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The introduction to a reliable solution like an ATS timekeeping system will help payroll and HR managers to track employees time, analyze absences and at the same time, adhere to labour compliance. ATS time and attendance software is complemented by various data collectors which include: biometric face recognition, proximity time clocks, fingerprint readers, barcode and magnetic swipe clocks and web-based timesheets. Companies who have adopted a time management solution cite a reduction in time and money and increased proficiency across multiple departments.

The Canadian labour code covers amoung other things: hours of work, leave, employer compliance, overtime, wages, pay and deduction. Employers are responsible for collecting and maintaining accurate records regarding the number of hours each employee works. Collecting this type of information on a paper timesheet leaves companies vulnerable to employees either being over or short paid.

Numerous studies have revealed that handwritten timesheets and paper punch cards are often difficult to read and include a plethora of mistakes. Manual timekeeping also increases the risk for record abuse whether from simple mistakes or actual intent to falsify hours worked as this system heavily relies on the employee honour system. ATS time and attendance system eliminates errors and ensures calculation policies are applied correctly and consistently across all employees.

By adopting an electronic time and labour solution, companies are able to track and accurately measure employee performance. ATS TimeWork workforce management software includes business intelligence tools to alert HR when an employee punches in early or late or if the employee punches out before or after hours. With the use of the employee self-service tool, employees can leverage their ability to request vacation, review work schedules and send other requests to their manager.

For the many years, the prevailing misconception has been that adopting a time and attendance solution is too much of an investment. ATS account executives get queries from prospective customers asking for the benefits of deploying time management software. To remain competitive, today’s businesses need to adopt business management software that will keep them ahead of the curve.

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Most of us know that apart from year end, the day in the week set aside by payroll practitioners, to process employee pay is one of the most hectic. Employee hours has to be counted, sick days and other applicable pay codes have to be assigned to the respective departments. Today’s payroll practitioner needs to be certified and fully understand the changing landscape of the multijurisdictional pay policies. Record of Employment (ROE) and taxable benefits are also important aspects that fall under their wide umbrella of responsibility.

Now just image having to keep up to date with federal and provincial/territorial governments pay policies and using a system to calculate of this? The CFO of plastics manufacturing plant put it succinctly, “we had all the necessary certifications that are required in our industry including ISO, yet we were collecting employee data using antiquated methods. Our payroll manager was spending an entire day and a half counting employee hours, vacation days etc. With 1700 employees across several provinces it simply became untenable.”

Is your company still using a paper based timekeeping system? Are, you getting the results you expected out of your existing solution? If so, switching to an ATS time and attendance solution enables companies to lower costs, streamline key business processes and boost productivity.

The ATS employee time management solution supports your entire company eliminating redundant data entry and the time, cost, and errors associated with using a manual system. Moreover, our solution is designed to be fully integrated with other third party applications including: Talent Management, Payroll, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Inventory and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. ATS time and attendance provides companies with a real-time, intuitive dashboard with views into key business data across processes and departments—allowing you to make more informed business decisions faster.

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