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Over the last several years, time and attendance solution has become ubiquitous as an online business application delivery model. Now this might work in a case of company who does not necessarily need a great deal of support, has very simple work policies-this type of approach fails to deliver when more complex data configuration is required.

Now while there are some similarities within time and attendance solutions there are also some significant differences, that in and of itself should warrant a company doing its homework before making a selection. For example, in the markets where some companies operate, there are local and federal compliance work rules that these companies must adhere to-so, their chosen time and attendance solution should contain sufficient flexibility to adhere to those compliance rules.  There is however, one constant, whether you operate a small business or fortune 500 organization, most businesses strive for the same goal — increased business productivity and reduction of payroll cost.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping around for a time and attendance solution:

The Jack Of All Trades
A company who provides; Recruitment/Talent Management Software, Payroll Services, Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) is in effect a “Jack of all trades. No company is able to provide all of the abovementioned solutions and be an expert at all of them. Moreover, there is no single database that can perform all of these tasks. You are better off looking for a company that is an expert in the field of workforce management software, if that’s what you are looking for.

Choose The Solution That Closely Matches Your Needs
Research the solution that closely matches your requirements and forego the temptation to buy the cheapest solution that’s shown to you. You want to have access to; real-time reporting, utilize mobile time tracking for your contractors and other offsite employees and, use forecasting and, workforce intelligence. The greater the functionality — the greater the productivity gains for your organization.

Examine Analytics
Powerful analytics drives today’s leading time and attendance solutions. Contrary to popular belief not all time and attendance software share the same business intelligence — examine the data structure of the proposed workforce management solution. Look for a system that supports your business growth and can deliver data in a way that propels business productivity.

User Adoption
Your chosen solution should be one that is easy-to-use. Functional users like finance, payroll, HR and others should be comfortable working with the time and attendance system. You should choose a solution that offers best-in-class usability, with a comprehensive set of features—that in turn, will increase user adoption and your company will have a more productive and engaged workforce.

After-Sales Support! Is That Important To You?
If it is then ask about it at the outset. You should also be aware, that a low-end off the shelf or a solution purchased through the Internet will be accompanied by limited support if any. You want the kind of support that you can rely on long after the sales and marketing personnel have done their “dog and pony show”. ATS implementation team will deliver ongoing training and support resources, dedicated to determining a positive implementation process. Depending on the size of your company, you will get a support a methodology of training that’s specifically dedicated to the technological advancement of your business.

Before starting your time and attendance search, make sure that your company has the staff resources in place to see the project through to completion. Your time and attendance solution should last at least 10 years so, take time to do some proper research.

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Buying A Time And Attendance Software? Here Are Some Of The Things You Should Look For

The headline has a nice ring to it and its one that some project leaders like to cling to, but in reality, when installing an employee attendance system, consideration should be given to how that system is going to function after 5 years. There is nothing wrong with wanting your investment to stretch as much as possible- however, expecting your investment in a time and attendance solution to live far beyond its useful life is a sin we have, all committed at some point or another.

If your company likes the idea of an installed product that leaves you worry-free of software licenses and server updates, then you might be better off with a cloud-based solution. And with cloud technology, you get:

Data Integration: Easy integration to ERP, CRM, Talent Management, Payroll and HRIS makes your employee time management worth the investment. Not to mention it also cuts down on manual data entry.

Visibility:  Up-to-the-minute labor and business analytics and the best part, elimination of paper-based time-sheets.
Scalable: Configure and add modules as you need them
Updates:  Software delivered, requiring no additional costs
Efficient: Cloud delivery eliminates on-premise IT costs
Anytime, Anywhere:  Just imagine being able to access your data from any workstation or mobile device 24/7, 365 days a year? Now, that’s what we call modern technology.
Global: Multi-site, multi-subsidiary workforce intelligence scales as you grow.

ATS On-Demand helps growing businesses to cut their IT and payroll costs, access their time and attendance data from anywhere and improve operational excellence.

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Just Install And Forget It

Business process automation has had no choice other than to evolve with the invention of cloud computing technology. Gone are the days when the only choice for companies was a time tracking software application that made its users wind through a labyrinth of clunky menus to obtain an attendance report. Today, companies can harness the power of a web-based time and attendance to gain a superior advantage over their competitors. Yet, with so much to gain by adopting this new technology, some companies are either not aware of the advantages or have a corporate and psychological resistance to change. By the time these companies realize that their competitors are using best-in-class products to help propel growth, it’s too late to play catch up and in the end, wind up being at a competitive disadvantage.

If your company happens to be one of the few who are still on the fence about replacing your current system, consider the following:

Time and attendance has made leaps and bounds from its days of paper-based time cards ineffective data integration to a growing trend in of Software-as-a-Service time capture with real-time reporting tools that can be retrieved anytime, anywhere. Advanced improvements in technology drove the change with companies moving from DOS to Windows, (including .net and SQL technologies) maturation of web technology—and workforce planning and attendance tracking through mobile devices. Many of these technologies have shaped how software applications are deployed and provide companies with the flexibility of accessing employee data from anywhere, on any device and through the use of any browser.

Broad Based Deployment The adoption of web-based time and attendance has changed what use to be a 12 month deployment to a mere couple of months. ATS cloud based solution is delivered on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), platform and enables companies to take advantage of the most up-to-date technology and efficiencies while saving time and money by removing the burden of maintenance and hosting—and ensuring seamless upgrades.

Real-time business visibility and intuitive automation
ATS web-based solution provides real-time visibility into business performance across plants operations, payroll, finance and HR through role-based dashboards and metrics specifically designed for the needs of today’s emerging companies. ATS implementation team provides deep industry expertise in job costing, benefit accruals, HR functionality, payroll,  talent management, workforce planning and business intelligence— and leverage emerging technologies to help companies improve business performance and stay competitive.

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It's Time To Ditch That Clunky Software Application


If your company is using a combination of a time and attendance system, paper and spreadsheets to calculate employee hours then you do not have a true time and attendance system. AT best, what you have is a punch in/out system. ATS TimeWork gives you an opportunity to bring your plant operations, finance, payroll and HR together by not only sharing information, but by using data in one system to drive the next action in your business process.

Data Integration To Keep You Smiling
ATS real-time two-way data integration between your accounting, payroll, ERP, HR, Talent Management and/or CRM system has never been easier. ATS TimeWork data integration can be installed and be operational in a matter of minutes. This is the kind of integration that gets business executives excited knowing that their employees will no longer have to take 2 days to, calculate, process, and then key data into a software.

21st Intuitive Time Clocks
These are not your 1980’s time clocks that merely track the in and out of employee hours. ATS data collectors helps companies turbo charge time capture like never before. From large screen display time clocks, to biometric FaceScan that allows for “Look and Go” data capture, ATS time clocks gathers and send data in real-time while providing on-the-spot data for analysis. When combined with ATS TimeWork Enterprise, the entire solution is a best-in-class method for collecting time and attendance from anywhere, anytime.

It Gets Better, So Keep Your Dancing Shoes On
Today’s business climate is fiercely competitive and if your company is using a time and attendance solution that lacks the support, you company need it’s time to look elsewhere. Get an edge on the competition with ATS time and attendance to make sure that your most valuable resource – your people – are aligned with a-best-of-breed solution for maximum productivity.  ATS TimeWork is powerful and flexible enough to grow with your business, allowing you to realize a rapid return on investment, while providing the cutting edge capabilities you will need to grow your company today and in the foreseeable future.

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Now That Have The Right Time And Attendance System, You Can Do Your Happy Dance

Isn’t It Time You Eliminate Attendance Tracking Complexity?

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There have been countless studies conducted on human beings resistance to change. It’s also not surprising that even the proponents of change also have their own resistance to the very thing that they are advocating for-change. However, we will leave this debate and the study on the psychology of change to experts in said field.

If your organization suffers from a culture of keeping the status quo, here is the good news!  ATS provides a new approach to the way attendance tracking and workforce management solutions are designed, built, and used. ATS time and attendance software helps companies maximize productivity in every area of its organization, through any smart-phone or workstation with Internet access. If your company needs convincing of the benefits of an ATS time management solution, we have the built-in- tools that can inspire your management team to innovate and think differently about your business in the 21st century. At your next management meeting, ask the senior management team to visualize the following:

A workforce management system that encompasses, employee scheduling, time tracking and HR functionality in addition to:

  • Exploring big data analytics through ATS report generator to tap into job costing, attendance trends and overtime equalization, thus, eliminating the need to use disparate systems to understand true payroll and operating costs.
  • The automation, managing and tracking of leave management policies. ATS Workforce Absence allows you to manage your company’s time-off requests policies through an intuitive employee self-service automated tool.
  • ATS time and attendance simplifies local, regional, multi-sites and global workforce management with built-in work and pay policies configuration tools in a robust and single, best-in-class driven, application. ATS time and attendance also allows you to adhere compliance risks through seamless integration with today’s advanced; CRM, ERP, Payroll, Recruitment Management and HR solutions.

By now, we imagining that your senior management team is jumping with excitement at the prospect of being able to access reports in a flash and having the right tools to track, manage and analyze employee time and attendance. Invariably this will free up the time of departmental managers and allow them to focus on other areas of the business that directly impact company growth instead of wasting time on manual tasks.


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Isn’t It Time You Eliminate Attendance Tracking Complexity?



We are huge advocates of keeping things simple in your time and attendance business case and deployment strategy. No two businesses are the same and, even companies in similar industries will have a different set of challenges. ATS time and attendance is not a ‘Johnny come lately’ attendance tracking solution. Our workforce management software is an industry-leading solution, loaded with best-of-breed features and steeped with a 20 year history.

Solution Benefits:

ATS TimeWork will replace your spreadsheets- ATS time and attendance will help senior executives, Payroll and HR professionals eradicate the confusion and limitations that comes with using incoherent spreadsheets. ATS time and attendance connects seamlessly to your current ERP, CRM, HRIS, Payroll or Talent Management system and provides beautiful data at your fingertips. ATS workforce analytics provides information in an easy-to-read format that you can share with all stakeholders and take action towards improved productivity.

Business intelligence that makes sense-ATS TimeWork is easy to use and can be implemented in weeks. You simply log on with your user name and password using your preferred browser and voila! And with ATS TimeWork, you can view: employees approaching overtime, vacation requests, budget vs actual and a whole lot more. Want to dig deeper and understand which specific days that certain employees arrive late or calls in sick? No problem! ATS TimeWork can reveal that information.

Your business requirements are complex? That’s ok, we’ve got the answer-as a growing businesses you should make sure that the time and attendance solution you are about to deploy, can grow as your needs evolve. ATS robust time and attendance provides the functionality that your company needs now and in the future. You can activate modules as the need arise to ensure they are being used efficiently. ATS TimeWork is flexible enough to cater to a variety of industries and across many countries ATS TimeWork has the tools to facilitate business requirements from the most complex to the simple attendance tracking across operations.

So, the idea that your business requirements might be complex should not put off the need to deploy a time and attendance solution. A workforce management solution, that makes sense, is robust and comes with deep industry expertise to match, is what you should go for. The whole notion that the most inexpensive solution will match your requirements is nothing more than a myth. Now should you “break the bank” in an attempt to get that matches your requirements? No, but if your solution is being deployed by a vendor with a hands-on approach, with your requirements in mind, then you are on your way seeing a quick return on investment.

ATS TimeWork can perfectly adapt to your organization with little or no customization, ATS TimeWork lowers your costs from inception right through deployment.

To learn more, join Tracey Milligan, Product Software Engineer, and her team on Friday, June 20th at 1:00pm ET for a live and interactive webinar on how to “Automate to Supercharge your Business”.

Complicated Time & Attendance Business Requirements No Problem!



You would not buy a pair of shoes after trying on one shoe. The same principle applies in choosing a time tracking software. At the very least, figure out whether your requirements can be met by asking questions about the hardware as well as software. The market-place is fraught with time and attendance solutions. And different vendors offer different solutions; some offer integration to CRM, HRIS, Payroll, ERP and Talent Management applications, while others offer different deployment options and a bevy of modules that can meet the needs of the largest companies. While all these applications serve a purpose and there may be some similarities with their functionalities, there will be differences in the way they operate.

Once you find the time and attendance solution that will fit your organizational needs, you can look for scalability. Don’t fall in love with a solution based purely on price or on a set of bells and whistles that you will probably never use. At the heart of your employee time and attendance software should be its ease-of-use and instant user base statistical data analysis. Who wants to go through five or more steps to access one report? By the same token, the application should be scalable enough to grow with your business.

Choosing the right time and attendance system to meet your business needs, is like choosing which shoe to buy.  You want to give those pair of shoes several glances, put them and then walk in them and see how they feel.  Your company’s chosen time tracking solution should manage your company’s specific business operations, complete with, real-time reporting capability and the ability to give you the control and insight you need to grow now and into the future.

To learn more, join ATS product team on Friday, June 20th at 1:00pm eastern for a live webinar on how to “Automate to Supercharge your Business”.

Did You Try The Pair Or Only One Shoe?

Automate and Grow Your Business

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Small and medium sized businesses are confronted by different challenges each day, chief among them is, growing their businesses and staying profitable. Studies have shown that companies who automate their business processes have seen an increase in productivity and revenue. ATS unified time and attendance solutions for small and growing businesses improves business performance with real-time workforce analytics and role-based dashboards.

If you are tired of struggling with paper time cards from the old punch clock that’s hanging on the wall, it’s time to make the switch.

Solution benefits for your small or mid-size business:

Employee Time and Attendance
Collect, analyze, and take immediate control of your employees’ attendance and labour allocation in real-time through the cloud. ATS time and attendance eliminates the burden of manual processes, saves time and money, and minimizes your compliance risk.

Workforce Analytics at your fingertips
ATS workforce analytics improves your business capabilities, is easy to use, and provides the insights and tools you need to take action.

Employee Self-Service
Enable your employees to request time off, review schedules, update contact information. ATS employee self-service is delivered via the cloud and designed for today’s workforce. The easy-to-use tools empower employees and managers, whether in the office or on the move. No more calling to your HR department, employees can access and review information regarding time off, current benefits, and current job details—anytime, anyplace from any device with Internet access.

Employee Data Collection
ATS offers a range of employee time tracking data collection devices designed to improve accuracy and integrate seamlessly with ATS time and attendance software. Your company’s choice of data collectors include:  biometric time clocks, badge-based readers, smart phone data collection, telephony and web-punching.

Payroll, CRM, ERP and Talent Management Data Integration
Extract, transform, and load data from applications, databases, and other data stores – for a complete view of structured and unstructured data across your enterprise. Our data integration software can help you build an agile, trusted data foundation that meets your organization’s complex information needs.

If you are ready to manage your business with an integrated workforce management system-that will lower costs and streamline business process, view a demo on our website. To speak to an account executive, call us at 1.866.294.2467.

Automate and Grow your business

It’s almost the end of the year and your payroll and HR departments are budding with excitement at the prospect of finally get that brand new time and attendance system they have been promised. They went through the presentation, understand the return on investment (ROI) and have made their selection. All they need is senior management sign-off.

 Here is what your HR and Payroll departments can expect, when they deploy an ATS time and attendance solution:

ATS time and attendance was designed to capture real-time information about business processes and communicate that information to third party applications which include: Talent Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, (ERP), Payroll, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. At the same time, ATS time and attendance software has a set of pre- configured data tools for a variety of industries, enabling them to manage their business processes, while easing current regulatory reporting and compliance.

Currently, your company’s HR and payroll departments are gathering employee vacation requests and other personal information via a series of spreadsheets. In short, there is no standard way to enter, organize, and analyze data. In addition, these paper forms are stored in filing cabinets in one location and are susceptible to fire, flood, and other natural disasters. With ATS Employee Self-Service your employees can submit vacation and other personal time-off requests through a secure web portal on any mobile device or PC that has an Internet connection and the information is available 24/7.

Of course, one would expect any good time and attendance software to provide you with real-time business intelligence and great complementary support. But that’s not all, because in addition, we offer an employee time management solution with advanced capabilities that is unmatched.

At ATS we are more than just features and benefits. The ATS time and attendance software is a dynamic platform for running your business your way. As 2013 draws to a close, your HR and Payroll are still hoping to get that new solution that will eradicate the manual process.

To learn more, go to our website. You can also contact us at 1.866.294.2467.

So your company has decided that it needs to automate its business management process. Everyone is excited that finally, the manual tasks will be gone. So, a steering committee is selected and someone out of that group is given the task of being the project leader.

Next you jot down your list of requirements and go about contacting vendors to provide a demonstration. Your list of requirements includes things like:

  • Automate the vacation request of employees throughout the organization
  • Employee biometric time clocks for all locations
  • Real-time business intelligence data gathering
  • Data integration to your current; talent management, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources software (HR), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and payroll software
  • Track and manage overtime, premium hours and statutory holidays
  • Job costing and labour allocation functionality
  • Ease-of-use for functional users

After several weeks of viewing products by various vendors, the flashy presentations are the ones that remain on everyone’s mind and at this stage, you are all excited.  But wait! Is your company enraptured by the sizzle or the steak? Try to look past the glitz and bargain basement prices offered. A good time and attendance system should be accompanied by a team of diligent system analysts (depending on the size of the project) and a thorough implementation plan.

Selecting a time and attendance vendor to work with becomes more than just the price of the system. It is not uncommon for an ATS account executive to hear “we want the cheapest solution” only to get a call from the same company 6 months later after the “cheap solution” did not meet their needs.

Your potential vendor should also have a thorough understanding of your company’s business requirements during the demonstration and display it through words and actions. You should also make it your business to find out about the training methodology. If your company has 10 or more users for your new system, online training should not be an option.  In addition, the training should be backed by a team of experienced systems analysts who can match the time and attendance system functionalities with your company’s business needs. Even better, some of your company’s core business requirements should be part of the product already—straight out of the box.

A vendor, in many respects, should be willing to commit to the success of its customers. Selecting which time and attendance vendor to work with becomes about more than just the software. When the focus remains on the sizzle, and the price the customer ends up with a system that is simply not meeting their needs.

To download a demonstration of the ATS TimeWork workforce management software, go to our website.

All Sizzle, the best prices and no steak