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A recent survey by Gartner of over 500 HR leaders across several countries, and all major industries revealed that “building critical skills and competencies tops the list, but many HR leaders will also prioritize change management, leadership, and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives”.

As the end of 2021 draws to a close, now is the time for organizations and HR professionals to start preparing for the year ahead and align their internal goals with larger HR trends that are emerging. Here are 5 things that will become priorities for People & Culture leaders in 2022:

1.Embrace and Deliver Experience Remotely: While a majority of the workforce have been inoculated and some have returned to the office, many companies are viewing hybrid and virtual work as a long-term strategy.  And, this means, when it comes to investing in technology, the employee experience should be included in the broader picture.

HR leaders will have to adjust to working with a remote workforce and so, screening, interviewing, and onboarding new employees will be done remotely but, if it’s done properly, it should not be a challenge.

2.Cloud-Based OnDemand Applications are on the Rise: All encompassing, Human Capital Management (HCM) applications are shifting the dynamics in the workplace. In particular, employee management apps that allows a company to; automate time tracking, enhance employee on-boarding, and enhance payroll processing in real-time, to make informed business decisions and improve productivity.

3.Make an Effort to Understand the Current and New Generation of Workers
Millennials and Generation Z view work differently from the generation before them. HR professionals, will need to start adjusting to the new world of work. Millennials have been entering the workforce for several years and, at the same time Generation Z are also graduating from high school or university and entering the workforce.

This cohort of workers expect HR departments to adjust their policies to match flexibility and the collaboration they crave. And, when a company has a workforce that comprises of both young and older workers, HR has to walk a tight-rope and carefully manage employee needs without alienating either side.

4.Incorporate Wellness into the Fabric of your Organization
The coronavirus pandemic has created a fundamental shift in how work places are conceived. Health and wellness have moved from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’. Don’t be surprised if candidates inquire about your company’s approach to health and wellness during the interview stage. The pandemic has shone a light on the importance of health and wellness.

5.Create and Maintain a Positive Work Culture
A company that’s enamoured with profits over people will likely have a lot of staff turnover. A positive and healthy working environment will generate happy and hardworking employees.

A positive work environment allows employees to feel comfortable sharing and exchanging ideas-all of which, can lead to a boost in productivity and increased profits. When employees feel empowered and included in company’s goals, this can foster team building.  

Bottomline: keep the lines of communication open with employees at all times, whether they are working remotely or onsite. Simply asking them how they’re coping with work and other challenges will mean a lot. As an HR leader, you can do daily virtual meetings, send weekly email updates to connect with the team. And, you notice one of your employees are not as engaged, or a quick phone call to do a one and one chat the individual could go a long way to helping them feel part of the team.

About ATS

ATS offers a broad portfolio of time and attendance solutions that streamlines the collection, calculation, and reporting of employee hours for workforce management and eliminates the manual tasks of payroll preparation, increasing efficiency and reducing errors in corporate payroll departments.

Thousands of organizations across North, Central and South America and Europe- including more than half of the Fortune 500 – use ATS TimeWork OnDemand, Workforce Planning, Employee Scheduling HR and payroll solutions to manage their workforce. ATS cloud services offer rapid deployment, support services, software updates, and enhancements; and consulting and training services.

Time and Attendance has seen a rejuvenated growth over the last several years. Traditionally, this has been a technology investment mainly for large organizations with hundreds of employees. To these businesses, time and attendance is an efficient way to track employee time, save on payroll costs. Smaller organizations on the other hand, felt they could get by using standard paper time cards or time sheets. Over the past few years though, we are seeing a growing interest among small and medium businesses in adopting the solution similar to their larger counterparts. And some of the reasons including a rising pressure to remain competitive, reduce costs and accelerate growth.

So, why does your small business need an automated time tracking solution? Well, if you are using different processes, activities, and systems to run your business, and you need to establish numerous workflows and procedures – some manual, some automated – that may or may not be formally documented. Essentially, what you have is a variety of departmental applications and outdated databases that are disjointed, has no integration capabilities and probably driving you nuts.

As a growing small business what you need a modern, agile time and attendance solution that is cost-effective, has built-in flexibility and future-proofs your company for long term innovation and growth.

ATS Time and Attendance for small business delivers first rate solutions and services that are sized for your business. The solution is designed to:

  • Instantly improve workforce productivity
  • Minimize the need for IT resources
  • Fit your budget and provide a rapid return on investment (ROI)

ATS Time and Attendance for small business offers small businesses a choice between traditional onsite deployments and robust Software as a Service (SaaS) time and attendance solution designed to help you achieve the trappings of success, while streamlining payroll costs. ATS Time and Attendance for small business can help you to get up and running even faster and will reduce your on-going operational costs so you can get back to focusing on increasing profits for your business.

To learn more, download a demonstration. You can also register for our upcoming webinar ‘Embracing the Cloud Will Make Your HR and Payroll Practitioners Happy’. To reach sales, call 866.294.2467.

Does Your Small Business Need An Automated Time Tracking Solution?

Automating the tracking of employee time should, be a fundamental process within any business. Yet many companies do not track time and instead rely on outdated time tracking methodologies and/or self-reporting to capture time and attendance details. And, since, assumptions and reality do not correlate organizations, that rely on manual time tracking or self-reporting lose significant value by paying employees for time that they didn’t actually work.

Let’s take a look at three reasons to ditch paper time cards:

Lost Time-Some companies refer to lost time as sick days, employee vacations, planned or unplanned absences. However, the occasional 5-10 minutes that an employee either arrives early or leaves late are small increments that can add up significantly throughout the year. Take for example, an employee who comes in 10-15 minutes before her start time and records this on the paper time card or the employee who is habitually late yet jots down that he arrived on time. In both scenarios, you are paying these employees for time that they were not actually working.

Ditch the Manual Time Tracking-If your company is using an automated time and attendance yet, have spreadsheets or another manual time tracking system, you are likely using the wrong solution and are missing out on significant benefits. The right time and attendance system should capture; employee vacations, statutory holidays, overtime, it should be scalable and eradicate all manner of manual time tracking.

Here Are Some Additional Reasons Why You Should Ditch Paper Time Cards

Data Integration-In addition to the other benefits, the ability to send employee hours seamlessly to your payroll software should be one major factor in migrating to an automated time and attendance. It is next to impossible to continually use manual time tracking and come up with accurate results. An automated time and attendance solution removes the arduous tasks of having to count employee hours each week and then key them into spreadsheets, thus, your company will benefit because it’s now paying for time worked, which can translate into higher revenues and profits.

Not sure if there is value to automating your manual time tracking methods?  Download our Return on Investment (ROI) calculating or a demonstration. Both can help build a solid business case.


It has been said that small and mid-size businesses are the lifeblood of North America, because they keep the economy humming by creating jobs. However, a despite the advantages to automation, some of these companies still use paper-based and other forms of manual methods to manage their business.

A recent article by Tom Starner, contributing editor for HRDive titled “Employers using paper-based benefits administration strategy see money fly out the window” provides a business case for why manual systems are hampering the productivity of small and mid-size businesses. It reads in parts:

“It may be hard to believe, but some HR departments (mainly smaller businesses) are still processing the benefits enrollment process using paper — much to their financial detriment, according to an expert writing at Employee Benefits News.

Andrew Brickman, director of Benefits Administration at Corporate Synergies, an employee benefits and insurance broker, says employers still relying on paper, rather than automating the process, should understand that they are letting dollars slip out the door.

Apart from potentially missing valuable data, storing paper documents also is very expensive (filing cabinets, paper, printer ink and maintenance costs). Instead, Brickman writes that a far better option is moving to a benefits administration platform for automating the process, ensuring both time and money savings.”

Paper-Based Time Tracking Persists Despite Cost Savings Through Automation


Many of today’s small and mid-size businesses have endured through economic slow downs and remain focused on their operations and profitability, but need 21st century tools to help them keep their competitive advantage, and remain lean while increasing productivity.

If your small or mid-size business happens to be one of those that have been contemplating automating your time tracking process, it’s not too late. ATS TimeWork On Demand for small and mid-size businesses helps your entire operation, by giving you interconnection between all locations and departments of all processes. ATS TimeWork OnDemand is easy to use and includes workflows with intuitive user dashboards, real-time reporting analytics and adapts to workforce and regulatory compliance rules.

Want to get rid of your paper-based time tracking system? Download a demonstration or attend one of our weekly webinars on how ATS cloud solution has helped a small to mid-size business like yours.

To arrange an onsite visit in your region, call us at 866.294.2467.

It’s that time of the year when holiday office parties are in full swing, retailers have hired extra employees to help with the heavy amount of shopping that has become reminiscent with this time of the year. Businesses also have their shopping list, chief amoung them, payroll and HR managers who, have been using paper time sheets for years and would like nothing better a new solution. Some of the will be presenting a list to their reporting managers for a system that contains:

Visual Dashboards- With data visualization tools that displays the current status of metrics, including employee attendance, up-to-minute reports and other key performance indicators (KPI’s) for the benefits of understand budget vs. actual dollars spent. And, they want this data to be consolidated, sorted, arranged and managed to fit one screen.

Workforce Planning- For the purpose of providing insight into job costing capabilities, and integrate pay code policies for multi site and multi county operations.  The time tracking solution should contain the ability to provide a complete picture of workforce scheduling demand, thus, allowing our organization to optimize our business with our operational goals for greater business insight.

Data Integration- Seamless integration to payroll, HR, ERP and other applications so your company no longer have to key data in manually. ATS TimeWork integration tool includes a set of pre-built, packaged integrations and connectors for the purpose of third-party applications that are built, maintained, and supported by ATS.

Better Usability- You deserve a system that gives you the right data at the right time. ATS TimeWork is adaptable, mobile, and flexible and can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime. It’s just that easy. It’s made for the way industries operate. ATS TimeWork lets employees access their scheduled shifts and accumulated overtime hours, request time-off and collaborate with their direct supervisors through any mobile device. Now just imagine how much greater profitability and streamlined process, your company will achieve? That’s the power of ATS TimeWork.

Scalability- ATS TimeWork is easy to use, affordable, time and attendance for mid-enterprise size organizations. Available in the cloud or on-premise, our software is designed to work with your organization – and, at a price that’s right for your growing company. To gain a competitive edge in the demanding global marketplace requires efficiency, agility, analysis, and, above all, simple technological solutions and, that’s the advantage of using an ATS workforce management solution.

In closing, if your manager needs convincing, have him or her go to our demonstration page and get their personalized tour of the software and download data some data collection options.

All I Want For Christmas Is A Brand New Time And Attendance Solution

It’s the time of the year when most people in North America head off to some exotic locale, family road trip or to the cottage for a vacation. Your company talked about automating its time tracking process but, that’s all-you did was talked about it. The warm summer months will soon be replaced by fall and then dreaded winter. And soon you will be back to the manual time tracking processes.


If your company has looked at replacing your current time sheets in the past, here are some undeniable benefits to automation:


ATS TimeWork streamlines manual time tracking and provides a simple, set of processes for managing your company’s work rules, payroll and time and attendance requirements. Your company will benefit from ATS deep industry knowledge and have access to local and regional resources. By using ATS time and attendance solution you can focus on running your company, while leaving mission critical workforce management aspects so us.


ATS cloud-based time and attendance solution eliminates duplicate entries that can occur when keying employee hours manually-thus, payroll costs will be reduced. In addition, the head scratching complexities caused by using excel spreadsheets and manually keying employee hours into payroll will be replaced by ATS smooth data integration tool. You will have access to business intelligence and business analytic tools all designed to enhance workforce compliance and to provide you with an accurate overview of your payroll and time and attendance data.


Not sure if a cloud-based time and attendance is right for you? Download a demonstration or attend one of our live webinars.

Summertime And You Are Still Trying To Find Ways To Streamline Payroll


Tracking time and attendance is a fundamental part of a workforce management solution. Analyzing, tracking and managing time and attendance within an organization, is by and large, a critical component and many companies still struggle with. Today’s companies need the right tools to help them understand what time an employee came in and left on any given day. The process of collecting employee data and integrating it to payroll, HR or other third-party applications is at the heart of ATS time and attendance solution.

One of the most effective ways to save valuable time within any organization is to maximize employee productivity by automating common administrative tasks. For example; could your managers be more productive if they were using a time tracking solution that’s has embedded alerts for each time an employee was late or forgot to punch in? Of course they could.  ATS time and attendance solution eradicates time-consuming tasks and replaces them with real-time data analytics that gives operational managers greater visibility over attendance patterns including, overtime, missing punches, time-off requests and will help reduce the administrative burden, and optimize your compliance efforts.

Having Trouble Tracking Employee Attendance? Bring It On.ATS time and attendance is a flexible and robust solution designed, to adapt to your current requirements, scalable enough to align with your growth and accessible anywhere, anytime. ATS time and attendance enables customers to accurately pay their employees in compliance with Provincial, Federal and State labour rules, while also management more robust requirements, such as union rules, premium pay, shift differentials, and grace rules.

ATS TimeWork will minimize your involvement with mundane tasks by providing with you a best-of-breed solution that you can count on. You can then you now focus your resources on your core business with the goal of achieving business results.

Want to know how you can achieve business results? Join us for one of our live webinars or download a pre-recorded demonstration from our website.

Having Trouble Tracking Employee Attendance? Bring It On


At first glance some time and attendance business requirements appear to be difficult. In reality most are simple and in fact, the appearance of it being difficult might have to do with its interpretation by the vendor, the customer or both parties. We have waxed exponentially about the benefits of keeping your time management solution requirements simple and with good reason. Now, we are not suggesting that a company with 3000 employees with locations in Brampton, Quebec, Windsor, Edmonton and Toronto, comprising of three different collective agreements and multiple work policies and statutory holidays is simple. As a matter of fact, when ATS engages companies with multi-sites and different work rules, we typically suggest, at the outset, that we flush out all of the requirements. This method allows all stakeholders to discuss the requirements in detail and it also gives an insight into how ATS time and attendance can be deployed while reflecting these business rules.

ATS time and attendance helps companies improve productivity- from the simple to more complex business set of requirements, with a comprehensive time tracking solution that covers all aspects of your business.

Here are 3 ways the ATS keeps it simple, yet allows you to get the most out of your time and attendance solution:

Visibility that helps the decision making process
ATS time and attendance provides a clear view of your business operations, allowing business managers to focus on exceptions, accurately evaluate risks, and make faster decisions. Today’s companies want on-the-spot information and greater insight into their payroll costs and how best to streamline it. Disparate systems including, spreadsheets, old punch clock systems and outdated databases simply exacerbate the challenges that some companies face when trying to get the right information on time. ATS time and attendance solves these business challenges with real-time analytic reporting, user-friendly manager screens and automated workflows that drive effective business results.

Simplicity that’s designed to eliminate manual tasks and unnecessary paperwork
ATS time and attendance coverts complexity to simplicity, and paper-based time sheets- to a best-of-breed system, that tracks attendance and increase profits. ATS time and attendance delivers more insight, alleviates complexity, and high overhead costs.

Grow with your business and keep pace with market demands
ATS time and attendance provides a better way to manage all your pay and work-rule policies and includes workforce analytics, thus enabling you to improve productivity in ways only a 21st century workforce management solution can. And we do all this by meeting your business requirements and keeping simple.

Want to learn more? Let’s start the conversation today at 866.294.2467. You can also download your free copy of one of our white papers from our website.

Why Keeping It Simple Works Best


It wasn’t that long ago when companies looking to track employee time would simply call up a provider and they would have a punch clock system installed in their organization. Those punch clocks did the tracking of hours and some even added the total at the bottom of the time cards.

Now let’s move to the mid 90’s and we saw the proliferation of Microsoft windows in just about every company using Microsoft’s:  computers, operating systems and suite of office products. The punch clock industry itself had to keep up and so came time and attendance built on the Microsoft® windows platform.  But does that mean companies are no longer using punch clock systems? On the contrary, ATS gets daily and weekly calls from companies around Toronto, Vancouver, Windsor including other regions in Canada and the US all requesting our assistance with the deployment of a 21st century time tracking system to replace their antiquated punch card system.

Bygone Era of the punch clock

So, how has Apex Time Solutions evolve with the times? As a market leader of cloud-based and on-premises enterprise time and attendance software, we help companies of all industries run better. From payroll operations to the c-level suite seeking; workforce analytic reporting functionality, to the plant manager and employees utilizing mobile devices to request time off and view schedules– ATS TimeWork empowers organizations with a workforce management solution that’s designed to increase operational productivity and gain insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition.

So whether your company is looking to track the time and attendance for 50 employees or 100,000.00 ATS TimeWork can help your company turn streams of data into actionable information that can help your business achieve unparalleled productivity and profitability.

Interested in seeing how your company can reduce high payroll costs with a state-of-the-art time tracking solution? Go to our website and download a time and attendance demonstration.  To speak to one of our account reps, call; 866.294.2467.

So Much Has Changed Since The Era Of The Traditional Punch Clock

The recent news that Windows XP would be discontinued caused some consternation within the business community. And while the concern was legitimate, Microsoft had in fact, sent out a previous release a year in advance of this pending change. Despite the advance notice, some companies waited until the week before this transition, to update their Servers and workstations with new operating systems and office applications.


Today’s businesses face intense competition and the ones that remain rooted in the old ways of “we’ve always done it this way” find out, with great shock and sometimes when it’s too late, that they have been outpaced by their competitors. The lesson from the Windows XP update is one that all businesses at some point, have to come to terms with-which is, should you update or stay with your current system and deal with the headaches later on?


With ATS TimeWork on Demand, there are no Server or workstation update requirements. Your IT department or consultant will be happy that they do not have to spend time managing another program on the Server and workstations of the operational users.


ATS cloud-based time and attendance solution helps businesses improve efficiencies and achieve operational excellence. Designed to adapt to the most complex pay policies requirements, ATS TimeWork On-Demand improves time tracking capability while streamlining payroll costs and gives you the up-to-the-minute reporting tools that you need. Moving to the cloud can be challenging on itself. ATS has the depth of experience and superior customer support you need to fully leverage all of the advantages cloud computing affords.


Need some more reasons to move to time tracking solution to the cloud? Go to our website and download a white paper on “Cloud-Based Application VS an On-Premises Solution.

Microsoft Windows XP