Best-in-Class Workforce Management Software from Industry Experts

A couple of months ago we signed a customer up with our cloud-based solution. During training she could not hide how excited she was about the prospect of accessing: reports, attendance trends, audit trails and downloading employee hours to her payroll software using her tablet PC.

The challenges of running a business are real, and in our experience, business executives opt for solutions that are commensurate and adaptable to their needs. Our solution provides all the benefits of an employee time management solution without the IT infrastructure requirements (database, server hardware, data backups, security management, system management, service packs and patches, etc.). The

ATS on-demand time and attendance solution does not require installation of any software on your employee workstations or network.  

The ATS hosted solution gives you instant access to: real-time labour reports, overtime hours, employee vacation request and labour forecasting all designed to reduce payroll costs.

Many of today’s businesses and governments have embraced the importance of the environment and the compelling science behind it. At Apex Time Solutions, we are proponents of green technology and its many advantages. Our Web-Based Time and Attendance solution provides customers with the ability to access their data on any web browser. With an ATS hosted time management solution this means you no longer need time sheets to track employee hours.

The ATS Workforce Management Software is a powerful suite and provides broad-based capabilities to help companies better manage their business and their labour force.

This solution was designed to meet the challenges of today’s complex and ever-changing business environments. By using the ATS Web-Based Time and Attendance in their workforce management operations, customers will be able to:

  • Accurately collect and report time and attendance data for payroll and other data integration
  • Produce accurate business forecasts to calculate staffing requirements
  • Extract key workforce and business data to create management reports that provide comprehensive feedback

The ATS Web-Based Time and Attendance Solution have the power to optimize your workforce and:  reduce labour costs, improve employee productivity and provide low total cost of ownership. With an ATS hosted time management solution you will no longer need to track employee hours with time sheets and that will save some trees.

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The answer to this question is a resounding yes! We often hear of companies being sued by employees for not paying overtime or for work rule policies that are outdated. Multi-jurisdictional and flexible workforce management software alleviates headaches for employers and pays employees accurately for time worked. A Time and Labour solution that captures statutory holidays, overtime rules, tracks vacation and offers employee scheduling should be embraced. Best of all, it helps companies streamline payroll costs from 1%-5%, and improve productivity.

ATS Workforce Management Software provides a comprehensive solution to meet your labour and reporting needs. ATS delivers an integrated web-based technology solution set that includes:  time and attendance data collection, absence management, employee self-service and reporting and analytics. Our solution helps organizations streamline workforce-related business processes, control labour costs, manage compliance risk and improve workforce productivity.

Solution Benefits

  • Highly Configurable and Adaptable – Collective bargaining agreements and work-rule policies can be incorporated with ease
  • Web-Based Technology – This hosted application can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from any web browser including FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera
  • Data Integration –  The application can integrate to any Payroll, ERP or HRIS software application
  • Employee Self Service –  Allow employees to the ability to: review hours worked, paid time off and request time off
  • Employee Scheduling – Schedule employees based on seniority, preferences, certifications and business volume

Still not sure if a Time and Attendance Software will cure your company’s overtime and labour woes? If your HR manager is spending time on any one of the following, chances are you need a Workforce Management Solution:

1)       Managing payroll and manual calculation of time cards

2)       Responding to employee questions about hours worked on a daily basis

3)       Keying employee hours into a payroll software

Managers should be spending their time on other important company goals such as improving customer service and growing sales.

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