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Apex Time Solutions Releases Scheduling Version 11

Apex Time Solutions Scheduler
Supervisors and Managers now have new tools to create employee schedules and reduce overtime. ATS scheduling softwaresignificantly reduces the amount of time, resources and overall cost associated with employee scheduling. The ATS scheduling module is ideally suitedfor retail, grocery, hospitality, distribution, healthcare and manufacturing.

New features in ATS Scheduler version 11 include:

HoursColumn – Displays the total hours scheduled by employee on each schedule view.
Schedule Editing – Everything a manager needs toschedule an employee is available from a single window.
Sort Options – Managers can sort employees by seniority, hours scheduled, ordesired hours.
Employee Skills Report – Find out which employees have certain skills.
Query Reports – The query report letsmanagers specify the days they wish to search for schedule information.

About Apex Time Solutions
Apex Time Solutions is aleading provider of workforce management software and services focused on helping small, medium and large, complex organizations optimize and managethe deployment of their people. ATS time and attendance platform allows unparalleled configurability without requiring costly changes to core code.The application delivers a fully integrated solution for the management of all aspects of; Employee Scheduling, Time and Attendance, EmployeeSelf-Service, Job Costing, Integrated Payroll/HRMS, Labour Allocation, Biometrics, Automated Time Clocks and Web Time Sheets. The enterprise-classworkforce management suite reduces costs and improves processes for a variety of industries, including; Retail, Hospitality & Gaming, Manufacturing,Automotive, Transportation and Logistics, Public Sector, Healthcare and Financial Services. Our solutions are deployed across every vertical industryand we remain the workforce management solution provider of choice for organizations throughout North America.

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