the time an agreement has been reached, a set of unrealistic expectations have been set all around by third parties and other stakeholders. At this point the combination of unrealistic expectations and insufficient resources to complete the project means that failure is all but inevitable.

When properly implemented, a workforce management solution can help to alleviate many problems that plague businesses. A properly implemented workforce management solution pulls data from different sources, facilitates better decision making and communication between departmental managers.

Some of the most common reasons given for failure of a workforce management software implementation includes: An insufficient scope of the project, unrealistic budget expectations and poor planning.  The poor project planning at the outset leads directly to a lack of realism when budgets and timescales are being discussed.

ATS Implementation Methodology provides a framework that helps you keep your business software current in a coherent way. Under the direction of our implementation experts and project managers, our proven methodology enables you to implement your new ATS TimeWork time and attendance solution quickly- and achieve measurable success. We make every project phase fully transparent and provide complete cost and schedule control. ATS unique methodology ensures you a worry free experience.

The ATS Implementation Methodology is based on years of experience in refining and improving the phases and procedures which constitute implementation best practices, and Project Management standards. In addition to pre-implementation and post-implementation procedures, it consists of five phases that are repeatable from customer to customer: initiate, design, build, deploy, and closure. ATS professional implementation personnel guide the entire process-from project kick-off, to creating a solution concept, to building the actual components, to production cut-over and go-live, and finally to formal handover of the solution. As a result, every implementation is completed on time and on budget.

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 Workforce Management Software Implementation Methodology

In our highly digitized world, complete with smartphones and tablets, it is not uncommon for employees to want access to view their benefits. Today HR managers are busy and having to sift through various reports or manual time sheets which is both time consuming and takes them away from doing other important tasks.

ATS Workforce Benefit Accruals automatically calculates complex time-off policies and tracks accrual rates based on seniority, employment status and other job and position conditions. ATS Workforce Benefit Accruals automates the leave time available to employees and improves compliance with corporate policies and collective bargaining agreements.

Benefits of ATS Workforce Benefit Accruals:
Seniority- Accumulate time based on length of service within an organization. For example, employees with up to three years’ seniority get two weeks of vacation each year. After three years, employees receive 4 weeks of vacation, and after 10 years, employees receive 5 weeks of vacation, etc.

Compliance- ATS Workforce Benefit Accruals calculates available time-off of employees. The application improves compliance with corporate policies and minimizes a company’s exposure to leave liability and employee grievances.

Time-Off- ATS Workforce Benefit Accruals module automatically adds vacation, sick time, personal and paid time-off and other types of leave time to an employee’s accrual bank. Time off is accrued based on an employee’s job, schedule, or other complex factors. With the use of employee self-service, employees can review the remaining days in their benefit bank.

When used with our workforce management software,  or web-based time and attendance solution,  ATS Workforce Benefit Accrual dashboard displays the number of hours accrued, earned, used and available for review by supervisors and management. ATS Workforce Accruals applies balance enforcement restrictions in real time. It provides employees and managers with access to real-time balances which helps ensure accuracy across your entire organization with minimal supervision. In addition, it has the flexibility to facilitate your organization’s most complex benefit policies and transform them into enduring practices.

To view a demonstration, of ATS Workforce Benefit Accrual go to our website.

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