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Businesses in various industries are under intense pressure to remain competitive while complying with vast array of regulatory requirements. Companies are faced with many challenges, from ISO certifications to HACCP compliance and rising operating costs. ATS time and attendance is robust and flexible aimed at managing the most complex business processes in a simple and efficient way, while complying with the most demanding industry specific certification requirements.

ATS TimeWork is a complete time tracking solution that provides a full analytic view of your business and maintains an audit trail, so your company will have a historical record of employee transactions for multiple years. Our time and attendance combines payroll, overtime equalization labour distribution, data collection and employee self-service functionality with features specifically designed for businesses, including:

ATS TimeWork helps companies comply by providing an efficient way to track, gather and monitor relevant data, thereby eliminating manual processes while saving on labour costs. Our time and attendance is a fully automated solution that is supported by multiple capabilities and helps you adapt to changing conditions on the fly.  The solution’s built-in expertise reduces the need for customization and delivers rapid return on investment. ATS employee time tracking offers advanced functionality that helps companies remain competitive in the face of difficult challenges.

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