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Construct Canada was a roaring success

December 10th, 2013 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Forecasting | Labour Costs | Payroll | Time and Attendance Software | Workforce Management Software - (Comments Off on Construct Canada was a roaring success)

Each year, ATS attends and/or exhibits at several tradeshows. This year was no different at the Construct Canada which happened to be its 25th edition and is viewed by many exhibitors and visitors alike, as one of the most prominent tradeshows of North America. The show was held at the Metro Convention Centre and as usual, was packed with exciting displays featuring current and some of the most innovative products in the industry. The event organizers of this show, is by all accounts, top notch.

This year’s exhibition featured 7 shows held concurrently which included: PM Expo, DesignTrends, Concrete Canada, HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo, and National GreenBuilding Conference. In short it was a delight for the marketing and production departments of ATS Canada.

ATS workforce management solutions help companies manage operations in complex and capital-intensive projects – smoothly and cost-effectively – with our solutions for engineering, construction and operations. The solution boost profit margins, drive more efficient financial management, and supercharge project performance.

ATS Engineering and Construction Workforce Management Software Benefits:

  • Budgeting and workforce analytics modules identifies and analyzes talent gaps
  • A robust time and attendance that streamlines business processes with increased visibility and helps reduce labour costs
  • Helps indentifies fewer unexpected project cost over-runs
  • Provides faster decision making with access to real-time insights
  • Consolidate HR and payroll processes into one unified software solution to meet compliance

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Small and Mid-Size Businesses are Slowly Adopting Cloud-Based Time and Attendance

December 5th, 2013 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Benefit Accruals | Employee Scheduling | Labour Costs | Payroll | Web-Based Time and Attendance Software - (Comments Off on Small and Mid-Size Businesses are Slowly Adopting Cloud-Based Time and Attendance)

When cloud-based time and attendance made its foray into the marketplace, large organizations took advantage of its ability to improve their business process. On the other hand, small and mid-size organizations were not sure if this would be a viable and in some cases, affordable solution for them.

Today, more than ever, there are numerous employee time tracking solutions that small and mid-size enterprises (SME) can harness for, business intelligence, employee scheduling, benefit accruals, job costing, labour tracking and payroll and HR integration. Sometimes finding a scalable and affordable solution is like “looking for a needle in a haystack” By using ATS TimeWork On-Demand companies will streamline processes and up-to-minute data that senior executives can use to run their daily operations.

How A Hosted Time and Attendance Solution can help
ATS hosted time and attendance solution allow small and mid-size businesses to realize tremendous cost savings while improve production and payroll processing hours. ATS TimeWork On-Demand has been designed to be flexible and easy to use and that’s what we have been hearing from our customers over the years. The solution adapts to your needs with no unnecessary or expensive extras and you will see the immediate improvements in ROI and lower payroll costs.

Transition to the Cloud
As businesses understand the low cost of ownership, they are apt to transition employee time tracking operations to the cloud. With your time and attendance system hosted by ATS, you will need fewer IT personnel to provide support as the cloud allows for software to be automatically upgraded and checked 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Beauty of the Cloud
Small and mid-size enterprises (SME) can benefit from a range of features and functionality that can be combined at anytime during and/or after the initial implementation to create a solution that’s specific to your business. This type of flexibility means you get what you need when you need it.

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The implementation of a workforce management solution should be given serious consideration, once you understand how it will solve your business challenges. Things that should be considered ahead of the implementation include: Your company’s’ project leader, ROI and realistic timelines. In our experience, the one area that is overlooked is the expected completion date. A rule of thumb is to always add an additional week or two to the expected ‘Go-Live Date.’ While both vendor and customer have good intentions, we all know implementations do not go as planned. Now, if your implementation is delayed by 3-6 months that’s entirely different story altogether.

Deployment of a workforce management solution is a major undertaking, but the process doesn’t have to be painful. If planned and executed properly, your workforce management system should be a smooth process and you should start seeing improved efficiency across your business in short order. Here are some time and attendance best practices to consider when selecting and deploying a solution.

Select The Best Workforce Management Solution For Your Business

Time and Attendance solutions encompass a variety of functions but no two applications are the same, despite what you might hear to the contrary. Technology is moving at a rapid pace so choose a solution this is both current and scalable.  

Some companies choose to build their own software solution with the aid of in-house IT personnel. The cost and complexity of taking on such a huge project can tie up IT resources for months and sometimes years.

The other alternative is ATS TimeWork On-Demand. ATS time and attendance hosted by ATS. This means you don’t have to make expensive upfront investments in IT hardware and servers, or allocate personnel to managing it. Cloud-based implementations are much faster and easier to deploy than on-site deployments. The maintenance is also much easier since the provider is responsible for keeping the technology up to date. With cloud technology, product enhancements are painless—customizations and integrations automatically update with system upgrades—so you can always be assured that your business is running with the most advanced capability.

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This question always gets a defensive response when our account executives are engaged with prospective customers. One of the most common responses is: “Of course, we know our payroll costs. We get reports once a week from our payroll software.” If your company’s measuring its payroll costs on a weekly or monthly basis, chances are you do not have the right tools in place to help you stay competitive.

Today’s businesses need to be agile, flexible and responsive. Using paper time cards to track employees’ time is one of the best ways to accumulate inaccurate data. ATS time and attendance provides a full set of tools to help you forecast, record, track and control your payroll costs. We ensure visibility throughout your entire organization and provide a full integration with other systems that helps departmental managers get on-the-spot business intelligence data. Here are three ways in which an ATS employee time management solution can streamline payroll costs:

Improve operational efficiencies-Traditional methods of collecting employee time through time cards can lead to manual errors and employees either getting over or under paid. In contrast, using a 21st century time and attendance solution can significantly reduce efficiencies throughout the enterprise, affecting manufacturing line workers as well as plant managers and administrators. Time consuming manual business processes silently erode worker effectiveness.

Cost control and tracking – Enables the capture, tracking and analyzing of project tracking activities and highlights profitability in real-time. ATS TimeWork provides expected versus actual costs for job costing, overtime equalization and workforce absence requests data is easily extracted for regulatory reporting requirements.

Workforce planning and employee scheduling – ATS workforce scheduling provides proper execution of re-scheduling activities when business priorities and plans change. ATS workforce management scheduling allows for optimized scheduling utilizing demand forecasts, employee skills data and labor standards; individual and team performance tracking (with identification of training needs); and incentive calculations determined by client rules and governmental regulations.

So the question remains, why don’t more of today’s businesses track their labour costs in real time? One of the most common answers given by companies, is that such a system would be very costly, take too long to implement or that it would not fit with their corporate culture.  When you consider how the 2008 global recession impacted many businesses, in particular the manufacturing sector, controlling labour costs should not be an afterthought.

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Do You Really Know Your Company's True Labour Costs


The epitaphs for BlackBerry were written by many technology pundits over the last several years. Blackberry is not the only company to be usurped by newcomers due to changes in its industry, consumer buying habits or technological advancements. The common theme that all the pundits lamented in their postings was that the company’s unwillingness to change with the times is one the main reason it is struggling to keep afloat today. A great deal has been said about the 20 something age group, yet they are ones who showed up in droves to get the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Windows Phone. Smartphone companies of today, have to embrace change because they know that to ignore the paradigm shift in consumers buying habits can spell disaster for them.

Today’s businesses understand that to remain competitive it is essential to adapt to the new millennium to propel growth and increase productivity. Switching from paper-based processes to a software application will streamline business practices in real- time and drive efficiency. As the market for business automation continues to grow and evolve, they will develop to give organizations even better labour analytics capabilities. Organizations will be able to make better use of predictive analytics to make better business decisions.

ATS time and attendance solution can solve a number of challenges for many companies across different industries and will maximize productivity in every area of your organization. Embracing the latest in technology, and built on a unified platform, ATS TimeWork provides a real-time, accurate view of your business so you can proactively manage your operations with confidence. Extended modules include: employee self-service, business intelligence, benefit accruals, data integration and job costing management to provide the flexibility you need to translate your unique best practices for optimum performance.

Change is evitable, and in some cases it is forced upon us. If your company is still using a custom made time and attendance application or manual time-sheets, it might be time to analyze its benefits.

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 Businesses must be willing to adapt

Several months ago one of our account representatives received a request for quotation (RFQ) from a prospective customer. With the help of one of our pre-sales engineers, we pored over the requirements and discovered some inconsistencies with the list.  Upon discussing those findings with the prospect, we discovered that the list of requirements was generated from the quotation of another vendor. Of course, it’s not unusual to find requirements submitted by a prospective customer that were in fact, created by a vendor to sway the customer’s buying decision in their favour. However, what was unusual in this case, is that this particular prospect, had not taken the time to figure out their actual requirements. Without this important piece of information, they could not state what kind of time and attendance system would best fit their needs.

By carefully taking time to write down a list of requirements, customers stand a better chance of avoiding software problems. Choosing the right time and attendance requires a plan. It’s important to note, that despite what you might be told, not all time and attendance applications are created equal.  

Some companies are so caught up on the price that they end up selecting a time and attendance system that lacks the capability to address what they want out of the application. A thorough analysis, including probing questions about how an organization is currently working, can uncover areas for improvement. This is a good starting point that can help in selection of the right employee time and attendance system.

The right time and attendance software can facilitate things like: data integration, labour, employee data collection and business intelligence reports all of which can be extremely beneficial to companies that are looking to streamline business processes. One of the best ways for companies to go about choosing a time and attendance software is to define an implementation strategy.

If companies follow some of this advice in choosing an employee time tracking software, they will quickly realize a return on investment and reap the benefits of the system.

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It is a well established fact that conducting your business processes on paper will lead to lost in revenue. In fact, blue chip organizations like Aberdeen Group and the Canadian Payroll Association have cited the overwhelming benefits over the years that can be achieved when a company implements a time management solution. ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance enables you to map your various business processes within the system, thereby increasing the productivity of your organization.


The new economy of today demands that rapidly growing businesses adhere to efficient processes – with no room for information gaps. ATS automated time and reduces labour costs by enforcing appropriate paycodes in accordance to a company’s work rule policy. ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance provides a complete integration into your company’s management processes and enable department managers, HR and payroll personnel to access this information within a standardized system.

ATS employee time and attendance can streamline your company’s payroll. By choosing ATS Time and Attendance software, you ensure that your company’s future and existing business processes will never have to rely on antiquated punch clocks and paper time sheets.


ATS Time and Attendance management allows payroll and HR staff to know who is present or absent for their shifts with the use of employee time clocks. Automating your business process helps reduces the administrative time associated with attendance exceptions and employee inquiries — all while minimizing overpayments and compliance risk.

Interested in learning more? Download the white paper on streamlining payroll costs on our website.

ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance is an award-winning workforce management solution that allows organizations to reduce payroll costs, work more productively and compete in today’s global economy. ATS time and attendance provides midsized and large businesses across Canada and North America with the tools to streamline your current business processes, and comply with collective bargaining agreements and labour law regulations. ATS Software as-a-Service (SaaS) gives you the power and functionality of an integrated application that includes the following imbedded modules: benefit accruals, overtime equalization, business intelligence, labour analytics, forecasting, employee scheduling and employee time clocks.

The Power of Web Deployment
ATS SaaS time and attendance deployment takes place in weeks not months or years. ATS intuitive software solution comes with inherent flexibility, power and security all managed and hosted by our state of the art data centre. The ATS SaaS time and attendance is ideally suited for organizations looking to have their system up and running quickly with affordable monthly payments in contrast to huge capital outlay. ATS SaaS time and attendance reduces the need for an internal IT infrastructure and provides a secure, cost-effective alternative for companies currently running critical business applications.

 Data Integration
Customers looking to integrate their HRIS, Payroll, Talent Management, CRM and other third-party applications will realize this initiative with the ATS open database structure.  For example, payroll can connect important business analytic information directly to operational managers and executives, HR connects key functional departments for better results and sales manager can track and control sales pipelines, resulting in shorter sales cycles, more closed deals, and higher revenues.

 Add as You Grow
Our flexible deployment allows you to grow your company without growing IT resources. Add more users without worrying about installation, configuration, and support of additional hardware and software. With ATS SaaS time and attendance, you can extend your mission-critical business applications across Canadian and US regional offices without the need for local IT support or infrastructure.

Training and Support
Your solution is managed by a team of industry veterans with deep expertise in the world of time and attendance management and application hosting. Our ongoing maintenance and upgrades include a fully automated backup and a disaster recovery plan that protects your investment.  Our North American network of implementation analyst and support representatives can provide you with on-site training, consulting and implementation assistance to help you realize a rapid return on your investment.

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Thousands of businesses looking to optimize productivity have relied on ATS time and attendance system to help them achieve that goal. ATS TimeWork is a fully integrated time tracking solution that serves the distribution, transportation and logistics industry. ATS time and attendance will automate your business processes and reduce payroll costs with a time and labour solution designed to meet the needs of transportation and wholesale distributors. ATS time and attendance transportation solution provides in-depth capabilities for every area of your business which includes: customer orders, payroll, human resources, warehousing, job costing, overtime equalization and data collection.

Our industry-specific time management system provides managers with real-time data that ensures consistent, cross-functional use across operational departments. The robust application allows users to access labour analytics so they can easily manage wholesale distribution, manufacturing and employee attendance functions.

In addition to powerful functionality, ATS TimeWork time and attendance delivers embedded enterprise-wide features that help elevate your business into a real-time, on-demand organization that is responsive to the needs of your customers.

  • Workflow Automation– Streamline operations and enhance information flow between employees, payroll, department managers and human resources departments.
  • Data Integration– Promote faster, more effective management reporting and decision-making with real-time labour analytic tools.
  • Employee Self-Service-Employees can access their schedules, benefits, and make time off requests.
  • Data Collection- Automatically collect employee hours, verify and upload data in real-time across your business operations.
  • Benefit Accruals– Automatically adds sick time, vacation and other types of leave time to an employee’s account.

ATS time and attendance is scalable, so it can be implemented incrementally or company-wide to support your business processes,  in phases or during growth.

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Armchair pundits and analysts alike have had a great deal to say about BlackBerry’s recent smart-phone, the XZ10. Some have predicted its demise due in part, to the amount of time it took to bring out a device comparable to the iPhone, Android, Samsung Galaxy and many others on the market. In the end, the success of Blackberry lies with consumers liking and purchasing its products, not the views of analysts.

Some years ago when BlackBerry launched its smart-phone, the device gave users the ability to send and receive e-mails through the device at a time when this was viewed as revolutionary. At that time, it catered mostly to corporate executives and government users. As time went on, Apple, Google and other companies launched their own smart-phones. Apple was the first to launch its iPhone with great fanfare using ads featuring hip youngsters showing off their phones. In addition to e-mails and texting, you could also browse the web at lightning speed, view various features and download many software applications that BlackBerry phones could not do. All of a sudden the public started taking notice and the line ups to get an iPhone stretched for several blocks. These new smart-phones were now accessible to everyone, not just corporate executives. Some have argued, BlackBerry came across as stuffy and refused to include the younger generation in its ads and that is one of the many reasons it has struggled to gain new users.

BlackBerry has its diehard fans and some have argued that the Z10 is the start of great things to come. Many BlackBerry users also say that they love the product because of its built-in encryption which makes it a better-managed platform than its competitors. Whether you are a BlackBerry fan or not, the consumer always wins when there is competition.

The history of Apple chronicles that it, too, went through a rough patch many years ago, but most its loyal fans stuck with it. Most companies go through a period when they have to find out what made them successful and be able to change with the times. 

Companies using a BlackBerry Z10, Ipad, Windows Mobile or other smart-phone device can access the ATS web-based time and attendance software from anywhere.  ATS TimeWork time and attendance software features include; tracking of benefit accruals, pay policies, employee shifts; overtime and premium pay codes, statutory holiday tracking, employee self service, job costing and labour analytics. ATS time and attendance is an integrated and scalable application that is designed to meet the most challenging the timekeeping and workforce management needs of any organization.

Kudos to BlackBerry on the launch of its Z10! Their success or lack thereof will be determined by the consumers. That said we wish them continued success.

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