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ATS Introduces Its Newest Biometric Technology: Voice Command, 881 Touch-Free Facial Recognition Time Clock

ATS- 881 Touch-Free eliminates shared surfaces with machine learning, and voice-controlled employee data capture.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada- March 21, 2022 ATS, a leading cloud computing technology provider of human capital management (HCM), workforce management, HR and payroll service announced today, ATS-88I Touch-Free facial recognition time clock that’s imbedded with Wi-Fi, GPS and is Bluetooth enabled. ATS-88I Touch-Free facial recognition time clock—unlocks employee access to hours worked, time-off requests, workplace information through a contactless experience and enhanced capabilities for the modern-day workforce.

With ATS 881 Touch-Free eliminates shared surfaces with machine learning, and voice-controlled employee data capture.

Designed with dual visible and infrared light cameras, ATS-88I Touch-Free facial recognition time clock—provides an inclusive experience for all employees, regardless of skin complexion and height. And, whether employees wear glasses, have facial hair, or work in very dark or brightly lit environments, they can punch in/out with a simple glance at the camera.

ATS-88I Touch-Free facial recognition, includes:

Innovation at its best
ATS is the North America leader in Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions built for today’s emerging companies. Our HCM solution encompasses: Payroll, Talent Management, HR, Workforce Absence, Analytics, Leave Management, and Workforce Planning, built in the cloud. ATSTimeWorkOnDemand accelerates digital transformation and empowers your workforce.

Cloud Computing Capabilities
ATS-881 Touch-Free facial recognition use the power cloud computing and includes suite of smart, connected products that transform the way to do business. With ATS 881 Touch-Free facial recognition, you can connect via Wi-Fi, Port 80 and/or LAN. ATS cloud computing services are agile and affordable, and allows customers to receive information in real-time time 24/7 365 days a year from any device connected to the Internet.

Machine Learning Technology
With ATS-881 Touch-Free biometric technology companies utilize the time clock app with GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-through advanced facial recognition technology for up-to-the-minute data collection. Basic and advanced features allow for machine learning voice recognition employee time clock functions such as punch in/out department or location transfers and job tracking with simple voice commands. ATSTimeWorkOnDemand includes mobile app, warranty on hardware, data free soft- ware upgrades, and unlimited customer support.

“ATS-881 Touch-Free was created with employee privacy and security in mind. We are proud to introduce this cutting-edge technology with fully touchless facial recognition scanning experience, that empowers companies and their employees”, said Susan Moreta, workforce product country manager at ATS.

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NB: Privacy laws enacted in some countries expressly allow for the use of facial-scan technology, for the purpose of using time and attendance, but require certain policies and procedures be put in place before the technology can be used. These regulations vary from country to country, state-to-state, and in some cases city by city. Most often, the governing regulations are dictated based on the location where the information is being collected.It is important to consult with your organizations’ legal counsel to determine the possible impact of such laws in your respective location — and whether any new policies and procedures are warranted to ensure that use of ATS-881 Touch-Free biometric meets the requirements of applicable law. Beyond legal compliance, it is good security/business practice for employers to have specific retention and destruction policies for employee face-scan data generated from the use of the ATS-881Touch-Free biometric solution. The collection, retention, and destruction of such data are controlled by the employer at all times.