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In today’s competitive landscape, service above all, is often the distinguishing factor in customer retention. Employees at all levels contribute effectively to corporate financial and service goals. However, all too often, managing a cohesive system within an organization, with conflicting goals can present a challenge. Apex Time Solutions can solve these issues with our enterprise time and attendance system across multi jurisdictional operations.

In a somewhat frail economy means companies will be looking for ways to streamline costs and at the same time remain productive. Here are 5 reasons to deploy a time and attendance system:

 Elimination of Manual Process

Our time and attendance makes it easier for supervisors. No more fumbling with paper time cards or relying on the “honour system”. The time and attendance provides early notification of absenteeism and tardiness, allowing corrections to be done early, while events are still fresh in peoples’ minds.

 Workforce Management Software Integration

Our time and attendance monitors the time worked by employees and provides a seamless interface to an ERP or Payroll application. In addition, the time and attendance software includes job costing and the added functionality of online timesheets for remote workers.

Intuitive Time and Attendance Reports include:

Attendance Report, Hours Worked Detail Report, Hours Worked Summary Report, Exceptions Report, Timecard Report, Audit Punch Report, Audit Trail Report, Labour Schedule Report, Schedule vs Actual Report, Labor Summary Report, Payroll Transfer Report, Overtime Report, Labour Report, Payroll Summary Report

Employee Self Service

The ATS time and attendance Software includes employee self-service capabilities. Employees are able to check schedules and hours worked, as well as submit time off requests and provide approvals of hours worked.

Optimize Investment with a Time and Attendance System

We automate all of your workforce management business processes, which means you’ve got end-to-end, full functionality. You can eliminate the manual process, that’s expensive to implement and maintain. It’s a great way to minimize complexity and service costs.

Collecting and analyzing accurate data, reducing labour costs and improving compliance are the key time and attendance strategies for companies today. The ATS time and attendance software is designed to enable you to concentrate on the core aspects of your business while leaving mission-critical technology tasks to us.

Apex Time Solutions workforce management software reduces labour costs by streamlining your payroll process and optimizing your workforce, including scalability, energy efficiency, powerful performance, and low total cost of ownership.

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Deploying a Web-Based Time and Attendance Software is a simple step that companies can take to make sure they stay relevant in today’s rapidly expanding market. ATS time and attendance solution provides companies with an advanced platform that captures collective bargaining agreement work-rules and automates pay policies while maintaining historical work records. Our Web-Based Time Management System streamlines operational business processes and reduces exposure to the risks of non-compliance. 

As work place legal regulations continue to become more prevalent and complex – an investment in Web-Based Time and Attendance Software provides a quick return on investment.

The benefits of our Time and Attendance include:

Employee time cards capture employee punches, departmental transfers and job costing information.

Overtime Equalization provides managers with timely visibility into key workforce performance indicators such as labour, overtime, and attendance.

Scheduling to meet forecast business demand by department and job for all employees. Schedules honour complex rule sets involving variables that include: skills, shift rules, minor rules and employee preferences.

Benefit Accruals provide employees and managers with access to real-time balances, which help ensure accuracy across your entire organization with minimal supervision.

Data Integration ability to integrate to multiple systems (ERP and Payroll Applications) with advanced technologies helping to reduce time and manual data entry.

Workforce Absence Request reduces lost time and leave policy abuse by fully automating and integrating leave management policies.

Compliance and reporting functionality that provides workforce management reports with the option of customizing both content and appearance. Our Web-Based Time and Attendance Software makes it easy to create and automate a broad range of reports.

With our Hosted Time Management System, managers can log in to view and edit employee hours from anywhere in the world, from any computer that has an internet connection.

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