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ATS Accelerates Customer Value With New ATSTimeWorkOnDemand Capabilities

Toronto, Ontario Canada – June 9, 2021ATS- Apex Time Solutions, a leading provider of human capital management (HCM) Workforce Management, built in the cloud for mid-enterprise organizations, announced new capabilities in ATSTimeWorkOnDemand—a solution that helps customers navigate, easily between our modular applications to meet their unique business needs. A new and powerful cloud orchestration, data, and logic capabilities within ATSTimeWorkOnDemand will help companies across different industries advance their digital acceleration efforts and unlock business value, contain payroll costs, improve engagement, and increase organizational agility.

Built on modern cloud computing technology and powered by ATS Robust Autonomous Database —users can navigate through the easy drag-and-drop user interface that provides simplified, low-code developer experiences— to define map data, and perform up-to-the-minute results. ATSTimeWorkOnDemand provides leaders with leaders with deeper insights into every business channel, by enabling a comprehensive view into data from across the organization.

This enhancement allows for closer collaboration between the c-Suite, HR and other key business units—such as finance—to help customers navigate uncertain times, while positioning themselves for sustained growth.

ATSTimeWorkOnDemand includes the following pre-built features include:

Cross-Functional Data Model: Accelerates analysis of large volumes of operational data within ATSTimeWorkOnDemand. Customers using ATSTimeWorkOnDemand will be exposed to the high-performing output, that’s easy-to-use with scalability across ATS Autonomous Database, enabling alignment across business functions.

Dashboard Library: ATSTimeWorkOnDemand delivers a rich set of more than 50 HR KPIs, and reports for key metrics including workforce composition, turnover and retention, and team effectiveness to help gain faster insights. This enables IT departments to reduce technology stack complexity and costs, unlocking more capacity to deliver to the business. 

Extensibility to fit the Business Processes: Customers using ATSTimeWorkOnDemand are able to have confidence knowing that they can augment ATS HCM Cloud minimizing the security and privacy risks associated with moving data outside of ATSTimeWorkOnDemand to a separate system.

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