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Introducing ATSTimeWorkOnDemand Fall 2020 HCM Cloud Update

Toronto, Ontario Canada – November 19, 2020ATS- Apex Time Solutions, a leading provider of human capital management (HCM) Workforce Management, built in the cloud, today announced the availability of its fall lineup of Analytics for HCM Cloud. Built on the ATS Analytics Cloud and powered by ATS robust database, ATS fall lineup of products for Cloud HCM provides CEOs, HR and payroll leaders, with deeper insights into workforce management by enabling a comprehensive view into data from across the organization. The graphical dashboard style applications, reinforces our position in the business software market-place- with broad-based capabilities that will help customers maximize the value of ATSTimeWorkOnDemand HCM Cloud.

“With many organizations still in recovery from the global pandemic, business leaders are challenged with how to plan for the future. And, in today’s new business norm, HR and payroll leaders has become a strategic business partners for many companies,” said Derek Wolf, ATS HCM Analytics. “With ATSTimeWorkOnDemand Analytics for Cloud, organizations can take advantage of the unique product capabilities of people analytics and intuitive dashboards to gain up-to-the-minute data intelligence and streamline payroll costs—while at the same time reduce the organization’s reliance on its technology personnel. This, in effect, allows for cooperation between the CEO, HR, finance, payroll and other departmental managers—navigate uncertain times and while positioning the organization for sustained business growth.” 

ATSTimeWorkOnDemand HCM Cloud helps, CEOs, CFOs, HR, and Payroll Practitioners gain access to:

Connected people analytics: With ATSTimeWorkOnDemand HCM Cloud you can take the uncertainty out of enterprise decisions with real-time people analytics, putting insights at your fingertips. With either out-of-the-box or configured to your specifications, ATSTimeWorkOnDemand HCM Cloud provides advanced analytics with key performance indicators (KPIs), and built-in dashboards, for quick drilldowns, and more to help you make well-informed intelligent decisions.

Intuitive Dashboard and KPIs: Delivers a rich set of infused HR dashboards, and analytics for reporting metrics including time and attendance, HR and payroll data integration, to help your team collaborate and gain quicker insights into real-time data

ATS Payroll Connect Data Model: is a simplified, automated integration that links the data flow between ATSTimeWorkOnDemand HCM Cloud and a processor’s payroll, ERP, Talent Management, HR or ERP solution. This seamless data integration improves payroll and data processing efficiency, while helping you meet the diverse and complex legal and regulatory obligations across different jurisdictions in Canada, the US and other countries where your business operates.

Cross-Functional HR Analytics and Workforce Planning: Make faster decisions using data-driven insights in every HR, finance, and payroll process, using people-analytics, financial and workforce-planning tools to improve performance company-wide.

Access Employee Data Anywhere: Create an agile workforce and help HR, Payroll and Finance team up with real-time financial reporting and analysis, and automate routine tasks to build a stronger, more adaptable team. Support your employees wherever and however they need to work – with global solutions for core HR, payroll, employee self-service, time tracking, benefits admin service delivery, and more.

Learn how ATSTimeWorkOnDemand HCM Cloud Suite can enable the shift from transactional human capital management (HCM) to end-to-end user experiences by— creating a more flexible, engaged workforce and a more resilient business.

In this time of uncertainty, we are offering free product tour to select ATSTimeWorkOnDemand HCM Cloud solutions that can help employees, companies, communities as they continue to move forward.

Forward-Looking Statements and Future Product Disclaimer
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