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ATS to Enable Mid-Size Canadian Organizations to Seamlessly Connect People Data to Drive Better Business Outcomes with Workforce Management

Toronto, ON, Canada – August 27, 2019 – Apex Time Solutions -ATS a leading provider of human capital management (HCM)Workforce Management Solutions (WFM), in the cloud, helps Canadian organizations deploy and connect people data with its Cloud Computing Human Capital Management (HCM) Workforce Management Solutions. The solution span across many industries and include modules; Budgeting and Forecasting, Scheduling, Artificial Intelligence, Time and Attendance and Machine Learning. ATS Cloud Computing Workforce Management Solutions helps Canadian organizations solve complex labour management challenges by delivering best-of-breed tools, designed to help customers adhere to payroll practices, control labour costs, improve compliance and workforce productivity.

ATS HCM Workforce Management platform, all-in-one human capital management (HCM) platform, helps organizations achieve:

Analytics insights: Up-to-the-minute visibility of payroll, talent management, HR and time and attendance data for faster and informed decision-making.

Real-Time Efficiency: managers have access to the latest data through their dashboards, including scheduling and time-off requests through employee self-service portals.

Integration of Data: ATS Human Capital Management (HCM) Workforce Management data integration technologies enable organizations you to fully manage data movement and data enrichment, —ensuring complete data availability to critical parts of your organization.

“Todays’ organizations no longer want to deal with complexity by connecting multiple, disparate systems to leverage employee data and business performance tools to gain powerful insights” said Zach Engelberg, ATS Country Manager, mid-size business. “Instead these companies, want to use an application, with powerful cloud technology that can bring together all types of data, in an, all-in-one- solution in a private and secure way, to help them succeed and achieve operational excellence” he continued.

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About ATS

ATS offers a broad portfolio of time and attendance solutions that streamlines the collection, calculation, and reporting of employee hours for workforce management and eliminates the manual tasks of payroll preparation, increasing efficiency and reducing errors in corporate payroll departments.

Thousands of organizations across North, Central and South America and Europe- including more than half of the Fortune 500 – use ATS TimeWork OnDemand, Workforce Planning, Employee Scheduling HR and payroll solutions to manage their workforce.

In addition, ATS provides modular analytic solutions that includes; workforce planning, benefits management, employee self-service, business intelligence, human resources, payroll, and advanced analytics based on a robust cloud computing platform for information and data needs. It also offers design, rapid deployment, support services, software updates, and enhancements; and consulting and training services.

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