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ATS Cloud Computing Improves Digital Experiences for Customers

Toronto, Ontario, Canada- September 14, 2021 ATS, a leading cloud computing technology company providing HCM solutions that includes: Workforce Planning, Overtime Equalization, Biometric Recognition Data Collectors, Employee Self-Service, Workforce Management, Payroll, Leave Management, Talent Management, Budgeting & Forecasting, HR Onboarding, and Accrual Benefits.

To help organizations create dynamic and memorable experiences for their customers, ATS today announced the latest updates to ATS Cloud Customer Experience. These updates to ATS AI Data Capture, ATS Digital Service, and ATS Cloud Computing MA help organizations accelerate digital transformation, resolve customer service inquiries faster, and embrace ATS cloud computing application, which helps grow customer lifetime value.

“These last 18 months has been difficult for many organizations. And as we, slowly return to the office and navigate the post-pandemic workplace, employers will need to take a close look at the type of digital experiences they deliver for their employees”, said Noah Brubaker, Country Manager, ATS Digital Customer Experience. “These new innovations are a testament to our continuous investments in our products, to deliver a fully digital experience to customers and offer new, customized services.”

The latest updates within ATS Customer Experience include:

Automated Digital Service-Oriented Biometric Data Collectors: ATS newest Face Recognition data collectors with large LCD displays are driven by artificial intelligence and voice activation, including employee temperate check, attestation notes, advanced knowledge management, and proactive guidance tools with real-time delivery anytime, anywhere. The new design allows employees to request time-off at the display terminal, submit schedule preferences, and transfer departments with ease. These new terminals are embedded with predictive analytics- actively notifies users when certain parameters exceed or fall short of critical KPIs and offers forecasts based on predictive algorithms.

Intuitive Interface and Data: To simplify employee onboarding and improve productivity, employees will instantly have access to all tools and account information within one intuitive interface.  The application provides users with a holistic view with access to all data—from across departments ranging from production, to finance, HR to marketing and sales.

Optimization, Fatigue and HR Analysis Dashboard: ATS Cloud Computing Workforce Planning within ATSTimeWorkOnDemand suite provide additional guidance throughout the editing process so workforce planners can quickly respond to day-of changes in operations, such as absent employees or sudden overtime requirements. The intuitive HR dashboard tool populates data from across the application, and helps you gain visibility across all your HCM domains and discover trends in your organisation to help make strategic decisions with key insights.

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