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Global Market Predictions For 2015| Growth And Innovation Report By IDC

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Well respected industry behemoth International Data Corporation (IDC) released its annual prediction report that covers all things technology including; analytics, mobile computing, Internet of Things, cloud computing and, social networking. It’s a report that will be encouraging to many businesses after years of a slow economy that took shape after the 2008 downturn.

In no particular order, here are some of the highlights of this report, including areas that will experience growth:

  1. Big data and analytics will see important developments in 2015 as worldwide spending on big data-related software, hardware, and services grows to $125 billion. Rich media analytics (video, audio, and image) will emerge as an important driver of big data projects. And big data supply chains (i.e. Data as a Service) will grow in importance as cloud platform and analytics vendors offer clients value-added information from commercial and open data sets.
  2. China will experience skyrocketing influence on the global Accelerating Innovation (ICT) market in 2015 with spending that will account for 43% of all industry growth, one third of all smartphone purchases, and about one third of all online shoppers.
  3. Cloud services will remain a hotbed of activity in 2015 with $118 billion in spending on the greater cloud ecosystem. Adoption of cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) will grow briskly (36%) as market leader Amazon comes under attack from all directions as challengers attempt the “Amazoning of Amazon”.
  4. Worldwide Accelerating Innovation (ICT) spending will grow 3.8% in 2015 to more than $3.8 trillion.
  5. Telecommunications services will see wireless data emerge as the largest ($536 billion) and fastest growing (13%) segment of telecom spending. To avoid being marginalized as little more than infrastructure providers, carriers will scramble to develop platform- and API-based services that add value and attract developers to their networks. They will also seek rapprochement with over-the-top (OTT) cloud services providers through innovative performance and revenue-sharing arrangements.

The report is made up of a top ten list of predictions for 2015. You can read the list of predictions in its entirety by going to the IDC website.

To learn more about ATS, you can view a demonstration of our best-of-breed cloud-based time and attendance on our website.

Global Market Predictions For 2015, Growth And Innovation Report By IDC

Trying to keep employees engaged during the holiday season can be a challenge for many companies. During this time of the year employees are thinking of planned family visits and gift buying to name a few-and this is precisely when companies may notice a slight dip in productivity. If as an employer, you are aware of this slight dip each year, there are several there some things you can offer employees to keep them productive or at the very least engaged during that period. As an employer, how about bringing in a tray of cookies and some eggnog that employees can sample as their go about their day? It’s a small gesture that it likely to brighten your employees day.

How To Show Your Appreciation For Employees During The Holiday Season.

Glassdoor, an online career community portal conducted a recent study titled “What Employees Want The Most This Holiday Season” and in conjunction with listed ten intrinsic items that employee said they would love to get from their employer during the season. They include:

Number 10: Commuter Subsidy-2%
Number 9:  Holiday Party with an open bar-5%
Number 8:   Gym Membership-7%
Number 7:   Company Stock options- 9%
Number 6:   Option to telecommute for one year-13%
Number 5:   Grocery Giftcard-29%
Number 4:   Paid Time Off-36%
Number 3:   Raise in pay-60%
Number 2:   Cash bonus-73%
Number 1:   Cash

You can see the infographics on the Forbes website. Some industries including; retail, service and the hospitality are all open for business during the holiday season. Employees in these industries are likely very overwhelmed having to deal with an equally stressed out throng of shoppers- and, any one of the above mentioned gifts items would work wonders for them.

Employee Appreciation

In closing, while some companies may not be able to employ some or all of these ideas, employers should keep in mind that they will experience a slight dip in productivity. When this happens, take an impromptu break, invite everyone for a cookie and eggnog and just ask them about their plans for the holidays.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that count. Happy Holidays!

Employee Appreciation During Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year when holiday office parties are in full swing, retailers have hired extra employees to help with the heavy amount of shopping that has become reminiscent with this time of the year. Businesses also have their shopping list, chief amoung them, payroll and HR managers who, have been using paper time sheets for years and would like nothing better a new solution. Some of the will be presenting a list to their reporting managers for a system that contains:

Visual Dashboards- With data visualization tools that displays the current status of metrics, including employee attendance, up-to-minute reports and other key performance indicators (KPI’s) for the benefits of understand budget vs. actual dollars spent. And, they want this data to be consolidated, sorted, arranged and managed to fit one screen.

Workforce Planning- For the purpose of providing insight into job costing capabilities, and integrate pay code policies for multi site and multi county operations.  The time tracking solution should contain the ability to provide a complete picture of workforce scheduling demand, thus, allowing our organization to optimize our business with our operational goals for greater business insight.

Data Integration- Seamless integration to payroll, HR, ERP and other applications so your company no longer have to key data in manually. ATS TimeWork integration tool includes a set of pre-built, packaged integrations and connectors for the purpose of third-party applications that are built, maintained, and supported by ATS.

Better Usability- You deserve a system that gives you the right data at the right time. ATS TimeWork is adaptable, mobile, and flexible and can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime. It’s just that easy. It’s made for the way industries operate. ATS TimeWork lets employees access their scheduled shifts and accumulated overtime hours, request time-off and collaborate with their direct supervisors through any mobile device. Now just imagine how much greater profitability and streamlined process, your company will achieve? That’s the power of ATS TimeWork.

Scalability- ATS TimeWork is easy to use, affordable, time and attendance for mid-enterprise size organizations. Available in the cloud or on-premise, our software is designed to work with your organization – and, at a price that’s right for your growing company. To gain a competitive edge in the demanding global marketplace requires efficiency, agility, analysis, and, above all, simple technological solutions and, that’s the advantage of using an ATS workforce management solution.

In closing, if your manager needs convincing, have him or her go to our demonstration page and get their personalized tour of the software and download data some data collection options.

All I Want For Christmas Is A Brand New Time And Attendance Solution

The argument about whether cloud-based solutions will stand the test of time is slowly diminishing in some circles. If you are a subscriber to; Facebook, Google, and NetFlix you are part of the many millions who are using a cloud-based solution on a daily basis.

A recent study by Gartner for worldwide use of the Internet of Things (IOT) states, in part; “The Internet of Things (IoT), which excludes PCs, tablets and smartphones, will grow to 26 billion units installed in 2020 representing an almost 30-fold increase from 0.9 billion in 2009, according to Gartner, Inc. Gartner said that IoT product and service suppliers will generate incremental revenue exceeding $300 billion, mostly in services, in 2020. It will result in $1.9 trillion in global economic value-add through sales into diverse end markets. 

The Internet of Things is the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment.”

If your company is still embracing old aged technology to extrapolate attendance data, chances are, you could be left behind. Cloud-based time and attendance is here to stay.

The study further Gartner contends; “Emerging areas will witness rapid growth of connected things. This will lead to improved safety, security and loss prevention in the insurance industry. IoT will also facilitate new business models, such as usage-based insurance calculated based on real-time driving data. The banking and securities industry will continue to innovate around mobile and micropayment technology using convenient point-of-sale (POS) terminals and will invest in improved physical security systems. IoT will also support a large range of health and fitness devices and services, combined with medical advances, leading to significant benefit to the healthcare sector. Emerging connected sensor technology will lead to value creation in utilities, transportation and agriculture. Most industries will also benefit from the generic technologies, in that their facilities will operate more efficiently through the use of smart building technology.”

To learn more about the Internet of Things (IoT) and ATS Attendance On-Demand Time and Attendance go to our website to arrange a personalized demo.

The Internet Of Everything Cloud

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now the rearview mirror, and retailers are now focusing their attention on one of the world’s biggest shopping season. Yes this bonanza of a holiday season always lives up to its shopping hype. So, cue the credit cards and upcoming mad dash to the malls and, with retailers rubbing their hands in glee-you know the Christmas season is upon us.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we chose three separate top 10 holiday tips from different websites that geared towards businesses and consumers:

From Holiday Best.Com “Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Kids 2014”

You cannot go wrong with books, and that’s one of the definite facts of live. You can get your kids educational books such as history books, encyclopedia, classical fictions, literature, you name it.

You can get them paperback editions of their favourite graphic novels, a biography of their favourite music artist, or even inspirational books such as the “Chicken Soup” series.” The entire list can be found on their website.

From Kate Taylor, Staff Writer at

Collect data
“If you collected information on your staffing, hours and sales last year, this holiday season is going to be much easier. If you didn’t – a common small business mistake – now’s the time to play catch up. You might learn the hard way when you overstaff or understaff, but at least next year, you won’t have to deal with the unknown… again.” You can read the top ten list in its entirety on

Using a robust time and attendance solution to collect, manage and assimilate data will leave you worry free this holiday season.

From Harvard Business Review, The Top 7 Management Tips

Pretend You Have What You Want:

Your mind is often your greatest tool, but as anyone who has been taken over by fear, frustration, or worry knows, it can also be your greatest enemy. Whether you’re concerned that you don’t have the respect of your peers or that a customer isn’t calling you back because she’s gone to a competitor, overthinking the issue only serves to compound the worry. Instead, pretend you have what you want. Act as if your peers respect you or as if the customer is loyal. These may be fantasies, but what you’re worrying about may be as well. It’s better to stop the worry and act confidently; chances are better that you’ll get what you want.

If you happen to be a payroll or HR manager and a new time and attendance system is on your list of things for this holiday season, ask your manager to download a demonstration from our website. It comes complete with an ROI tool kit, finance options and a variety of bells and whistles.

Top Ten Christmas Holiday Season Tips, Lists and Gifts

The headline has a nice ring to it and its one that some project leaders like to cling to, but in reality, when installing an employee attendance system, consideration should be given to how that system is going to function after 5 years. There is nothing wrong with wanting your investment to stretch as much as possible- however, expecting your investment in a time and attendance solution to live far beyond its useful life is a sin we have, all committed at some point or another.

If your company likes the idea of an installed product that leaves you worry-free of software licenses and server updates, then you might be better off with a cloud-based solution. And with cloud technology, you get:

Data Integration: Easy integration to ERP, CRM, Talent Management, Payroll and HRIS makes your employee time management worth the investment. Not to mention it also cuts down on manual data entry.

Visibility:  Up-to-the-minute labor and business analytics and the best part, elimination of paper-based time-sheets.
Scalable: Configure and add modules as you need them
Updates:  Software delivered, requiring no additional costs
Efficient: Cloud delivery eliminates on-premise IT costs
Anytime, Anywhere:  Just imagine being able to access your data from any workstation or mobile device 24/7, 365 days a year? Now, that’s what we call modern technology.
Global: Multi-site, multi-subsidiary workforce intelligence scales as you grow.

ATS On-Demand helps growing businesses to cut their IT and payroll costs, access their time and attendance data from anywhere and improve operational excellence.

To learn more or to view a demonstration, go to our website.

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