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The Analytic View of Business Intelligence and its Impact on Profitability

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Small and Midsize companies face the same challenges as larger competitors. Product quality issues and complex supply chains erode margins. However, small and midsize organizations have fewer resources to overcome these challenges. Consequently, they can’t afford to waste money on complex solutions – or spend time on ones that don’t quickly deliver business value.

ATS time and attendance business intelligence provides a complete set of tools and applications that let you plan, execute, and analyze at both strategic and tactical levels while aligning business activities with business goals. ATS TimeWork time and attendance business intelligence simplifies the production and distribution of current and comprehensive reports. This module is an important component of any time and attendance deployment strategy and forms part of our workforce management solution, enabling more effective decision making throughout your business.

Business Benefits:

  • Intuitive user interfaces – Use applications like Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word to export data
  • Better decision making Access to the right information at the right time allows quality report generation to help you better analyze your company data
  • Faster ROI by utilizing ATS time and attendance best practices for business analysis
  • Lower cost of ownership by implementing a preconfigured employee workforce management software BI solution
  • Turns insights into actions by providing the ability to invoke business processes from the ATS time and attendance business intelligence dashboards
  • Increase profit margins, streamline payroll costs and increase productivity
  • Enables business users to create new analyses from the self-service portal from scratch and/or modify existing business analytics

ATS time and attendance business intelligence delivers the most robust set of reporting, ad-hoc query and analysis, dashboard, and functionality with a rich end-user experience.

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The implementation of a workforce management solution should be given serious consideration, once you understand how it will solve your business challenges. Things that should be considered ahead of the implementation include: Your company’s’ project leader, ROI and realistic timelines. In our experience, the one area that is overlooked is the expected completion date. A rule of thumb is to always add an additional week or two to the expected ‘Go-Live Date.’ While both vendor and customer have good intentions, we all know implementations do not go as planned. Now, if your implementation is delayed by 3-6 months that’s entirely different story altogether.

Deployment of a workforce management solution is a major undertaking, but the process doesn’t have to be painful. If planned and executed properly, your workforce management system should be a smooth process and you should start seeing improved efficiency across your business in short order. Here are some time and attendance best practices to consider when selecting and deploying a solution.

Select The Best Workforce Management Solution For Your Business

Time and Attendance solutions encompass a variety of functions but no two applications are the same, despite what you might hear to the contrary. Technology is moving at a rapid pace so choose a solution this is both current and scalable.  

Some companies choose to build their own software solution with the aid of in-house IT personnel. The cost and complexity of taking on such a huge project can tie up IT resources for months and sometimes years.

The other alternative is ATS TimeWork On-Demand. ATS time and attendance hosted by ATS. This means you don’t have to make expensive upfront investments in IT hardware and servers, or allocate personnel to managing it. Cloud-based implementations are much faster and easier to deploy than on-site deployments. The maintenance is also much easier since the provider is responsible for keeping the technology up to date. With cloud technology, product enhancements are painless—customizations and integrations automatically update with system upgrades—so you can always be assured that your business is running with the most advanced capability.

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Is Your Company Using Excel Spread Sheets To Track Vacation Requests?

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Empowering your employees to make time-management decisions that are beneficial to themselves and the company requires giving employees access to such things as their: benefit accruals, personal work schedules, and accumulated overtime. Making this information easily accessible through a cloud-based time and attendance solution improves communication and productivity thus, eliminating the manual tasks performed by payroll and HR practitioners.

ATS TimeWork employee self-service unifies time tracking, employee work schedules, and time-off requests into a single system-of-record. Complete with business intelligence and labour analytics, manager and employee self-service is an an easy to use software application.

Solution Benefits Include:

Streamline Manual Requests-Using manual processes to count employee personal time off and other requests, takes time away for more profitable endeavors.  ATS TimeWork employee-self-service streamlines the manual process by automatically sending time-off requests to the appropriate departmental manager or HR for his or her approval.

Access To View Personal Information- Providing employees with immediate access to schedules and personal time-off limits administrative requests for this type of information and provides employees an important sense of ownership.

Gain Access 24/7– Getting questions answered or issues addressed during normal work hours can, at times, be a challenge. With ATS cloud-based self-service, managers and employees have access to this portal 24/7, 365 days a year.

ATS TimeWork Employee Self-Service gives you the tools to define and manage employee requests through the use of intuitive dashboards to meet the unique requirements of your business. Employing a self-serve time and attendance system is a crucial step for organizations looking to empower employee decision making. You can further leverage ATS time and attendance software for additional benefits to gain access to a catalog of integrated software modules across all major categories.

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Is Your Compay Using Excel Spreadsheets To Track Vacation Requests

The digital era has changed the working landscaping and the way most businesses operate. Sales and marketing teams no longer need to be tethered to their desks to get work done. Many businesses have taken advantage of the benefits that this technology affords by leveraging software solutions to help them retain a competitive edge.

One of the best ways to find out if your company has positioned itself to compete in today’s global economy, is by implementing a cloud based workforce management solution. Investing in workforce management software does not have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, if you choose the right solution, the transition can be both affordable and seamless. Before deciding on any workforce management solution, make sure that it facilitates:

Data Integration- When investing in software technology one of the keys to lowering cost should be integration. Before committing to a vendors’ product, companies would be wise to confirm the viability of that product as it relates to integration to other applications. With the advancement of technology, no company should be stuck with a 1980s proprietary software solution. ATS TimeWork On-Demand will ensure that your company is up and running quickly because it seamlessly integrates to third party applications.

Ease-Of-Use– One of the main reasons companies purchase a time management solution is to eradicate manual tasks. However, if extrapolating a simple time and attendance report entails navigating through several screens, chances are, you are not saving time. Look for a solution that is simple, robust and meets your stated requirements.

Deployment– Flashy PowerPoint demonstrations do not equate to successful implementations. ATS TimeWork On-Demand is a cloud-based solution which means there is no need for expensive upfront investments in IT hardware and servers. More importantly, ATS TimeWork On-Demand automatically updates with system upgrade; so you can always be assured that your business is running with the most advanced capability.

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Thinking About Deploying A Time and Attendance Solution? Decision Makers Should Be Involved

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The goal of purchasing an employee time management solution should focus on a return on investment (ROI) and its tools in streamlining manual business processes. When these projects involve multiple sites and in excess of 25 managers who will require training, key decision makers should make every effort be front and centre of the process. Why? Because these large projects require the attention of stakeholders in the early stages to augment misunderstandings that may occur as the process unfolds. The reason for decision makers to be present during the early stages, is to address the strategic objectives of the company as it relates to a workforce management solution.

Here are three questions that should be addressed:

What are the business challenges?
Some companies miss this point and instead focus on the price of the solution. Of course price is important. However, by focusing on a variety of quotes from several vendors, while choosing to ignore how the product will meet your organizational requirements is a red flag for disaster. In short, one of the most important questions an organization should ask itself is, will the product  we are considering which has the best price match our requirements? If you cannot answer this question, then go back and make sure match your requirements against the functionality of the product.

Is the solution easy to use?
While there are some similarities in the way time and attendance systems, calculate employee time  they do not operate the same. Time and attendance systems will work better at certain companies depending how the organization plans to use the solution. If producing a simple report yields endless pages of paper, chances are departmental managers will get frustrated and won’t use the system. Before purchasing any employee time management solution, make sure you get a flavour of the application through a demonstration. The focus of the demonstration should highlight the vendors’ understanding of your company’s requirements and how said system, will improve your business process and is easy for all users to master.

Will the solution grow with your business?
If the solution you are about to purchase is not scalable it’s likely not the right solution for your company. For example, can the solution work on smartphones and tablet PCs and can it be accessed from anywhere and at anytime? When choosing your solution, find out if it will support changing platforms for the next 5-7 years and beyond, otherwise you are likely throwing money out the window.

Conclusion: your time and attendance system should be viewed as a long term investment and companies, should do all they can, to ensure that the solution matches their requirements.

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Thinking about deploying a time and attendance solution-Decisoin makers should be involved

Have Economic Conditions Improved for the Manufacturing Sector Since 2008?

November 19th, 2013 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Employee Self Service | ERP | Labour Costs | Overtime Equalization | Workforce Management Solutions - (Comments Off on Have Economic Conditions Improved for the Manufacturing Sector Since 2008?)

Impatient shareholders, increased economic uncertainty and rapid globalization are creating continuous pressure for today’s manufacturers. To compete effectively and win, manufacturers must reduce costs and increase service levels with fewer resources.

ATS workforce management solution for manufacturing provides strategic tools that manufacturers need to transform their operations to become industry leaders. ATS TimeWork helps manufacturers streamline payroll costs more efficiently and optimize their supply chains in critical operational areas. The application helps manufacturers with; employee data capture,  budgeting and forecasting, job costing, labour allocation, overtime equalization, employee self-service, business analytics, CRM, ERP and payroll integration.

ATS TimeWork workforce management software is designed to meet the needs of progressive manufacturing companies. The application is delivered ‘out-of-the-box’ with a built-in business workflow processes that enable manufacturers to manage the order cycle of their time and attendance operations. ATS TimeWork time and attendance solution can help manufacturers improve their operations while reducing costs, improving visibility and enhancing business operations.

ATS TimeWork workforce management solution helps manufacturers improve response times and increase customer satisfaction by maintaining detailed analytics in real-time for the purpose of tracking labour dollars. And through better time management and labour controls, you will prevent and reduce failure and thus, increase your company’s profit margins

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As the world slowly emerges from the great recession of 2008, many businesses continue to grapple with thin margins and tough competition. These companies need tools to help them forecast, budget and manage costs while improving productivity. In short order, this is no small task. In a tough competitive landscape how can businesses achieve productivity gains and stay within budget when they do not have the tools to analyze the true nature of their workforce?

ATS TimeWork time and attendance workforce analytics provides companies with an intuitive and easy-to use real-time monitoring of their business data. The workforce analytics dashboards are part of ATS workforce management business intelligence capabilities that delivers up-to-the-minute key statistical data. ATS workforce analytics is fully integrated with Microsoft® Office and allows users to export data while maintaining data accuracy and consistency.

ATS time and attendance workforce analytics continually updates information to give you real-time visibility across your organization. ATS workforce analytics is a powerful, easy-to-use business intelligence tool that drives smarter decisions across your business operations.

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Hoiw Workforce Analytics Can Help Growing Businesses 

Keeping costs low is a critical aspect for most companies who are thinking about deploying a time and attendance system. As cloud applications gain momentum businesses, are reaping the benefits of low cost of ownership (LCO) versus traditional on-premises applications. One of the more significant advantages for companies using a cloud based software system is the ability for their employees to use their smartphones and tablets to review their work schedules, check vacation balances and request time off.

Cloud applications give businesses, the opportunity to speed up all aspects of their organization by capturing and analyzing data in real-time. In the meantime, on-premises systems are slowly taking a back seat to the agility, versatility and speed of a cloud time and attendance system.

Today’s companies want to use modern technology that cater to their need for speed but does not “break the bank.” It’s important to note that these same companies are migrating to a cloud workforce management software to the improve collaboration and streamline payroll costs.

In a few short years, the cloud has changed the software deployment landscape. Businesses no longer have to pay large upfront fees for an on-premises application that takes several months and in some cases, years to complete.

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 Deployment of a Cloud Based Solution and its Low Cost of Ownership