ATS Financial Services

ATS offers a variety of leasing options to companies of all sizes. Our solutions are tailored with flexible structure and payment terms to match budgetary needs and goals. We provide creative financial structures at inception, flexible terms and conditions mid-term on upgrades, and a variety of end-of-term options.

Whether you are looking to lease a portion of your solution or the entire project, our flexible financing solutions aim to bring every transaction to success. Leasing is a fast and easy way for customers to obtain and ATS time and attendance system. It offers flexibility that an outright purchase does not.

Benefits to leasing an ATS time management solution include

Predictable, Low Monthly Payments

  • Enables customers to pay over time, rather than invest a lump sum up front
  • Lease payments can be tailored to budget levels or revenue streams, and may be tax deductible (subject to customer’s independent tax advisor)

Reduction of Upfront Costs and Conserves Capital

  • Enable customers to obtain the updated technology without impacting cash flow
  • Preserve working capital and existing credit lines, freeing up cash for other operational expenses
  • Buy what appreciates; lease what depreciates

Flexible Pay Structures

  • Allows customers the flexibility of 100% financing with no money down
  • Allow payment structures that match cash flows or business cycles
  • Provide customers with a variety of end-of-lease options

Fixed Costs

  • 100% term financing
  • Fixed payments throughout the term of the lease

Flexibility and Simplicity

  • Payments can be tailored to cash flow
  • Terms: monthly, quarterly, annually, seasonal and more
  • Simple and convenient process

Utility Value Concept

  • Benefit from the use of the equipment, not the ownership
  • Pay as you profit

To learn more, download a free leasing form.