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Apex Time Solutions Announces the Release of its Points and Incidents Module Version 2.5

Toronto, Canada-November 29, 2012-Apex Time Solutions, a leading provider of workforce management software, announced the release of TimeWork Points and Incidents module 2.5. This new version of TimeWork workforce management software enables companies to track attendance trends and gain insights into their absence management policies.

Apex Time Solutions provides businesses (both small and large) with the ability to track and manage their employees’ time with our software suite.

TimeWork Points and Incidents version 2.5 provides some additional enhancements combined with a range of reporting features including:

 The application of absenteeism policies based on company’s criteria
 An unlimited number absence management policies based on configuration
 The reduction of costs by lowering unplanned absenteeism rates
 Trigger notifications to supervisors upon the occurrence of infractions
 Warning letters based on specific incidents and the occurrence of absenteeism
 Data fields for merging form letters based on employee attendance and company’s preference
 An accurate calculation of points through detailed reports
 Integration of absenteeism policies based on company’s criteria

Apex Time Solutions workforce management software is designed to meet the demands of Canadian and North American businesses of any size. TimeWork is a best-of-breed, web-based employee time tracking software that helps reduce payroll preparation time, eliminate manual calculation errors and enhance decision making.

About Apex Time Solutions
Apex Time Solutions offers a broad portfolio of web-based time and attendance solutions that streamlines the collection, calculation, and reporting of employee hours for workforce management. The ATS workforce time and attendance system eliminates the manual tasks of payroll preparation, increasing efficiency and reducing errors in corporate payroll departments. ATS workforce management solution software delivers a fully integrated solution for the management of all aspects of; employee scheduling, workforce time and attendance, employee self-service, absence planning, forecasting, web time tracking, job costing, and payroll and ERP data integration. Our employee time tracking devices include; employee biometric time clocks, mobile time clocks, barcode swipe clocks, biometric fingerprint time clocks, proximity time clocks and magnetic swipe clocks.

Apex Time Solutions time and attendance system reduces costs and improves processes for a variety of industries, including; retail, grocery, hospitality & gaming, manufacturing, automotive, transportation and logistics, public sector, healthcare, construction, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, supply chain and freight-forwarding companies. Our solutions are deployed across every vertical industry and we remain the workforce time and attendance management solution provider of choice for organizations throughout North America.

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