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Our Time and Attendance solution delivers the functionality and flexibility to support the time management requirements of your organization.
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Workforce Management Reports

TimeWork dashboard replaces paper reports, turning employee time and attendance data into actionable information.  The ATS workforce management system works on any web browser, so deployment is quick and easy.  ATS TimeWork state-of-the-art data analysis software aids businesses into clear thinking and decisive management actions.

Time and Attendance Reports

TimeWork provides over 150 real-time workforce management reports with options for customizing both content and format. Our time and attendance software system makes it easy to create and automate a broad range of reports.

Time Card Reports

Time card reports are used to track employee punch activities, exceptions, rate transfers, credits, and supervisor edits.

Workforce Management Reports

Workforce management reports are used to collect information on specific exceptions, benefits, and wage information or review employee historical information.

Scheduling Reports

Scheduling reports are used to review employee schedules, review coverage for shifts, compare actual hours to scheduled coverage, and review daily scheduled hours.

Cost Tracking Reports

Cost tracking reports are used to track dollars and hours, report historical pay information, calculate gross dollars, and review actual versus scheduled hours.

Budget Forecast Reports

Budget and forecast reports are used to track your labor budget.

Custom Report Writer Module

Create precisely the right report with the flexible Custom Report Writer module. It is fast and easy to create and automate reports to help you track and analyze payroll and labor information instantly. Choose the information you want displayed and see the report built on your screen in real time.