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The most recent news that yet another company is embroiled in overtime brouhaha with its employees, this made for some lively debate among proponents for and those against using a business management solution to track overtime. Usually the first question that comes to mind whenever this overtime issue rears its ugly head is: “Could this have been avoided if the right tools were used”? The answer is a resounding yes. Studies by industry heavyweight, Aberdeen Group have shown that capturing overtime, time off requests and absences through excel spreadsheets or paper-time cards leads to inaccuracies and demoralize workforce-especially when employees pay is affected. If the right time and attendance is deployed it can yield amazing results in the form of increase productivity and profits.

ATS Workforce Management Solution is a suite of integrated, collaborative applications designed to help streamline payroll and HR operations by reducing time-intensive administrative tasks and lowering costs. In addition, to solving your company’s overtime woes ATS TimeWork include the following benefits:

Robust and powerful rules engine enables you to generate overtime timecards for a one employee, a defined group of employees or a multitude or location all with different work and pay policies.

A comprehensive time and attendance solution built specifically for mid-sized and large businesses and it will help create efficiencies and reduce costs. Managing costs and workforce productivity is just some of the challenges felt by finance, HR and payroll professionals. When any of these tasks are managed through manual processes, the likelihood of errors goes up exponentially.

Make faster and more informed decisions with up-to-the-minute business intelligence reporting tools. Give employees the ability to enter and search for their own data, such as hours worked, messages, schedules, and vacation requests through leave management from any work station or mobile device with Internet access.

With an ATS time and attendance system your company will yield a rapid return on investment. In today’s competitive landscape shareholders want tighter cost controls and higher productivity, all in alignment with strategic business goals.

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