Solutions for Mid-Large Companies

The ATS enterprise solution is a thin client-based time and attendance application designed for mid to large organizations. The solution includes a set of business rule options, attendance tracking capabilities, a built-in history module and a suite of standard reports. Customers interested in the ATS “Software as a Service” (Saas) can have this solution hosted and managed by ATS.

Managing time and attendance for medium to large organizations is not a simple matter. There is traditional reliance on employees and supervisors to report time and attendance has resulted in many abuses such as buddy punching, clock padding, and inaccuracy of time capture. Manual time capture systems are error-prone and consolidation of data from various sources is difficult and time consuming.

ATS Enterprise is well-suited to a wide variety of industries including automotive, transportation and logistics, gaming, retail businesses, healthcare, education, hospitality, municipal and financial services.

Features and capabilities of ATS enterprise solution:

Sample reports include:

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