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Every few years your company sets aside some time to review demos and understand the benefits of time and attendance. After a few weeks, you decide not to make a purchase and stay with your current excel and paper tracking time sheet process. Over the years, we at ATS have heard of numerous reasons why some companies do not want to upgrade to a solution can make their lives easier.

 Some these reasons include:
“Our current system is old but it works.”
“We have looked at this before and senior management does not want to spend money on a system like this.”
“I am not convinced we can streamline our process if we purchase this system.”

Based on our experience it is often the fear of change that makes companies reluctant to adopt something new. The antiquated method of capturing employee data, although comforting, leads to erroneous mistakes and wastes valuable resources.

ATS time management software is both efficient and affordable. Because of the flexibility of the system, it easily adaptes to any industry and lowers operational costs from the very beginning.

Sometimes being reluctant to implement a software solution that can streamline business processes can be attributed to a number of factors including; limited cash on hand, uncertainty about the current state of the economy and a fear of change. While a delay can sometimes be due to limited resources in difficult times and while this may, on the surface, appear to be a prudent course of action, the cost of doing nothing is costing companies thousands of dollars each year in lost productivity.

Both large and small businesses understand that in order to remain competitive in today’s marketplace, it’s not enough to merely do more with less. It means reviewing all current practices and utilizing resources wisely.  One of the most effective tools, to help that cause, is the implementation of an effective time and attendance solution that contains business intelligence and analytic reporting tools to achieve desired profits. 

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