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ATS Real-Time Cloud Data Supports Small-Midsize Businesses in a Post-Pandemic World

Toronto, Ontario, Canada- July 27, 2021 ATS, a leading technology company providing HCM solutions, has reached a significant business milestone thanks to recent innovations with its cloud computing solutions for small-midsize organizations. ATS cloud computing suite of solutions include; Employee Scheduling, Machine Learning, Workforce Management, Artificial Intelligence, and Budgeting & Forecasting, that helps businesses of all sizes respond to the ‘new normal’ post pandemic world with real-time cloud data solutions.

“The current climate has made it increasingly difficult, particularly for small- mid-size businesses, to find and retain talent- in part, because, post pandemic, many workers now want more flexible schedules, the ability to work from home and safer work environments,” said Jake Diamond, Manager of Cloud Service Delivery SMB. “Using ATS Real-Cloud Data, enables small-midsize businesses to replace multiple aging applications with a best-in-class, scalable technology platform-thus, allowing them to keep pace with today’s innovation,” he continued.

New updates of ATS Real Cloud will include:

ATS Employee Data Kiosk: Built for the digital workforce, this revolutionary app helps turn a tablet or computer screen into a touchless employee time and attendance device. Employees can log in using a combination of Iris Scan or Facial Recognition. This workforce device uses voice commands to record in/out clock and give the employee the option to review hours worked and/or request time-off.  ATS ETK will optimize every aspect of labor management and productivity to enhance workforce planning, and provide real-time analytic reporting.

Workforce Schedule Optimization: Leverage data driven, scientifically optimized schedule that matches people in the talent pool with the right jobs. You can manage and streamline day to day scheduling operations with cross-team and staff-floating capabilities, to ensure compliance with fair scheduling and labour laws. Managers can indicate whether a task requires a worker with specific skills, who speaks a specific language or who has a specialty license or certification.

HR, Payroll, Departmental Managers Dashboard: This intuitive feature promotes the aggregation of better data with broader labour models, deeper flexibility and forecasting algorithms. With real-time pay categorization, managers can establish employee time collection data to determine what time code, pay code, and pay rules apply. This gives, HR and other company leaders access to a variety of data and insights, allowing them to take quick action to make their workforce more effective.

ATS API Data Cloud Integration:  Connect data from distributed databases and systems to deliver a unified view of big data from numerous sources to simplify business intelligence processes. ATS Real-Time Cloud Data delivers insights and key metrics to support a business-ready trusted data pipeline of real-time analytics at your fingertips.

Cloud-Ready, Intelligent Mobility: Energize HR with the tools to report on and analyze the greatest asset of your organization from every angle, including regulatory compliance requirements. HR departments can reach employees anywhere, anytime with modern tools that simplify and automate self-service HR and payroll processes so staff can complete tasks quickly at a lower cost.

Workforce Insights and Analytics: Leverage powerful analytics to quickly make informed decisions based on accurate workforce insights. Increase ROI of HR with actionable visibility into the skills your organization needs, and drive out costs— by digitizing processes to align, recruit, onboard, train, plan, set goals, and measure performance.

Talent and Compensation Management: Attract, retain, and develop a workforce that’s future-ready. We apply machine learning and analytics to help you understand the skills you have today and the skills you need to achieve evolving business demands. Compensation management allows members of the management team, across the organization to take part in compensation review while gaining insights to inform decisions at every step.

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