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Our Time and Attendance solution delivers the functionality and flexibility to support the time management requirements of your organization.
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Our Scheduler module automatically generates and sorts employee work schedule data for your entire workforce. Schedule creation is based on your business and workforce requirements, relevant work and shift rules, and individual employee information. Scheduler also provides powerful editing and reporting capabilities.
The Scheduler creates schedules to meet forecast business demand by department and job for all employees. Schedules honor complex rule sets involving variables that include: skills, shift rules, minor rules and employee preferences.

Preference Scheduling

Our scheduling provides businesses, with a tool to quickly and accurately solve an eternal problem. How to schedule the workforce to meet business demands and employee preferences? If the employer chooses to, employee preferences can be taken into consideration allowing the schedule to be created in a manner that is responsive to the needs of the scheduled employees.

Base Scheduling

Also provides comprehensive manual or ‘base’ scheduling functionality that simplifies the assignment and editing of fixed schedules to large groups of people. Repetitive or cyclical schedules may be created by employee or by defined ‘schedule group’ for an indefinite period of time.

ATS scheduling software significantly reduces the amount of time, resources and overall cost associated with employee scheduling.

Solution Benefits:

Produce any schedule for any time frame in minutes to save time

  • Make schedule changes quickly and effortlessly to better utilize staff
  • Pre-assign shifts, trainings, and time-off to better plan your schedules
  • Print schedules, send them via e-mail, or post schedules online to keep your staff up-to-date
  • Automatically copy schedule patterns and rotations to cut time needed to create reoccurring schedules
  • Display staffing levels to eliminate time-consuming and error-prone calculations
  • Instantly view your shift coverage to assure all shifts remain properly covered and to avoid being under-scheduled
  • See the number of hours scheduled per employee to avoid overtime
  • View available personnel and their contact information to find replacement or assign additional shifts in no time
  • Track staff skills, credentials, and training to find immediately qualified personnel for open shifts
  • Access historical scheduling data to better forecast your staffing needs
  • Generate variety of reports for any given time to respond instantly and effortlessly to any reporting requests
  • Have all scheduling information in one place to stay organized