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At the recent HRPA trade show held inToronto, we were amazed at the number of attendees who confessed that their organizations are using excel to track employee hours. Paper timesheets and punch cards, are virtually unnecessary in 2013. A cloud-based time and attendance system will help reduce your company’s consumption of needless paper. But why would a company want to make this shift? Here are three compelling reasons:

Accuracy and Efficiency:
It can be time-consuming and tedious to sift through each employee time card. A cloud-based time and attendance system helps reduce errors and retrieve data faster. Adopting a paperless time and attendance makes it easier for employees to request days off and check benefit balances via the employee self-service portal. With the use of ATS cloud-based workforce management software, your organization has instant access to update, add or lookup data, from anywhere at anytime and with any web browser.

Paper time-sheets require a lot of resources, waste valuable time and expose organizations to greater risk of not complying with Canadian labour laws. The companies, who were involved in lawsuits filed by employees in the last several years about unpaid overtime all had one thing in common; they were all using some form of manual time tracking system. Automating your time tracking process with ATS helps minimize compliance risk, and improves employee morale and productivity. In addition, it will turn company’s processes into a streamlined network, without the added costs of maintaining paper costs and inefficiencies.

With a paper-based system, tracking of overtime hours, vacation and sick days is a tedious task of manually entering data into a payroll or HR system.  ATS workforce software calculates all data, and through the click of a mouse, the data is automatically sent to your company’s payroll, HRIS and other software applications. ATS TimeWork helps companies increase efficiencies in managing a workforce and uses accurate data to streamline payroll and provide your operational managers with a real-time analytic visibility.

As more companies evolve and understand the benefits of automating their workforce, going paperless is probably inevitable. To learn more go to our website and to request a demo or speak to a representative contact us at 1.866.294.2467.


Sometimes it’s hard to determine who’s at fault when implementations do not go as planned. In fact, there are a host of reasons why some time and attendance implementations falls short of expectations. Some of these can include:

  • Over Budget-The requirements far exceed what was initially agreed upon and along the way, it was discovered that the original proposal does not match the amount of work it will take to complete the project
  • Resources-The vendor and/or customer did not have adequate personnel set aside to handle the project
  • Quick Implementation- Rushing through an implementation is a recipe for disaster. Important aspects of the project are missed when this happens and distrust may develop on both sides

In today’s fragile economy, it is not uncommon to come across some companies who want to save money on a project. After all, who does not want to save a buck or two? However, cutting corners to save a few dollars could leave your company with a time and attendance solution fraught with problems.  Buying the cheapest solution with a quick turn around may look good on paper, but these cuts do not save but rather add money in the long run.  

At ATS, we believe in taking a holistic approach to the implementation of our time management solution. We deploy a project manager for all multi-site and large-scale implementations to coordinate the rollout process for your organization. The project manager works with your team to develop a timeline, key milestones and other details. The Project Manager also works with other resources within ATS to fully define/design your system, including: schedule required training sessions, test components and transition to our support center upon completion of the project. Weekly project updates (conference calls and reports), as well as on-site visits help ensure a smooth implementation.

To learn more about our time and attendance solution, go to our website and to view a demo contact us at; 1.866.294.2467.



The speed of globalization, the US Fiscal Cliff, shareholders seeking quicker return on investment and intense competition are creating challenges for many of today’s organizations. Business executives are looking to the advancements in technology to streamline business processes. To leverage their time and attendance investments, organizations need to choose solutions, that meet their core business needs today and also flexible, enough to meet their requirements tomorrow.

ATS TimeWork On-Demand is a robust application designed for mid to large enterprises that adapts to the changing needs across various industries. At the core of our solution is a built in functionality that integrates to human resources, payroll, supply chain management and enterprise resource planning applications.  ATS TimeWork empowers organizations to anticipate and embrace change thereby, enhancing productivity. One of the advantages to deploying ATS time and attendance on-demand is that software updates are free and will not disrupt your business operations.

 Why Should Your Company Choose ATS TimeWork On-Demand?
The deployment of TimeWork On-Demand gives business a distinct advantage of the next generation time and attendance software that easy to use, with enhanced security, and functionality. ATS TimeWork On-Demand provides real benefits to organization that need a solution with a quick ROI, 24/7 access, and reduced payroll costs.

TimeWork On-Demand Functional Features:

  • True cloud deployment
  • Adapts to your business as it evolves
  • Supply chain, human resources, talent management and payroll integration
  • Real-time reporting, business process workflows and labour
  • Access the solution from any web browser at anytime
  • Configurable to multiple countries and business processes
  • Multi industry compatibility

To learn more, or to download a demonstration, go to our website.  You can also join our LinkedIn group or follow the conversation on Twitter.


2013 is finally here and it’s the time when most businesses are optimistic about their business goals and have visions of streamlining operational costs. On the other hand, companies who put off business automation can fall prey to unforeseen payroll costs that could hamper their business growth.

In our experience, companies in every industry; wants a software solution that not only meets their stated requirements but it will last for a number of years. Disjointed and older time and attendance systems can leave a company vulnerable since they can substantially impact production and create negative ripple effects throughout the entire organization. Unfortunately, managing the risk of disruption has grown more difficult with the increasing use of an older an in some cases, in-house solutions.

ATS’s TimeWork cloud-based application can be accessed anytime and anywhere in the world—ideal for companies with multi-sites in various provinces and states, geographically distributed warehouses or employees who travel frequently.

If your company is growing with new locations, new acquisitions and breaking ground through emerging markets, chances are you need a time management solution that can meet those needs. ATS time and attendance provides world class solution that can be deployed in a matter of weeks and help you achieve the real-time global visibility and efficiency that your business demands.

To learn more connect with us through Twitter, download a brochure through SlideShare or contact one of our representatives.

Today, more than ever, companies are keenly aware what type of functionality that need in an employee time management solution. Oddly enough, when shopping for a time and attendance system, these same companies forget their requirements and opt for a solution based on its price. We do agree that price is important but when selecting a time an employee time management solution, it is important to make sure the product matches your requirements. Otherwise, you will be selecting a solution that meets some of your requirements while everything else is blurred by the attractive price point.

Every company has specific needs when it comes to a time and attendance comparison. And, assuming every solution is the same can be costly and present problems when it comes time for implementation. You may have determined that the multiple spreadsheet approach to keeping track of employee hours, vacation and pay policies has become too complicated and time-consuming. It’s important that you get your key operational personnel involved as you assess the needs of your organization pertaining to your time and attendance comparison.

After sales support should be an important element within any time management solution comparison. Look for a company that can prove a level of support that meets your company’s expectations and ask for references that support such claims. All too often companies rely on flashy demos that create an illusion of what’s to come. And when a time and attendance solution is selected is based on flash you are usually buying a bill of goods.

Of course some companies have had bad experiences but, that’s not only with time and attendance. Has your company purchase a CRM, Talent Management or HRIS software based on price? If so, is it still meeting your needs? If not, why? Share your stories, good and bad.

To learn more, go to our website. You can also download a copy of our white paper “How to select a time and attendance solution”.

Many companies track and maintain employee time, hours and other data with spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are also used for creation of pie charts, bar chart and line graphs. Spreadsheets do perform an important role and based on their history will not be going away anytime soon. However, we have noticed that too many businesses rely on this type of tool to track employees’ time and other data for payroll processing.  The problem with relying on spreadsheets to handle employee hours is that it comes with inherent risks. Manually keying employee hours into payroll, ERP or HRIS can lead to numerous unintended errors.

 Say good-bye to your spreadsheets! ATS SaaS Time & Workforce Management Solutions is a fully integrated software suite that does a great deal more than just track employee time. Our software helps organizations minimize payroll errors and automate time-consuming workforce management processes associated with time tracking, job costing, employee scheduling, attendance and labour distribution.

 Solution Benefits:

  • TimeWork is robust yet flexible enough to adapt to your company’s changing needs
  • System redundancy provides frequent backups and ensures complete data availability
  • ATS data terminals provide hours instantly and in real-time and allows managers to review relevant data
  • System updates at no additional charge to ensure you are in line with technological advances
  • TimeWork ensures compliance with necessary labour laws while accurately tracking time and attendance of employees
  • Forecasting and budgeting modules align with company’s objectives
  • Labour distribution captures activities performed by employees at various departments or jobsites
  • Absence requests facilitate adequate coverage
  • Labour analytics provides managers with a variety of workforce data

 ATS Software as-a-Service (SaaS) solution automates employee time, labour tracking and scheduling. Companies can access the data at anytime, anywhere and from any web browser.

To discuss the benefits of moving from a spreadsheet based time tracking to an automated solution, go to our website.

Over the years, a great deal of money and resources has been spent studying the challenges that daylight savings time presents, to the general public. While some argue the change affects shift workers more than others, the havoc it wreaks on the lives of many people who miss an hour’s sleep is undeniable.

 An article by the says, “More than half of male drivers report getting enough sleep during the time change, which is good news, since they tend to have a higher crash risk.”

 A contributing psychologist to the article goes on to say, “The change in our sleep cycle can cause unique dangers on our roads as some drivers will feel more fatigued than usual,” said Dr. John Vavrik, a psychologist with ICBC.”

 The argument for and against daylight savings time in the 21st century will go on. The online petition by End Daylight Saving Time remains resolute in their claim that DST does more harm than good to humans biological system.

 Companies that operate in the non traditional 9-5 industries can opt for solutions that allow employees to punch in and out using their tablet PC, Smart phone or through a web browser. The use of these tools takes the place of employees having to report to the office on a daily basis. ATS software for tablet PCs, Smart phones and online time tracking is GPS enabled and tracks the location of the in and out punch by the employee.

 ATS Workforce Management Software is designed for organizations in a variety of industries. Our integrated time and attendance system delivers deep insight into all areas of an organization’s work rule policy promoting better efficiency and more fiscally sound labour decisions.

For more information or to download a copy of our time and attendance brochure, go to our go to our website.

Tracking complex employee leave requests through paper time sheets is costly and often results in errors. By automating this process, companies enhance the communication between employees and supervisors while simultaneously eliminating the manual process.

ATS Leave Management is a software module that allows employees to request time away from work.  Through a web portal, managers can grant or deny leave, based on a company’s overall work policies.

Our Leave Management software allows employees to make use of the employee self-service module and review the status of their leave requests.  They can also view personalized accrual balances through the application.

ATS uses a company’s existing policies to configure the rules for leave tracking validation and enforcement. ATS Leave Management module prevents the ability to enter accrual balances when it’s not applicable. The result is a system that accurately displays employees accrual balances in their respective web portal.

Benefits of ATS Leave Management Software:

  • Tracks attendance and leave policies consistently in order to streamline payroll costs and control unauthorized employee absences
  • Track and manages US Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Canada’s Family Medical Leave (FML) that overlaps with provincial, federal and state leave laws
  • Supervisors have the ability to approve leave request through any web browser
  • Employees see approval messages from supervisors through employee self service
  • Gives employees more control of their time off and a greater sense of fairness through consistent policy enforcement

ATS Leave Management takes control of intermittent leave conditions.  The software tracks leave for: family day, jury duty, vacation, short term disability and parental leave. The solution comes equipped with audit trails, attendance records and leave-of-absence records. Companies can minimize risk of litigation, audits and employee grievances with this powerful tool.

To download a copy of our time and attendance leave management brochure, go to our website. To view an online demonstration, please contact one of our account executives.

Benefit enrollment has become an ongoing challenge for employers and providers alike.  The Internet has become a part of daily life for most companies and has spawned software solutions to meet the demands of these organizations. As companies increase their use in all things web-based, they are finding out it’s just as easy to use online enrollment for employee benefits as it is for payroll stubs. In short, most business automation tools are done by using the Internet.

Human resource departments are devoted to providing effective policies, procedures, guidelines and support to operational managers within their companies. Today’s human resources managers need tools to help them reduce the manual workload, empower department managers and effectively manage human capital.

ATS time and attendance HR module administers human resource processes from a single source. The solution gives you a snap shot of your workforce which in turn, allows for better decision making. Using our solution means there is no more re-keying of information and also less paperwork. The end result is you deliver payroll accurately and on time, and administer employee information with ease.

Using ATS single source solution will give your organization the tools it needs to be more proactive, efficient and cost effective. This will free up your time to focus on HR strategies rather than the day-to-day processes of HR and payroll.

To read more about our time and attendance HR module, go to our website.

 A blog by Cindy Waxer titled “A New Dawn for Time and Attendance Technology” encapsulates the importance of a time and attendance system in an organization. Here excerpts of the paragraphs we found most poignant:

“For years, time and attendance software has been the least sexy cousin of the work-force management family – a humdrum tool lacking payroll’s sense of urgency and analytics’ flair for number crunching. But that’s slowly changing.

“For years, time and attendance software has been the least sexy cousin of the work-force management family – a humdrum tool lacking payroll’s sense of urgency and analytics’ flair for number crunching. But that’s slowly changing.

These days, time and attendance software is quickly gaining a reputation for generating more accurate data, boosting revenue and cutting labor costs. In fact, according to “Evolving Time and Attendance,” a report by Aberdeen Group Inc., the best-in-class companies surveyed were able to improve the accuracy of time data by 65 percent and decrease overtime costs (as a percentage of payroll) by 59 percent by using time and attendance solutions.”

Here is another paragraph we felt pretty much sums up the evolution of time and attendance as we know it today.

“Corporate America’s rekindled interest in this age-old HR technology is understandable. More and more companies are now struggling to manage an increasingly mobile, culturally disparate and geographically scattered work force. “A lot of the renewed interest in time and attendance systems has to do with the changing demographics of the work force,” said David Weldon, an Aberdeen analyst and author of the “Evolving Time and Attendance” report. “Companies are trying to capture, analyze and measure data from a lot of different locations for a lot of different people. That’s getting harder and it takes more work to do it right.”

Apex Time Solutions product offerings are complemented by a portfolio of web-based software solutions. Our software suite represents years of investment in capturing our industry expertise and an ongoing commitment to add value to our customers’ business operations.

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