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ATS Unveils Version 11.1 of its FaceScan Biometric Time Clock Application

Toronto, ON-Canada., June 23, 2014- Apex Time Solutions (ATS), a leader of workforce management solutions releases version 11.1 of facescan biometric time clock software. ATS time and attendance helps companies in various industries streamline costs and increase business productivity.

ATS biometric FaceSCAN is a truly embedded facial recognition system designed for ATS TimeWork with complete and is embedded with a user authentication application. Powered by advanced video capturing, system design and Near-Infrared (NIR) facial recognition technologies, ATS biometric time clock FaceSCAN provides superior accuracy and reliability over traditional facial recognition systems under different light conditions.

The LCD on-screen display provides simple and interactive instructions guiding users to position their faces during authentication. NO prior user training is necessary. User can stand 18″~28″ (45cm~70cm) away from terminal to complete authentication in 1 second or less.

ATS Biometric FaceSCAN

About Apex Time Solutions
Apex Time Solutions offers a broad portfolio of web-based time and attendance solutions that streamlines the collection, calculation, and reporting of employee hours for workforce management. The ATS workforce time and attendance system eliminates the manual tasks of payroll preparation, increasing efficiency and reducing errors in corporate payroll departments. ATS workforce management solution software delivers a fully integrated solution for the management of all aspects of; employee scheduling, workforce time and attendance, employee self-service, absence planning, forecasting, web time tracking, job costing, and payroll and ERP data integration. Our employee time tracking devices include; employee biometric time clocks, mobile time clocks, barcode swipe clocks, biometric fingerprint time clocks, proximity time clocks and magnetic swipe clocks.Apex Time Solutions time and attendance system reduces costs and improves processes for a variety of industries, including; retail, grocery, hospitality & gaming, manufacturing, automotive, transportation and logistics, public sector, healthcare, construction, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, supply chain and freight-forwarding companies. Our solutions are deployed across every vertical industry and we remain the workforce time and attendance management solution provider of choice for organizations throughout North America.
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