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ATS Announces Data Integration Accelerator to Help Healthcare Entities Innovate and Unlock Data

Toronto, Ontario Canada – July 27, 2020ATS- Apex Time Solutions, a leading provider of human capital management (HCM) Workforce Management, built in the cloud, today announced, ATS Data Accelerator for Healthcare, an innovation accelerator API platform for healthcare. This API platform for healthcare, is set of prebuilt and data integrators designed to unlock critical public health data— no matter where it resides —with critical systems and external sources, such as public health status. Now, more than ever, organizations need to securely connect data — no matter where it resides —with critical systems and external sources. ATS Data Accelerator for Healthcare, is a set of integrated resources, available on demand— and in the cloud, purpose-built and designed to help organizations unlock and connect data faster.

“COVID-19 means we’re living in unprecedented times and for healthcare, IT and HR managers, this has forced them to address the emerging needs of their facilities,” said Dave Kaplan, Country Manager, Cloud Solutions-ATS. “ATS Data Accelerator for Healthcare connectivity, is central to our IT strategy to create a single, comprehensive view of employee data through intuitive dashboards. The product was developed to meet our customers growing demand for a more resilient, secure, and scalable platform that’s ready for growing workloads of enterprise-wide applications. ATS Data Accelerator for Healthcare Connectivity helps customers streamline labour costs and increase productivity”.  

Enhancements in this release include:

ATS Data Accelerator for Healthcare Connectivity
Combines a best-of-breed application and fully-configurable integrator that provides pre-built interfaces for ATSTimeWorkOnDemand with both legacy and ATS Cloud DAHC that comes pre-built, and will reduce integration costs, time and increase ROI.

360-degree view of employee data:
By surfacing real-time employee punches, detailed notifications, system status, and up-to-the-minute reporting. ATS Data Accelerator contains pre-defined integrators across ATS HCM that include: Cloud ERP, Payroll, Benefit Accruals, Project Tracking, Analytics, Time and Attendance and Job Costing.

Intuitive Web-GUI
ATS Data Accelerator for Healthcare Connectivity provides a code-free integration framework that can easily and rapidly be configured for any integration need. This enables implementation teams to focus on testing and validating cloud features, allowing timely and efficient execution in smaller cycles, and resulting in up to a 35% reduction in the implementation timeline.  

Employee Scheduling
Automates schedule creation for healthcare practitioners, based on census and predicted volumes while accounting for staff skills, experience, and preferences and determines each patient’s level-of-care needs and creates equitable shift assignments. ATS scheduling delivers the critical shift-based information needed to maximize shift-based productivity

Unlocking healthcare data to deliver desired outcomes
COVID-19 has so far, become a strain on the North American healthcare system. Healthcare HR, Finance and IT managers are working around the clock to deliver projects that typically take months to complete in a matter of days or weeks. These projects are often slowed-down by unrealistic implementation time-lines and/or data integration challenges – including siloed employee and patient records, inconsistent data sources and an overall lack of interoperability of health information systems to work together across technology boundaries.

Forward-Looking Statements and Future Product Disclaimer
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