Consulting Services

ATS Consulting Services is a division of Apex Time Solutions that provides a full range of Payroll and Human Resources management consulting services.

ATS Consulting Services works in partnership with its clients to achieve their business objectives, by ensuring that:

  • Payroll and Human Resource processes are legislatively compliant, both provincially and federally
  • Business processes are efficiently designed, representative of industry best practices and able to sustain continuous improvement
  • Payroll and Human Resource technologies support time and attendance business processes and reflect industry best practices
  • Business requirement changes, mergers and /or the formation of new business units are adopted and supported by appropriate payroll technology
  • Integration with a client’s HR, ERP, CRM, Talent Management and Payroll application is efficiently designed and satisfies all reporting requirements

ATS Professional Consulting Services team is comprised of payroll practitioners, implementers, designers and managers recruited for their competence, industry expertise, and legislative knowledge to effectively address a client’s complex workforce management software business challenges. Team members are actively involved with recognized professional affiliations such as the Canadian Payroll Association and hold professional designations such as Certified Payroll and/or Human Resources Professionals.