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Apex Time Solutions Unveils a New Version of its Biometric Time and Attendance Hand Punch Terminals

Toronto, Canada- Apex Time Solutions today announced the release of its new line of time and attendance Hand Punch biometric terminals. ATSWorkforce Management Software includes: Labour Analytics, Employee Self-Service, Absence Management and Employee Scheduling.

The newfeatures of our time and attendance biometric hand punch terminals include:

Hand Punch 1000- For companies with up to 100employees
Hand Punch 3000- For companies that has over 100 employees with functions that allow supervisors ability to override userrestrictions and to input such items as missed punches etc
Hand Punch 4000-Data management key features that include
– Employeemessaging
– Review of employee information fields
– Validation tables to ensure proper data entry
– Restrict employee access to specific datamanagement keys
– User defined prompts_- Multi-level input sequence definable per key
– Decision menus to minimize keystrokes

HandPunch GT-400– Employee Self-Service Kiosk Terminal with:
Large display field allows information—such as lists and personal messages
Programmable ATM-style soft keys facilitate functionality

An ATS time and attendance hand punch biometric terminal means daily, tangiblebenefits such as accurate record keeping, risk mitigation, and increased employee productivity that drive your bottom line and provide peace of mindfor you and your employees.

The new time and attendance hand punch terminals comes equipped with:

Every Hand Punch contains a silver-based anti-microbial agent which is embedded into the materials used to produce the platen,providing a finish that inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria, mold, and fungi and remains active for the life of the HandPunch.

Hand OutlineThe Hand Punch comes standard with a blue hand outline printed on the platen. This hand outline will help new usersplace their hand accurately on the platen when using the terminal and decrease initial enrollment time.

The ATS time and attendance Hand Punchuses hand geometry, the length, thickness, and curvature of fingers (or simply size and shape of a user’s hand), to verify each employee. Ourtime and attendance Hand Punch geometry technology takes measurements of the hand and converts them into a 20-byte numerical template. This templateis then matched with the enrollment template and the user’s identity is verified. ATS time and attendance biometric Hand Punch terminals is notaffected by tattoos, jewelry, fingernails, lotions, dirt, smudges or dust. The reading and verification process takes less than a second withimpeccable reliability.

About Apex Time Solutions
Apex Time Solutions offers a broad portfolio of web-based time and attendancesolutions that streamlines the collection, calculation, and reporting of employee hours for workforce management. The ATS workforce time andattendance system eliminates the manual tasks of payroll preparation, increasing efficiency and reducing errors in corporate payroll departments. ATSworkforce management solution software delivers a fully integrated solution for the management of all aspects of; employee scheduling, workforce timeand attendance, employee self-service, absence planning, forecasting, web time tracking, job costing, and payroll and ERP data integration. Ouremployee time tracking devices include; employee biometric time clocks, mobile time clocks, barcode swipe clocks, biometric fingerprint time clocks,proximity time clocks and magnetic swipe clocks.

Apex Time Solutions time and attendance system reduces costs and improves processes for avariety of industries, including; retail, grocery, hospitality & gaming, manufacturing, automotive, transportation and logistics, public sector,healthcare, construction, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, supply chain and freight-forwarding companies. Our solutions are deployed across everyvertical industry and we remain the workforce time and attendance management solution provider of choice for organizations throughout NorthAmerica.

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