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The headline has a nice ring to it and its one that some project leaders like to cling to, but in reality, when installing an employee attendance system, consideration should be given to how that system is going to function after 5 years. There is nothing wrong with wanting your investment to stretch as much as possible- however, expecting your investment in a time and attendance solution to live far beyond its useful life is a sin we have, all committed at some point or another.

If your company likes the idea of an installed product that leaves you worry-free of software licenses and server updates, then you might be better off with a cloud-based solution. And with cloud technology, you get:

Data Integration: Easy integration to ERP, CRM, Talent Management, Payroll and HRIS makes your employee time management worth the investment. Not to mention it also cuts down on manual data entry.

Visibility:  Up-to-the-minute labor and business analytics and the best part, elimination of paper-based time-sheets.
Scalable: Configure and add modules as you need them
Updates:  Software delivered, requiring no additional costs
Efficient: Cloud delivery eliminates on-premise IT costs
Anytime, Anywhere:  Just imagine being able to access your data from any workstation or mobile device 24/7, 365 days a year? Now, that’s what we call modern technology.
Global: Multi-site, multi-subsidiary workforce intelligence scales as you grow.

ATS On-Demand helps growing businesses to cut their IT and payroll costs, access their time and attendance data from anywhere and improve operational excellence.

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Just Install And Forget It

CFOs are just as responsible for profitability of the organizations that they work as is the CEO. Some might even argue, a great deal of responsibility is thrust upon their shoulders since of their main objectives is to ensure that costs are aligned with operational expenses. Cloud-based time and attendance solution is becoming the norm and even risk-averse CFO’s, are now seriously considering that option as way of helping their overworked HR and payroll managers cope with attendance in real-time.

ATS cloud-based time and attendance system is flexible and helps companies avoid fixed capital investments during periods of corporate or economic uncertainty and timely access to the latest TimeWork On-Demand software capabilities.

So, what do CFO’s want from their time and attendance solution?

Information at their fingertips
To start, analytic reporting tools that contains the right information. CFOs need information that helps them extrapolate the right data whenever and whenever they need it. Financial managers want the ability to see exactly what is coming into and out of the business, where and when – allowing them to budget and forecast accordingly.

A solution that offers value
There is no question that economic slow-down of 2008 had made many companies more very prudent when it comes to spending on time and attendance software. And financial managers are taking a cautious approach to spending after having seen so many companies run into difficulties over the last few years, due in part to the financial crisis. These financial executives are keeping a closer eye on the bottom line.

Service and support
Service and support will never go out of style and although financial executives look for good value and a solid product, they also want service and support to go along with the product. ATS portfolio of services is designed to help you resolve problems more quickly—or even prevent problems before they occur—and to protect your investment. Whether you want to upgrade your service or extend your post-warranty technical support coverage, we offer highly support services and contracts with remote or onsite support with a single point of contact.

Whether you are dealing with manual timesheets or antiquated punch clocks, today’s organizations are looking to trusted time and attendance providers to help reduce cost, manage complexity, and provide real-time support. And that’s where ATS comes in.

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CFO’s See The Value In Cloud-Based Time And Attendance