ATS Workforce Management Software for Manufacturing

Manufacturers and their supply chains face increasing pressure to improve
margins and streamline operational efficiency to compete in today’s global marketplace. Labour is the single most expensive resource for manufacturers, which makes improving the way people perform essential in maximizing efficiency and improving the bottom line. ATS delivers Workforce Management Software solutions that automate timekeeping tasks while reconciling labour data with production information.

ATS Workforce Management Software encompasses a suite of time and attendance tracking and employee scheduling for mid- large employers with complex labour processes and policies. Some organizations have made some improvements through basic timekeeping implementation. However, manufacturers require more sophisticated and integrated workforce management solutions that are mapped to address their most critical labour and production challenges.

ATS Workforce Management Software helps companies:

  • Track labour and resources with one system to provide a real time analysis
  • Leverage your data to provide insight about waste and best practices through effective labour reports
  • Effectively schedule and deploy your workforce, improving labour utilization
  • Control labor costs by delivering accurate paycheques and shrinking payroll inflation such as unnecessary overtime
  • Reduce payroll expenses by 1-3%
  • Schedule labour with more flexibility to accommodate employee preferences

The ATS Workforce Management Software delivers real time activity based results. The self-service capability of time and attendance increases productivity as employees and managers spend less time managing administrative tasks and more time focusing on customers. Designed to meet today’s workforce management needs of complex, distributed manufacturing organizations, ATS Workforce Management Software integrates with virtually any IT infrastructure and helps you adapt to changing conditions.